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Ceil Westman Chapter 1

"Ceil!" I heard a voice calling my name from the bathroom. I turned over, to laying on my side, watching the figure coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. "What?!" I asked groggily and might I add a bit annoyed. I glanced at the clock on the bed stand; 6:36.

Figures, that I would have a roommate up this early on a Saturday, she was a bit crazy in the area of sleep. Always up at the crack of dawn, though usually when she wakes me up she has clothes on.

I noticed the towel resting by my face. I have a nasty habit of falling on the ground when I sleep. Sad thing is I wake up every time and I'm just too lazy to get back on the bed.

"Eww. Put some clothes on, Alex." I said getting off the rough retro style carpet and jumping on the bed to try to get some more Z's. "Just. Don't. Look." Alex said, when someone says that you just have to look. Example: Don't look down! I look up to see her in her underwear. "Please, Alex. Put on some clothes." I said pleading, throwing her the towel. Me putting my head under my blue baby blanket to shield my eyes. It's about five feet long and four feet wide, with multicolored stars decorating the plush fabric.

"I don't know why you sleep with that, Ceil." she grunted, turning around and trying to tear it from my grasp. "It's hideous," Alex added giving up quickly on the blanket and going to the mirror to dry her hair.

I sat up rubbing my eyes and yawning. Sadly, for me there is no hope for sleep, typical. I got up picking my way to the bathroom glaring at Alex on occasion for waking me up. My thoughts passed by Alex waking me up, to think about what was going to happen today. "Shit!" I shouted, "Alex! Why didn't you tell me!" I sprinted the last 10 feet to the bathroom shutting the door. The sound echoing through the orphanage hallways.

"Hey! At least I woke you up!" I heard her shout through the bathroom door. Alex turned to the mirror to blow dry her curly auburn hair. Five minutes later Alex saw Ceil was out of the restroom in dark skinny jeans, white canvas Converse's and a graphic T-shirt from Hot Topic. Alex sighed, "Ceil, because you look like a guy doesn't mean you should dress like one." Alex shook her head, she could never get her to wear normal fifteen year-old girl clothes. Alex put her hair into a bun allowing her curls to fall in ringlets around her porcelain face. Her auburn hair creating a bit of a contrast to her flawless ivory skin.

I glanced at her. Her graceful movements to fix her hair, when it's perfect. She placed a curl behind her ear making her green eyes pop, the amber in her eyes seemed like gold. Weird, I noticed. Huh, that girl got skill. I returned to my hair, I viciously rubbed my hair getting it as dry as possible, I don't bother brushing it, since it's so short falling just below my eyes. The semi-wet strands of jet black hair falling in my face, bringing out the color in my electric blue eyes.

"You know what Ceil?" Alex asked turning around hair fixed effectively, "You look like one of those guys in your manga." She nodded towards the shelf beside my bed filled with manga, "Like an older girl version of Ceil in Black Butler. Exactly the same, even your names are the same." Alex said giving me another once over. I shivered, I hate it when girls check me out. You would be surprised at how often it happens. Sometimes when I'm at the mall I would get their numbers, that really isn't so bad because when I tell them I'm a girl the blush like crazy. Afterwards I would stand and chuckle as they walked shamefully away. A bit mean, but then, they thought I was a boy... so I guess we're even.

"Alex!" I shouted, coming out of my reverie, "stop checking me out! You know I hate that." I said, moving on to trying to stuff all my manga and anime into a box. " I'm getting adopted today. Do help me, please?" I asked her. I walked towards her using my best begging eyes and pouting. She flinched away, she never could resist this face, I thought deviously. "Ugh... Fine. Just don't tell anyone that I helped. I have a reputation to uphold. I might lose my street cred. " She sighed giving in and helping me move all my stuff into three boxes and a suitcase.

I glanced at Alex's clock on the bed stand, mine is in one of the boxes, an hour has passed. They'd be coming for me soon, a bit ominous, I thought. I looked under the metal frame of the bed moving the white sheets draping over the bed from my face. The dust stirring, making me sneeze. I noticed something shiny in the corner of the fame. I hoped it was money. I found about ten dollars in various places in my pants pockets and under the bed. "Yay," I cried, "A nickel." I love finding money it's like a gift to myself. I moved from under the bed, I sat on the floor putting the nickel in my pocket with the rest. Alex threw her body on the bed, feigning death. "Tell my mother I love her..." she rasped, raising a hand dramatically into the air, "Oh wait. We're orphans. We don't have any." She said, sitting up gracefully to look around the half empty room. "I'm going to miss you Ceil," She said sadly, "you were my best friend." Alex sniffled. " I am going to call you Alex." I said looking at her and leaning over to hug her. "I remember when you first came here I thought you were a boy," said Alex laughing sadly, " I was happy to be paired up with a cute American boy. It was the first time I met anyone from America. You were so sad and confused, reminded me of a abandoned puppy. Which in a way you were." she said gently nudging me, "You were silent, most of the time reading over your manga. But, eventually you opened up. Telling me how your family died in a car crash in America. While you were here in London, on a school trip. How you had to sell everything to pay for the funeral, the mortgage and the bills left behind. You decided to stay here since there was nothing left, no home, no family, just a broken grieving heart and what's left of your possessions." I watched her tell my life story, better then I ever could. A bit dramatic but its the truth. The one thing I never told her that there was money left over and I put it into a secure bank account that I only know about. Even my case worker doesn't know that it exists. Well, if I ever need money for college or if I decide to run away, buy drugs, get my own apartment, or need more money for gambling in illegal cock fights. What can I say I like having options.

I heard a tentative knock at the door. The old mahogany door creaked open revealing my case worker Rhonda. Her straight blonde hair curving around the beautiful frame of her face, her big, round brown eyes with flecks of green. A bit like leaves falling to the ground. I'm surrounded by beautiful people, I thought to myself. Huh. I hope my new family doesn't have any bishies. I heard my many years of reading manga coming through. "No, they don't have any 'bishies'," Rhonda said walking into the room. Shit, I need to learn not to speak my thoughts. "Will any one care to explain what 'Bishies' are?" Alex questioned. "I'll take this one," Rhonda offered, I nodded my consent. "Bishies is the nickname for Bishonen. Meaning a handsome youth, mainly male or pretty boy in japanese. Used mostly in manga." Rhonda said, her voice going into monotone. "Well, that's the dictionary version." She continued, "Oh... Well I heard that there's a school in Ireland filled with Bishies." Alex said, her mouth awkward saying Bishies, "It's for the richest people in the world. The elite and overly affuelent parents send their kids there to become the worlds next economic leaders." Alex explained, her voice still depressed. "Is it by any chance called Lewis Academy?" Rhonda interjected. "Hey! That's the name. How'd you know?" Alex said surprised.

" That's the academy Ceil is enrolling in."