Good. The bell. The girl packed up her books and exited the brightly lit classroom. She headed down the crowded halls to ninth period work period. Finally, the day was almost over. As she started to grin, someone lifted their foot out in front of her. She felt herself falling to the cold, white floor. The boy tripped her, but no one noticed. They hurried around her, separating like flowing water. She gathered her books and heading to an empty table. No one joined her. She angrily got out her notebook. Feeling overwhelmed, the girl sighed and started writing;

"Book 1

Topic 1:


Unit 1- Looks don't matter; be who you are?


But of course, you can't be ugly.

Or fat.

You have to have good hygiene.

You can't be smarter than him.

You can't be flat-chested.

You can't be different;

Just quirky on demand.

And be willing to do it- A LOT.

But only with him.

Don't have original ideas-

Unless you say they were his.

You can't have any mental problems.

Or physical, for that matter.

You have to be at least slightly athletic.

Don't be nerd.

Or a geek.

A dork.

Be graceful-

Unless you're hot.

You can't be bi.

Don't break up first,

But leave immediately when broken up with.

Unit 2- Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.?

Only with family and friends. Relationships suck because...



love is almost always just desire.









Psychological blindness."


The bell again. She closed her notebook. Ah, yes, reality. Classmates; teachers; librarians. Right; I forgot. I exist. She lifted herself up and halfheartedly walked towards the door.

I'll continue tomorrow, the girl thought.