The Dark Room: When Depression Strikes

You feel blinded. Deafened. Disoriented. Drowsy and flushed. You wake up violently. Your location is unknown and unimagined. However, you look around and find yourself in a room. A small room. You don't know how you got here. No windows or doors. But, there is something. A small light, that aluminates one corner. The dim bulb hangs on the side of the wall. It provides some kind of hope as it acts like your salvation. Some sort of dependence and reason not give up. As you start to approach this light, hoping to stay close for warmth, you realize something. The closer you get to this light, the dimmer it becomes. With every step the room starts to slowly fades into darkness. You stop yourself before you get any closer, as you fear the repercussions. Your pressured into the blinded darkness of the rest of the room. It seems like your only option is to retreat and to gaze at the lit up corner. To stare at the light and warmth you cannot have. You feel forced into this darkness. By what?

The lack and falsity of light consumes your body but your eyes sear into its corner. You want it but you know the consequences. Maybe you can break the walls, escape on your own. Your hands caress the black walls just before you feel like breaking it down. You go for it not once but twice before you realize the same result. That light. It flickers every time you exert strength toward the wall or use some sort of undetermined force. The sounds of silence will eventually get to you if the lights go out. You're hands are tied at this point. There is only one way out and that way may call for permanent damage. You find yourself in the middle of the room now, as that is at the breaking point of complete darkness. You feel flushed, drained and completely obliterated by this unknown, unexplained darkness. You collapse to your knees. Tears stream down your face. Your hands grasp your hair as you begin to pull. The pain is more than you would have thought. Your teeth clench. You let out a powerful roar piercing almost any ear that hears it. But no one can hear at, as you are alone. The only way out of this room is self immolation and you know that option is almost unbearable to perform. You see, this dark room of yours is only home to you. Every body has their own room like this. Some maybe brighter and some may be immersed in complete darkness. As for this dark room, is your mind.