Hey! This is Erasure...
Definition of Erasure:

e·ra·sure [ih-rey-sher]



an act or instance of erasing.


a place where something has been erased; a spot or markleft after erasing: You can't sign a contract with so many erasuresin it.

Anywho, I've done this with poems. Taken other poems or writings by people and scratched out words or phrases, leaving things to create my own. I did this at my Stanford Writing Camp. I have like 30 of them...so I'll be posting them all here!

Here's the first one...


The soul profound and three kinds of opposite evil

To be as if separated

Having given up all left without any and

Simply wanted death or justice

Why do I plead?

Why must it end with all disappointment?

His desolation

He would not have achieved what most deeply keys him

Perhaps he had displayed for us a deeper strength

That of one who rises to his true when faced with crisis

A strange irony "Failure"

Through his despair he manages to condescend love

For no indomitable courage will not be comforting for the rich and to the poor