It runs through my mind

Over and over

Again and again

It won't stop

He doesn't want you

He doesn't want you

He doesn't want you

He doesn't want you

I know it has no grounds

I know it is only the figment of my twisted mind

Hell bent on making me put the barrel of a gun in my mouth

I know it isn't real

You see how he points out other girls

It says

You see how you have his second choice when he need to stay somewhere

It says

I know the fucked up little shit saying this

Just wants me to kill myself

So I don't have to hear its naggings

Naggings, paraioa, anger, fear

It keeps saying

Your not as beautiful as he wants

You're not the kind of girl he wants

You can't be the perfect girlfriend for him

I can't

I know I can't

I want to be

But I'm so far from perfect it's impossible

I know he loves me

I know he thinks I'm pretty

But that damn little voice

Fucks it all up

It tells me I'm second best

That he favors his friends over me

That he would rather be with a beautiful red head than me

That I should just die

I am a burden on him

I know that

I love him

I know that

He loves me

I love him

Damn little voice

Won't butt out

So I'm going now

To fight with this damn thing in my head

If it goes away, well, I might have a chance at being happy for an extended period of time

If not, You won't be hearing from me again

Damn fucking voice.