Susie, Vivian, and Christine had been sitting in the Finch family's living room, watching an obscure garage band from England perform on The Kenny Vornem Show, when they heard a car pull up in the driveway.

"Think that's them?" asked Vivian.

Evan got up and opened the door, and Christine, Vivian, and Susie, were stunned at what they saw: Bruce and Lorelei, laughing and flirting, but with Lorelei's full, chubby figure visible, and just fitting into the clothes Vivian put her in.

"Oh my God," Vivian exclaimed, covering her mouth in horror, "the corset!"

"Oh yeah," said Lorelei, "hey, Susie, give this to Chrome Bumper and tell him his mom can have it back!" and she tossed the old thing, strings totally broken, onto the coffee table.

"What happened?!" Susie exclaimed, looking at the antique lingerie.

"It burst open and Bruce saw the real me," Lorelei explained.

"Oh, and I love the real you!" Bruce said, visibly turned on.

"Stop, Bruce," laughed Lorelei, "not in front of the others!"

"I gotta be going anyway," said Bruce. "Goodnight, Lori, and thanks for a totally gnarly date," and he kissed her hand.

"Goodnight, Brucey-woosey…" Lorelei said, love-drunk. She closed the door and stumbled over to the couch to sit down, a clumsy, tipsy, happy smile on her face.

"So what happened exactly?" asked Vivian.

"Initially," Lorelei began, "Bruce took me to the drive in to see Reverse Our Story or whatever that movie of his is called, and it was kind'a dull, but then while he was in the bathroom, the corset burst, and when he came back, he said he actually likes me better as a chubby girl! So we left that stupid movie and got a booth at Austin's Diner, ordered a great big milkshake, and I sat on his lap 'til they kicked us both out a closing time! I am sooo glad that stupid corset broke…" Lorelei concluded, eyelids getting heavy.

The girls paused briefly, surprised at the story they had just heard.

"You know," said Christine finally, "I had a feeling that thing would fail. My mom's a seamstress, and the strings were in pretty bad shape."

"Why didn't you say something, then?" asked Vivian, still in shock at what was going on.

"Hey," Christine said, "I don't always want to be the pessimist. What I'm really impressed at is Bruce not being the shallow jock I expected him to be."

"See, Christinee-weeny," said Vivian, "you gotta learn to expect the best from people, look on the bright side—"

"Yeah, but you implied you thought he would be shallow by agreeing to help Lori into that stupid corset," Christine shot back.

"Touché," Vivian said, turning her eyes back to the TV screen.

"I can't believe it turned out that Bruce actually prefers Lorelei's weight," said Susie.

"Who says there's no such thing as miracles…" said Lorelei, drifting off to sleep on the couch.

"Well, I guess all's well that ends well," remarked Christine, turning back to watch TV.

The End