Heart hurts

No tears girl

No tears

No way

Don't cry over

What you can't have

I tell myself

Over and over

Don't cry over

What your too young to have

Too trapped to have

Too boxed in to have

Don't dream about

What you're

Too naive to have

Too young to have

It just makes you

Long for it more

Inside my heart is screaming

To be out of this box I pound against

I need more

Than what I'm allowed

I need one thing

That no one trusts me with

They don't know

How it is

To be in my reality

My perspective is the only reality I have

So I can't tell

If the reasons they give me are right

If I am too young

To know what I need

But I know what

I know

I know myself if nothing else

I can make decisions with only the experience I have

But you know what?

My experience is enough

To know what is right for me now

To know what I need now

They give me reasons

You're not experienced enough to know what you need

This isn't what you need, in a while you'll know that.

But I only know now

Why live at all if you can't live in the moment?

So I am

Fuck my age

Fuck my experience

I am doing what is best for me

And I'm never looking back

Mistakes are inevitable

But I can't live life without mistakes

I can't just take and follow someone telling me they know something

Because they are old and experienced

I need to live it

I need to know for myself

Once I live it myself,

I might know they were right

But I can't

Until I make a mistake and pick myself back up again


I could succeed in this

Perhaps against experience

Perhaps against odds

But I could succeed

But doesn't my choice

To make my own life

Make all the diffrence?

So good-bye

I might be fifteen

And lived in only one town

But I'm escaping the box I've been put in

And I'm living in the moment

Not impulsive

But strong

My own

In a life of depression

I need to escape something

Do something

So I'm going to