Why I Kill

Dan Castel walked through the double doors of the police station, rubbing a hand in a circular motion on his temple. Already stressed from missing his usual morning cup of coffee. Dan is an average height man with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. His skin has a nice tan to it from sitting outside for hours doing physiological evaluations. He was dressed in his usual jeans and nice shirt with a black leather jacket to protect form winters chill.

"Hey there Dan, stressed already?" asked officer James as he saw Dan enter the building.

"Yeah, missed my morning coffee." Dan managed to get out through the massive yawn he was holding back.

"I can tell. You look more tired than my father after working the farm the entire day."

"I've seen that, I don't look near that bad. He can barely stand when he comes in! Haven't you told him he too old for that shit yet?"

"I've probably told him that a hundred times! He just goes on and on about how he has done more work than I could ever hope to do in ten lifetimes! If that crazy old man wants to work himself to death, I've decide I'm not going to stop him." They both share a laugh at this. "You probably want to get a move on it; we finally caught the bastard that has been going around killing and torturing those poor people. I'll be sure to bring you by some coffee later."

"Thanks James, you're a life saver, literally and figuratively." James rolls his eyes and lets out a small chuckle. James continues his way down the narrow hall, officers talking and drinking their coffees, waiting for the chaos of the day to begin. James turns right to enter a small office with a man who looks like he has been through hell and back.

"Dan we caught the bastard. Now I want you to figure out why he did it. People are curious and want to know. So go do your job, and try not to fuck it up this time." Dan simply lets out a small silent sigh, used to the behavior of his boss.

His boss, Officer Howard, was a big man. Being an ex-marine means he got himself into shape, along with a few scars. He is bald, and has a large scar on his check from where a grenade detonated just inches away from his face. It left the man with an honorable discharge and a grumpy attitude.

Last time was a complete disaster. While it was the only case he ever screwed up that bad on, it hut his record and pride. Some thug turned killer went on and on about how he was going to track him down and kill his wife and baby girl. Dan tried to ignore it, and managed to for about an hour. But he snapped and pounded the guy into the ground. It took James and Howard to yank him off the guy. He got his ass chewed out for that, but managed to get nothing more than a warning and some time off. Howard has yet to go a day without mentioning it.

Dan grabs the papers on the desk and heads out to his own office just a few doors down the hall. His office was a small cozy office. It had a nice swivel chair and decent size desk for all the paper work he has to do. He takes a seat in the chair and takes a quick glance at a picture of his daughter and wife resting on the desk. His wife, Jenny, had long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. In the picture it shows her holding little Sara in a beautiful blue dress. Sara was just three in that picture and she is smiling happily at the camera, holding her small stubby arms in the air laughing as she is picked up by her mother. She inherited her mother's blue eyes and she got the brown hair they both share.

Dan flips to the first page, quickly looking over the words. Reading documents for years gave him a very impressive reading speed. It took him just an hour to read the three hundred page document. He wished he never did. The document when into detailed descriptions of his twelve murders. He strangled, he beat, he burned, he buried people alive, he did whatever he could to not just kill, but harm. Dan just can't help but let a small shiver run through his spine. He is used to reading about gruesome murders, but in the ten years he has been doing this, it took the cake. Never before has he seen someone who took such joy in hurting people. The case that hit home the most is was murder number five.

Murder number five was when Mr. Davis kidnapped a little girl from a playground while her parents got busy chatting to some old friends. He took the little girl and dragged her to some abandoned house on the outskirts of town. He broke all her bones and finally took her life after he drowned her in the bathtub. It is cases like this that reminds him just how unsafe a world his daughter is growing up in.

"Knock, knock. I finally caught a moment to get you that coffee." James said as he entered the office. Two plastic cups were in each of his hands.

"About time! Though after reading this not sure I need it quite as much."

"Reading up on old Mr. Davis? If you come out and tell us that that guy was perfectly okay in the head, I am going to personally make sure you're fired." James joked.

"I'll keep that in mind. Though right now I can't think of anything that is wrong with him. He had a picture perfect childhood. His parents weren't abuse, he finished high school with straight A's. According to this he had plenty of friends. Something must have made him snap though. I just won't know until I talk to the guy." Dan let out an audible sigh.

"Not looking forward to it? You don't want to hear about how he killed all those people? Man maybe you got something wrong with you. Maybe you should go home and read some his murders as a bedtime story to your daughter."

"Yeah that sure would be fun. Listening to have nightmares about some guy kidnaping her and drowning her in a bathtub. No thanks, I think I will just keep these too myself. Now unfortunately I have to leave and have a lovely chat with this guy."

"Man you're so lucky getting to talk to him. I am just so jealous of your wonderful experience." Dan stands up and gives James a little wave as he leaves. He takes the last sip of the now cool coffee and tosses it in the trash the trash on his way out the door.

He walks down the narrow corridors of the station. Waving recognition to the few officers he managed to get to know. It doesn't take long for him to get to the interrogation room in the small station. Through the one way window he can see who he presumes from the pictures in the documents is Mr. Davis. He enters the small room closing the door behind him. Mr. Davis is a tall man with dirty blond hair hand and bright green eyes that twinkle with the intelligence most serial killers have. Dan could tell at just a glance that he was quite the handsome man, no wonder most of his victims were women.

"Hello Mr. Davis. How are you today?"

"I've been better, but can't complain too much. Thanks for asking." Davis responds coolly.

"Would like something to help you relax? A cigarette? Something to drink?"

"No thanks, I don't smoke and I already had some water earlier."

"Oh, and who brought you that?" Davis wasn't really interested, but if the guy liked him then he would be more willing to explain.

"That beautiful girl with the blond ponytail. I believe her name was Jessica? Quite the looker that one."

"Since Jess is the only one who has a ponytail I do believe it was her. She is quite beautiful, if I wasn't already married I might have a crack at her myself."

"Indeed. By the way, you know my name, it is quite rude to not introduce yourself."

"Oh where are my manors? My name is Daniel Castel, but just call me Dan."

"Manors seem to escape us all eventually." Davis says looking deep into Dan's eyes. He can practically feel him searching around, trying to figure everything out about him.

"Well let's get right down to it. Why did you kill all those people Davis? What did they do to you?" Dan asks, taking the seat across from Davis.

"Why do you try so hard at work? Why do you do whatever hobby you have? Why do you still celebrate your birthday even though by your age you have nothing to gain by it?" Davis says, eyes never leaving Dan's.

"I don't quite get what you are getting at? Do not realize that those are completely different things? Do you not understand that murder and torture is wrong?"

"Oh, I understand. It does nothing more than add to the thrill. I kill because like it. I find it exhilarating watching their blood pool up on the floor. I find entertainment when they take their last few ragged breaths. Knowing it is wrong just adds that extra little thrill. Like a child stealing a cookie, even though he has been told over and over again that it is wrong he can't help it. He can't help enjoying the taste as he bites into the chocolaty goodness. It is much the same way for me as I stab my blade into flesh."

Dan is stunned. Out of all the explanations that he was expecting this was not one of them. He figured Davis would try to play it off as he had no idea it was wrong. That he just snapped and had no control over his actions. He didn't expect this blunt honesty.

"Mr. Castel." Dan can feel himself shiver slightly as he said his name in a voice that was cold as ice and void of all emotion. "I kill simply because I can." That was the final straw. Dan rises to his feet and silently leaves the room. No words spoken. No actions taken. He simply left the room. For the last time.