Chapter 1


It was the same daydream as always. I was in a dark hallway, but there was fire everywhere. The flames licked and curled around my body, scorching my tan skin. I could barely breathe through the thick smoke. Then desperate cries come from down the hall. They seemed familiar in a strange way. I started running, trying to find the voices.
"Lee!" I screamed. Lee? Who's Lee? Then a dark haired boy appeared out of the smog. He gave me a cold smile that made me stop running and back up a few steps.
"Ella." He purred, walking up to me. I shiver ran up my spine as he stroked my flushed cheek. A movement caught my eye. Shadows were rushing up to us. A scream got caught in my throat as they enveloped us in a suffocating darkness.
"Ella!" A different, but familiar voice yelled in panic. "No! Ella! Eloise!-"
"Eloise!" Mrs. Limbert snapped, bringing me back to our classroom. "Thank you for joining us here on Earth."
I ducked my head in a mixture of embarrassment and shame, blushing like crazy. My best friend Blaise caught my eye, giving me a strange look. I cocked my head to the side, returning her look with a confused one. She shook her head in a notion that told me 'We'll talk after class.' I nodded and turned my attention back to Mrs. Limbert before I got into anymore trouble. I took out my pencil and gave a loathing look at my blank notebook that was used for notes. I started to write down the measurement systems that we'll surly have to use on our homework, but my mind kept drifting to my latest daydream. My I've had a few of those dreams before this. The weird thing is, sometimes a few days or weeks after I have the daydream, it happens in reality. I shook off the fear that it would come true and looked back down at my notes. I almost fell off of my seat when I saw that I drew the pair of cold eyes that were in my dream. I stared down at the detail of the eyes. I could see every emotion that was in them. They only had two emotions that I could see actually. The first was cold, but the second was something else. Regret? Fear? I bit my lip before crumpling up the paper and chucking it into the trash can over by the pencil sharpener. Mrs. Limbert shot me an annoyed look before continuing again. Once the bell rang I rushed to my locker to put away my books and grab my backpack.
"What was up in math?" Blaise said walking up to lean on the locker next to mine. "Your eyes were, like, glowing dimly. And you were mumbling a bit under your breath."
"Just a daydream." I sighed. "A really strange daydream."
"What was it about?" She asked, curiously.
"I don't know." I lied, shaking my head. I really didn't want anyone to know about my strange dreams. They'd all think that I was insane.
"Oh, well." Blaise sighed. "I'll see you later."
"Bye." I said, slinging my messenger bag over my shoulder. I walked along the streets of my hometown London, England. I was brought here when I was about two or three, and I've been living here with my foster mum Stacy. It was only a bit of a walk to our mid-sized two bedroom home. I slipped my key into the lock and opened the door to see Mum's grim face.
"Ella." She whispered lovingly. "Sweet Ella."
"What's wrong, mum?" I asked nervously. "What's going on?"
"They know where you are." She whispered with dread. "They'll find you."
"Who?" I asked franticly. "Who knows where I am? Mum! What's going on?"
"I have to send you to Raylee." She murmured to herself. Then she froze, and bit her lip. "No, too early. The Sun Ray Clan will make sure your safe."
"Mum," I begged. "What's the Sun Ray Clan?" She seemed to focus on me then.
"I'm sending you to New York." She said softly. "I'm sending you to the airport in two hours. You have to go get packed."
"Mum, I don't understand." I cried. "What's going on?"
"You'll soon find out." She whispered, caressing my face. "They'll explain some of it to you when you get there."
"Who?" I asked, tears streaming down my face.
"Don't worry." She said, trying to be assuring. "You'll find out soon enough. Now go pack."
"But Mum-"I started, but she cut me off."

