Alison lifted her head from the pillow and groggily glared at her alarm clock blaring its annoying sound. She hit it hard and the clock went flying across the room.

"Alison! Get up!" Her mom screamed from the kitchen.

Alison stuffed her head into her pillow and groaned. She was three months into school and there wasn't anything that made her want to go. Her friends had betrayed her, she was failing nearly all of her classes, her boyfriend cheated on her, and her dad had just left her and her mother. She forced herself out of the bed and at least onto the floor. She stood up and shot invisible arrows at the puffy mattress with old sheets that had tiny flowers and giraffes on it. She had had the bed since she got out of her crib.

"I hate you so much; you always have more gravity in the mornings than the Earth." Alison said to her bed.

She walked over to her closet and searched for something decent to wear. She finally decided on a pair of jeans and a navy blue tee. Alison lazily pulled on her beat up, magic marker covered, converse shoes. Bouncing down the stairs she brushed her curly blonde hair with her fingers. She entered the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the basket on the table. She was quiet knowing her mother was in the living room.

"Oh no you don't; you sit down and eat a real breakfast," her mom called from the living room.

Alison sighed. This was a constant every morning. Her mom told her to eat and she usually listened to her and ate at least a bowl of cereal, but she was always late to school in the mornings.

"Mom, I'll miss the bus if I eat real food."

"But then you won't focus in class!" Her mom said walking into the kitchen.

She was wearing a childish kitten sweater and a pair of jeans; her red bouncy hair framing her face. Alison got her curly hair from her mom, but the color from her father.

"It never makes a difference." Alison deadpanned and a honk was heard from outside.

She quickly pecked her mom's cheek, grabbed her backpack and rushed out to the bus.

"You're actually on time this time," the bus driver announced.

"Hey I actually got up," Alison smirked.

Alison headed back on the bus as it lurched forward. She walked carefully by the mean girls of the school, but let down her guard too soon. The main girl, Jessica, stuck out her foot just enough to make Alison lose her footing and fall. She closed her eyes tight and braced herself for the fall that never came.

Alison opened her eyes. Where was she? She glanced around her surroundings; a wooded area behind her and a vast field in front of her. She could make out a large mansion like house on the top of a hill.

"Quickly Freddy; the Indians are coming!" A young boy's voice called.

Alison looked around and saw a dark haired little boy running towards her.

"Hey who are you?" The little boy stopped and looked at her.

"I'm Alison, what's your name?" Alison asked sweetly hoping that he wouldn't call for his parents.

"I'm Joshua, are you another nanny?" He asked with his brow scrunched.

"No, I just came here, but can you tell me Joshua; where am I?" She said going on her knees to the little boy's height.

"You're at Michalen Manor, it's my house. My parents are inside, but they won't play with me."

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"My nanny normally teaches me, but she left."

"Hmmm," Alison said and smiled.

If she just teleported, she was happy it was here.

"Do you want to play with me?" Joshua asked his green eyes wide.

"Sure," she smiled and tickled his side.

Joshua let out a squeal of laughter and smiled. He ran away laughing and he glanced back at her. She watched with a small smile crossing her lips. She chased after him, allowing him to run faster. They played not caring, at Joshua was. Alison wanted to know how she even got here, and at least why? She pushed the thoughts away when the sound of a motor rumbled through the air. Alison and Joshua stopped and looked in the direction it was coming from. A tiny golf cart passed over a tiny hill towards them. Joshua looked down at his feet and grabbed Alison's hand squeezing it tightly.

"Who's that?" Alison asked.

"That's Kota, he's my daddy's bodyguard," Joshua replied weakly.

The golf cart pulled to a halt in front of them and a large man with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes stepped away from it.

"And who might you be?" He asked sickeningly sweetly.

"This is my new nanny," Joshua said.

"Oh really? She was certified by your parents?" Kota asked stepping a threatening step towards her.

"Well . . ." Joshua trailed off.

"I'm waiting," he demanded staring at Joshua.

"Uhm, I just started today, you may not have heard of me yet." Alison said and smiled.

Kota stared at he; he wanted her to tell the truth. His piercing eyes had main grown men cry and admit their wrongs, but this small girl wasn't breaking. He gave an inward frown and held out his hand for her to shake. She took it and smiled.

"Kota, nothing else," the large man growled refering to his name.

"I understand, I'm Alison" Alison responded matching his frosty blue gaze with her chocolate brown.

Kota got back into the golf cart and drove off.

"Well this should be fun," Alison said returning Joshua's smile.