"—and that's why my dad doesn't let Nathan buy magazines or paper bags anymore." Vivian said, concluding a story she had been telling Susie and Christine as they stood in the hall between classes.

"Eww…" said Susie, turning her nose up in disgust.

"God, I know," agreed Christine, "Viv, I'll never be able to look at your brother the same way again."

Just then, Lorelei came skipping up to them, head in the clouds by the look on her face.

"Hi, Lorelei," said Susie, "you look awfully happy today."

"Oooh, I feel just great…" Lorelei said, acting very tipsy.

"Lorelei, did Evan give you something strong to drink this morning or something?" Christine asked suspiciously.

"No…" Lorelei said, still smiling, closing her eyes and rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.

"Oh! Oh! My turn to guess!" said Vivian excitedly. "Is it a boy? It must be a boy! It's obviously a boy! IS IT A BOY!?"

"Yup…" Lorelei said, smiling and rolling her eyes about.

"Who is it?" asked Susie.

"The cutest boy in the whole school…" Lorelei said.

"Oh that tells a lot." Christine said sarcastically.

"PLEASE TELL US!" Vivian burst out, then blushed, embarrassed at losing her cool like that.

"Bruce Crestwood…" Lorelei said, smiling, looking at the floor and tracing circles in it with the toe of her shoe.

"You mean the captain of the football team?" asked Susie.

"The one and only…" Lorelei said.

"Oh…" Vivian said, somewhat sadly.

"What do you mean, 'oh'?" Lorelei asked.

"Lorelei," said Christine, "I hate to tell you this, but since he's the captain of the football team, he only dates cheerleaders."

"Well," Lorelei said hopefully, "maybe I can break that pattern."

"You'll have to compete with the cheerleaders, though," said Susie, "think about it."

"Well," said Lorelei, confidence growing, "so what, I've been told I'm a pretty girl, and what do cheerleaders have that I don't?"

Just then she instantly knew the answer: a cheerleader's figure. Lorelei, unlike the petit girls on the cheer squad, carried about 40 extra pounds, making her noticeably chubby and rotund.

"Oh yeah," she said, feeling her balloon of confidence pop, "that…"

Don't feel bad, Lorelei," said Susie, doing her very best to pull the situation out of the nose dive it was rapidly taking, "the popular kids tend to be shallow—" but it was no use. Lorelei ran off, weeping.

"Poor girl..." said Vivian.

"I hate to say it, guys, but I knew this would happen as soon as she said she liked a jock." Christine remarked.

"Maybe we should find her," said Susie.

"You do what you like, Susie," said Christine, "but me and Viv here gotta get to class."

"Yeah," said Susie, "I think I'll help Lorelei after class, next time I see her."

And the trio parted was to their respective classes.