"Ella." She said, wiping away my tears.
"I don't want to go." I got out between sobs.
"You'll be okay." Mum assured me, stroking my long caramel-brown hair. I made my way to my bedroom and grabbed my volleyball duffle bag. I packed several outfits, my money from under my mattress, my toiletries, and my make-up. I dragged my duffle bag downstairs, and stood in the middle of our living room looking around, remembering all of our memories. I gave a small smile through the tears at the hole in the wall where I tipped the TV on accident, and we never fixed the hole. Mum put her arm around me and led me to our old Lexus. The whole way to the airport I just stared out the window blankly, thinking about nothing.
How could this be happening? My life had nothing special about it. Yes strange things have happened. Like my premonitions. And those few things when people told me I was becoming transparent, and once when I was in my room I turned completely invisible. But, that's it! Nothing big, like flying, or lasers. Just, Ella. It took about five minutes to reach the airport where my mum took me in her arms, putting her chin on the top of my head.
"We'll see each other again, right?" I asked, holding her tight.
"I don't know, Ella." She sighed. "We may, when things calm down."
"When what calms down?" I moan still clueless. She gives me a small smile before handing me over to the flight attendant who would be watching me as we made our way to America because I'm under aged. I give my mum one last look before I get on the plane that would take me away from the life I was familiar with, into a new one.
"Hi, I'm Shay. Would you like anything to eat or drink?" The attendant asked kindly. I shook my head and gazed out of the window. I heard the intercom buzz but I ignored it, too caught up in my own misery. I already knew to buckle up, which I did before we took off. Tears made a nonstop river down my face, making my eyes feel heavy, longing for sleep.
"Is this seat taken?" I voice asked. I turned away from my window of pity and looked at the girl standing by the seat. I shook my head no, and she smiled before sitting down.
"I'm Rose." She said, shaking my hand enthusiastically. "What's wrong?"
"Is that obvious that something's wrong?" I sighed. She nodded sympathetically.
"I have to move." I explained, bending the truth a bit. "I've lived in England for almost all of my life."
"Yeah, I noticed your accent." She said.
"You're American, right?" I asked.
"Yup. I'm going home to New York." She said happily.
"Well I have to get some sleep." I said, trying to be polite. I wasn't really in the mood to talk with a person I just met. I leaned my head against the window, surprised when sleep came quickly.
"Hey, Ella." A voice said, shaking me. "We're in New York." I snapped my head up to find Rose shaking me lightly.
"Already?" I asked, yawning.
"Yeah, well I'll see you later!" Rose said running off the plane without any bags.

"Bye." I called, reaching up to grab my duffle bag. Then something occurred to me. I never told Rose my name. How'd she know to call me Ella? I shook my head. Maybe I just have a bad memory. I walked off the plane and out of the airport, acting like I had a purpose. I was halfway down a random street when I realized I had no clue where I was going. I sighed and sat down on a nearby water fountain. I put my chin in my hand and sighed again.
Now what do I do? Mum gave me nothing to work off of. I don't have enough money to rent an apartment or anything, and I have no place to go. She kept saying the Sun Ray Clan, maybe I can look them up on the internet if I can get to the library and get access to a computer. I stood up, ready to find the nearest library, when a girl who looked a lot like me walked up to me, giving me a curious look.
"Are you Ella?" She asked. I bit my lip before nodding.
"I'm Raylee from the Moon Ray Clan." She explained. "Come with me."
"Uh, I don't know." I said nervously. "My mum said I should look for the Sun Ray Clan."
"Ugh." Raylee groaned. "The bright, sunny people. Well we're on the same team at the moment, so you can trust me."
"I don't think I should." I said, chewing on the inside of my mouth.
"Will you just come on already?" She snapped at me.
"No." I said, glaring at the strange girl. "I'm gonna find the Sun Ray Clan."
"You obviously don't understand the danger your in." She growled at me, grabbing my arm. I pulled away from her, but she made a grab for me again. I took a large step back, and we fell into the fountain on top of each other. Some people stopped to stare at us, but none came to our aid.
"Raylee." A male voice said in a commanding voice. "What are you doing?"
"She wouldn't come along!" Raylee whined. "Then she pulled us into the fountain."
"Did not!" I protested. "You tried to kidnap me!"
"I just tried to help you out." She hissed at me. "Why is that so hard to believe?"
"ENOUGH!" The guy roared over our bickering. "Ella, come with us. We don't want to use force, but we will if you don't come quietly."
I gave up and slowly got out of the fountain, shaking like a dog to get Raylee wet. She gave me a glare before walking by her leader.
"Who are you?" I asked curiously. Might as well, seeing as I'm stuck with them.
"Lucas." He answered. "I'm the leader of the Moon Ray Clan."
"I'm supposed to go to the Sun Ray Clan." I try to explain. "That's what my mum told me."
"We'll take you to them." He said not looking back. "We linked up headquarters. We teamed up to fight the Eclipse Rays."
"What?" I asked, bewildered. "I am so confused."
"We'll give you the whole story when we get back to HQ." He sighed. We walked for about five more minutes in silence until we walked into a non-brand department store.

