Chapter 5


I watched as Raylee picked up the book she tripped over, glaring daggers at it. If looks could kill, the book would be ashes.
"Ells, is this your book?" Raylee growled, thrusting the book at me. I shook my head, examining it. The book was a light jade color, with a picture of a black circle, a crescent moon, and a star. The whole picture had a light coming out from around it. I took the book from her outreached hand. It shimmered slightly when I moved it across the light. There was no title on it, but it urged me to open it.
"What is it?" Ludwig asked in an annoying tone. I clutched the book to my chest, giving him a glare.
"A book, numnut." I muttered, turning away. I walked purposefully out of the room, fingering the book curiously. I knew it wasn't like any other book, because I think I knew what that symbol meant. I strode into the Clan archives, running my finger down the spines of the books, till I found the one I needed. 'Clan History' it read in blazing blue captioning. I pulled it off and tucked it under my arm with the mysterious jade book. Quickly walking back to my room, I clutched the books tight again. When I got to my room, Raylee was sitting on my bed expectantly.
"So what is it?" She asked curiously. I sighed. Of course Raylee would want to know.
"Not sure yet." I answered warily. She rolled her eyes.
"Well hurry up, then." She said impatiently. "I want to know what I bruised my knee up for."
She lifted up the pant leg of her sweatpants to show me an ugly, purplish bruise.
"Eww." I moaned. Lee gave a tinkling laugh at my reaction.
"And that's only after ten minutes!" She exclaimed. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, and opened the Clan History book.
"Yes! That's it!" I almost yelled, excitedly after a minute or two of reading.
"What?" Raylee asked. I pointed to the page excitedly.
"Here it says, 'When the first Rays were discovered, they got along fairly well, but the Eclipse Rays wanted power.'" I read.
"No dip." Lee grumbled. I shot her a dirty look before continuing again.
"'They went behind the Sun Rays and Moon Rays backs" I continued. "'and stole a token from each clan in hopes to gain the power from each one, and become the rulers over all. A moon charm from the Moon Rays, a diamond of fire from the Sun Rays, and a star from the Star Rays. The Star Rays were furious. They, being the most powerful, could usually keep the peace with everyone, but, in anger, they set out in search for the Eclipse Ray's hiding place, to retrieve the tokens. The faced many trials set up by the Eclipse Rays, but made it to the sacred area where the Eclipse Ray's hid. The Eclipse Rays scattered, dropping the tokens as they fled. All except one woman. She was an arrogant and power-hungry woman, who wouldn't let anyone take her power. She fought relentlessly, refusing to give in. The Star Rays grew irritated and a bit crazed in desperation to defeat the woman. They combined their powers, and destroyed the woman, accidently blasting apart the tokens in the process. They felt great grief for what they did, and tried to save the tokens with no prevail. They never returned to the waiting Sun and Moon Rays, disappearing into the corners of the world, almost never to be heard of again.'"
"Wow." Lee breathed in wonder. "But what does that have to do with the book?"
"Here's a letter from Violet Sander." I said.
"How'd you get that?" She asked, curiously. I gazed at the letter in my hands.
"When I lived in England, I found this in the canopy of my bed." I explained quietly. "I kept it. I don't know why, but something was calling me to keep it. That night I dreamt of my parents. We didn't talk. We just looked at each other for a while. Then I woke up."
"So what does the letter say?" Raylee asked, trying to steer the conversation to safer ground. I smile faintly.
'Dear Cray,
I found it. Or parts of it at least. It was so sad, I started crying. The star was shattered beyond repair. All except two pieces. They faintly flickered, begging to be helped. I have taken them to my home, but they won't last unless I do something. I'm sorry, Cray, that this has to happen. I'm so sorry my Moon Ray, but I have to save them, I'll hide them in two separate places for safety. I hope in the future, they'll help bring peace to the next generation. This is goodnight, it's not goodbye.
Love, Starlina. Your North Star.'
"What does that have to do with anything?" Lee groaned. I slammed the book shut, making her jump.
"Imagine two twins." I commanded.
"Okay?" She said confused.
"Imagine if they were together for a long time. They were like glue before, though. Never separated, almost one." I said, closing my own eyes. "Imagine that they were separated suddenly, alone and confused. What would they do next?"
"Try to find each other."
"Exactly. They would do everything in their power to find each other."
"I still don't understand what that has to do with the symbol or the book." Lee sighed, opening her eyes. I pointed to the right top corner of the letter.
"It's the symbol that's on the book." I said softly.
"So do you think a piece is in the book?" Raylee asked excitedly. I nodded, grabbing the second book
"And I think the last Star Rays has the other piece!" I breathed.
We sat across from each other on my bed, the book lying between us. Raylee slowly reached her had forward, and in one slick movement, opened it with her telekinesis. I don't know. I guess I was kind've expecting a golden light from heaven to come down on us, and hallelujah to come from somewhere, but nothing happened. I grabbed the book cautiously and pulled it over to me. I felt my face crumple in confusion.
"It's blank." I stated in disbelief.
"What?" Raylee yelled, in disbelief. I flipped through the pages angrily.
"There's nothing?" I almost roared. "All that for, nothing!"
"Its okay, Ells." Raylee comforted, sighing. She stood up, stretching up, and started walking out of the room. I sighed, fingering the book's spine. The stitching was weird. Like it had been resown!
"Lee! Wait!" I called, jumping up. Raylee ran back into my room with a curious look on her face.
"What?" She asked. "You find something?"
"Use your tela-whatever, to break the stitching." I ordered. She looked confused, but did as told. I heard a small rip, and then a gold chain fell onto my lap. I picked it up and smiled. Its charm at the end was in the shape of the symbol that was on the book and the letter.
"You know what this means?!" Raylee demanded happily.
"Our Clans can find the Star Rays." I guessed. She shrugged.
"Yes. But we might get to be on the team to go."

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