Aaren's POV

I smiled as I leaned up against my boyfriend who's arms was draped around me. We walked slowly and happily together to our next class; honors Spanish. Which was my favorite class. Both my boyfriend and my best friend were in it.

Darren and I walked into the classroom kissing on each other until the teacher eyed us. We pulled away rather quick and went to our seats.

"You and Darren disgust me, Ren."

I groaned and rolled my eyes as I took my seat behind my best friend Anthony. "Well you and Zane disgust me." I playfully teased him. Anthony turned around to face me. "You know we are the cutest couple. That's why last year Zane and I won prom king and queen."

I snorted and tilt my head back in pure pleasure. "I wasn't there. You were probably lying for all I know." I smiled at Anthony who had finally turned around to look at me. He put his legs on opposite side of his chair. I stared at him. "Gross. Close your legs."

Anthony rolled his eyes before speaking, "How are things with you and Darren?"

I shrug. "Great I guess. I mean you ask me this everyday. It's the same answer."

"Yeah well you'll be surprised on how quick things change." Anthony muttered. "But I'm driving you home. I need to talk to you. It's important."

"Okay." I agreed. He was my ride home anyway.

Anthony continued to look at me. "What?" I asked with a slight laugh. "Have you and Darren ever had sex before?" I quickly furrowed my eyebrows together. "Dude what? Why are you asking me this?! I-I!" I stammered. "No! What about you?!"

"Luckily no. I'm saving myself for you."


What the fuck did he just say?

"Alright!" The teacher yelled slamming there hand on the desk. "Let's began class." He began speaking in Spanish which he usually did. I listened but my mind bounced around. What did Anthony mean, 'I'm saving myself for you.' He has a girlfriend! I have a boyfriend! I've been dating him ever since I was in ninth grade and NOW he decides to say something when I think I might be in love with Darren?!

The dismissal bell rung and Anthony turned to face me with a smirk plastered over his face. I stared at him and slowly grabbed my stuff shoving them in my bag. I put my tote bag on my shoulder before dashing out of the classroom.

"Aaren?!" I hear Darren yelling my name. I look behind me and I see him chasing me. "Sorry, bae." I apologize. "I'm running from Ant." I looked back and saw Anthony closing in. I scream a little and ran even faster. "I'll call you later baby!" I yelled when I opened the door and sprinted out the door.

I ran up the stairs that lead to the student parking lot. I ran toward Anthony's car and saw him standing there with his arms I crossed. I stopped running and walked over to him. He stared me down as I appeared in front of him. "How ja get here?" I asked. He opened the door to the passenger's side. "Doesn't matter." I stared at him before getting in the car. He loudly slammed the door. I watched him step into the driver's seat.

"Ren..." Anthony began. "I think we should have sex." Anthony blurted.

"No way! You're stupid and crazy!" I shouted. "I have a boyfriend! He's a baseball player! And nonetheless his parents LOVE me! Partially cuhz I can speak Spanish and they like to speak there native language at home. But still! Why didn't you say anything before second semester of ninth grade?! Even though it wouldn't have happened!"

"And why not?" Anthony asked as he started up the car.

"Ant! Do you like me?!" I shriek.

Anthony bursted into laughter. "Pfft! No!" He backed out of his parking space. "I just feel like I should be your first time. I'm your best friend anyway. So why not? It's not gonna be weird."

"It'll be totally weird!"

"I can see it now." Anthony began completely ignoring me. "Imma get ready to push into you and you gone wince when I haven't even touched you and imma ask you what's wrong and you gone whimper and say I'm scared. And imma calm you down and then imma push into you and you cry out in pain and you gripping the sheets and crying out in pain and pleasure, Ren. See? Not weird."

"Weird." I muttered. "That's not gonna happen Anthony. I can't see you like that!"

"Oh cut the BS Ren! I know once you have at least I thought about me like that! And I know when!"

"Oh really?" I yelled back. "When?!"

"That pool party last year at your house. Remember after when we were cleaning up? You kept staring at me shirtless. I know that a thought must've swepted your mind."

"Yeah, well...so what? I'm sure everyone has thought about a friend like that."

"Okay, so you know where I'm coming?"

"Fuck no!" I shrieked. "It's not happening!" I quickly turn on the radio to kill our fighting.

"We'll be boxing. square up!" Anthony began singing "Shawty Wassup." He skipped a few words before singing again. "Move the party to the hotel nah we ain't stopping." I laughed a little at his singing. "Oh ion giva damn bout yo man. No? Shawty wassup." He began looking at me. Alternating between my eyes and the road. "Everyday we blow loud in this bitch." He motioned to his car by spreading out one of his arms. "Game time shit I could fuck yo bitch." I groaned and tossed my head back. He was referring to "fucking" me at one of Daren's baseball game and finish before the next inning. "After the show hit the hotel no disturbance."

I quickly turn off his radio and look at him. He shook his head before turning it on again. "I could reck in that pussy I got insurance." Was he saying I wouldn't get mad at him if it happened?! "I ain't worried about yo man cuhz I got indurance!"

"You're barely faster than him and barely more popular!" I yelled in anger.

"And you can come rock this cock—!"

"Wait a second!" I cut him off. I look at his radio and saw that it was a CD. This dude planned this! "Anthony! You fucking planned this!"

Anthony smirked as he pulled into his driveway. He stared me down. "Maybe." He put on a smug look that I so badly wanted to knock off his face. I quickly got out the car and made sure to slam the door.

"Aye! Easy Mami!" He yelled getting out of his car. He walked over to me and hovered me. I could feel the coolness of his breath on my forehead and the amazing smell of his cologne infiltrating my nostrils.

"Look..." He began.

I could only look down. I couldn't even look at him. It was just too much.

"I love you like a friend. And that's it, ma. Now your body I've been attracted to for a long time now. Maybe since...hmmm...ninth grade. My hormones were going crazy I guess." I still hadn't looked up. I couldn't. And I guess Anthony picked up on that. "Aaren... It's GONNA happen. If I have to rape you I will. But I'm gonna wait a month. Everyday we'll progress and at the end of the month...we'll have sex." I continued to look down. I saw his hand reach in his pocket and grab his phone. "And what do ya know? It's September first. Now you can't complain when it happens saying it wasn't a full month." Anthony grabbed my shoulder and shook me slowly until I finally decided to look at him. I looked at him with a blunt face. Anthony smiled before placing his lips on mine.

He held my chin and I watched him open his eyes(I hadn't closed mine). He smirked into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me close. Anthony snaked his arms up and down my back. He slowly led his hands down my back until he reached my butt. He gave it a rather hard squeeze. I gasped and pulled away from him. Well my lips rather. He held me tightly and I couldn't move. He gave my butt another squeeze. And another one. I gasped and tossed my head until after like the tenth squeeze (literally the tenth) I placed my head on his chest. "What about Darren? I like him a lot."

"And I love Zane. It's nothing bad." Anthony tried to convince me. I just wish it wasn't bad.