They led me to the back room behind the empty cashier desk. In the back room was just an empty room with a few boxes. I was nervous suddenly. What if they murdered me and left my body here? Then Lucas put his hand on the wall in front of him, and it slowly slid open to reveal a high tech lab with people bustling around. I could kind've tell the Sun Rays from the Moon Rays because they dressed very differently. The Sun Rays dressed in fun, bright clothing, while the Moon Rays dress in darker, moodier clothes.
"Ella!" She cheerful voice. "How ya doing?"
"Rose?" I asked, amazed. "You're a Ray?"
"How do you know we're called Rays?" She asked. I shrugged.
"I figured it out." I said. "With the different clans and stuff, the name just came to me."
"Cool." She said, messing up my long hair that was in a braid. "Come on. I'll introduce you to everyone."
Introductions took about ten minutes. Only because every Sun Ray we went to wanted to talk for a while. The Moon Rays just said 'hi' and sometimes gave a small smile.
"I think MaryAnne is going to have me and Ashley tell you the story." Rose said, dragging me along. We walked into a separate room that connected to this one. It was a small dining room with a bunch of windows casting light instead of lights being on. Ashley was sitting at the head of the table, stirring something that was in her large cup.
"Coffee?" Ashley offered. I shook my head and sat in the chair beside Ashley. "Okay, then strait to business, The story."
"Many years ago four different groups of people were touched by different kinds of rays. Some were touched by a Sun Ray, some a Moon Ray, some an Eclipse Ray, and only a few, a Star Ray. Star Rays are so rare, right now there is only one Star Ray left. We need to find her before the Eclipse Rays do." She said. "That's it. It's pretty simple, actually. Oh, yeah. Most Rays have two gifts of some kind unless their gift is extremely powerful. Like one of mine is that I can read gifts. Like right now I can tell that your gifts are Invisibility, and Premonitions."
"That's what those are." I whispered to myself. "Gifts. Talents."
"Yup!" Rose said cheerfully. "Like I can control the weather and plants!"
"You'll be able to train with your power." Ashley said,
"Yeah," Rose said even happier than before. "Now you get to go to the store to get groceries!"
"What?" I asked, bewildered.
"Well, today it was my job," She explained. "But now that you're here, I won't have to do it this time! It will be your first job as a member of the Sun Ray Clan!"
"Rose," Ashley moaned. "You can't push your chores onto other people! How many times have I told you?"
"Too many." Rose mumbled, bowing her head. "Just this once, please."
"No!" Ashley said, rolling her eyes. "It's too dangerous for her! The Eclipse Rays could find her."
"What do the Eclipse Rays want with me?" I asked. Ashley and Rose exchanged a look, making me instantly suspicious.
"They want to pick a fight with anyone who isn't an Eclipse Ray." Rose said quickly. A bit too quickly.
"Okay." I said. "So where's the grocery store."
"You don't have to go." Ashley sighed.
"No, it'll be good." I said. "I need time to let this sink in. The walk will help me think."
"Fine." Ashley said. "But be careful."
"Rose, can you draw me a map?" I asked, standing up and stretching. She nodded and pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket. Ashley walked out of the room then came back in with a pencil. After a few minutes, a map was drawn and in my hands.
"Remember to be careful." Rose warned before seeing me off at the front door.
"Don't worry." I said, waving at her. "I'll be fine." Rose rolled her eyes before walking back inside. It was nice to escape all of the craziness of the Rays. It was still hard to believe that I was a Ray. That I had powers and wasn't an average human. Deciding to test the fact that I had invisibility, I focused on the end of my index finger. Slowly it started to become transparent until it was gone completely. I tried to touch it but it was completely gone. I guess if I'm invisible I can't get hurt. I started to make my whole finger invisible, but suddenly I got extremely tired. Was this the price of having powers? Weariness? Oh, well. I hope training will help me. I looked up and at the map, then realized I missed my turn. I turned around and ran straight into a looming figure. I gazed at him wide, eyed, realizing he was the boy from my premonition.
"So this is the new Sun Ray?" The boy asked humorously.
"Who are you?" I demanded sounding braver than I felt.
"I'm Zack." He said smirking. "The son of the leader of the Eclipse Rays." Then only one thing came to mind. Run.

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