Chapter 6


'Lee,' I couldn't shake how familiar that name was. The feeling didn't stay long though. We were now standing in front f the council. Unfortunately, Eloise didn't understand how our team explorations work. The council picked who went on the quest. I should know, I've tried to be on several of them.

I stood confidently, but my hands were shaking at my sides. The council consisted of five sun rays and five moon rays. There is no Twilight rays on the council of course. I'm the only twilight ray on this base. There's one in the Florida base, and a couple in Nevada, but other there that there's only me. I watched as they were about to give the verdict. I flinched as the Gavin hit the stand.

"We will send Eloise, and Luke on this expedition you inquire." One of the sun rays said, his deep voice echoing across the room.

"I don't think that's fair." I turned my head to glare at Eloise. No one talks back to the council, there word is law. At least you didn't talk back unless you had a death wish.

"Shut up Ella," I growled at her. She just waved me off.

"She found the book and she deserves to go." Eloise said with confidence and clarity, that girl has guts.

"She's right," I flipped my head around. It was Luke. He had shaggy ginger hair, and warm brown eyes. He had a dark tan, and blinding white teeth. "As a member of the Moon Ray Guard, I have a right to pick a member to accompany me and the other chosen member."

"Another member of the Guard." One of the Moon Rays said, her voice a high, trilling soprano.

"Well then, consider Raylee Prell the newest member of the Guard. The first Twilight Ray Guard Member. If anyone has any objections, say them now." He said, I already knew no one would challenge him. After a long moment of unbroken silence I smiled.

"Welcome to the Guard," Luke said and handed me a leather cord with a pendent on it. I looked at it closer. It was the symbol of the sun ray, and moon ray guards put together. It was a sun with the rays jutting out, and a curved line to make it look like a crescent moon was inside of it. I tied the necklace around my neck. The leather felt warm against my skin.

"Do you except the request to join the expedition?" The sun ray man asked. I looked directly at him, eyes gleaming with a new found confidence.

"Yes, I do," I said bravery in my voice. But my hands were still shaking. I was a member of the Guard now. I wanted to jump up and down. I knew if I did that I was a good as dead. I still couldn't believe it though. Me, a member of the Guard.

As soon as I was out of the room, I giggled with joy. "Glad to see you are happy." I forgot that Luke was still there. I turned around to face him.

"Thanks," I said smiling at him. I couldn't be sure but I thought he cheeks turned a little pink.

"Least I could do for my childhood buddy," he said smiling at me. I skipped back to my room. A bubble of happiness surrounding me. And nothing could pop it.

"Would Raylee please report to the training center." The loud speaker crackled. And that bubble just popped. It was going to be a on slew of tests to see if I was in good enough condition for the expedition. They threw droids at you until you killed 100, if you killed less then 95 you were considered unfit. I can only kill 90.

I was back in the crisp, clean room of the training center. Eloise was standing next to me. She would be given a mental test to see how long sh ecould stay hidden because she didn't have any offensive ability. Luke was already done and passed with 96 droids.

"Your out of shape." I teased him as he walked by.

"Just make sure you pass." He said and tapped on my hand. I knew the message we learned moor's code as kids. He tapped good luck. I smiled. It was so him. Then I stepped into the training room.

When I was dressed in a dark blue body suit with a embroidered sun and moon on my right sleeve, I stood alone in the center of the room.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" A monotone voice said and the first 10 droids were unleashed. I flicked my wrist and the fist one shattered against the wall. I smashed the next ones head in and threw the third into the fourth. I jumped u and kicked the fifth into the sixth and seventh and flicked my wrist at the eight and ninth. I finished with a tela-kick as I called it, which is me kicking the air and using my telekinesis as a kick wave. It caused a huge hole in the tenth.

I took a deep breath. this was only the beginning.

I finished the second, third, and fourth rounds with ease. The next few where harder because my power was starting to shrink. I got all the way to the last group when things started to go bad.

I could tell these were different. They were green instead of the silver. I also was well aware of the extra plating on them as well as a stun gun.

I flicked my wrist, but nothing happened. I tried it again. But nothing. "Oh, Sh-" and I got thrown back against the wall. I was hurt, but I got up quickly, I wasn't going to give up that easily.

I ran forward and punched one, but I didn't even make a dent. I herd a sickening snap against my hand. I kept throwing punches and trying my telekinesis, But it wasn't working. I knew this was rigged, these were A level droids. I'm only a D level. This should be good. Then it hit me. I couldn't use my powers on them, but I can use there's.

When they shot the stun lasers at me, I stopped the beams and flung them back. The first two droids were toast. Then I pulled a piece of the ceiling down and it squished the third, fourth, and fifth. The sixth and seventh I just used pieces of the side wall and squished them together. The eight, ninth and tenth were tricky because they learned what I was doing. So I punched the ground, causing the eight and ninth to go.

The last one stood in front of me, I wasn't going to loose. At that moment I snapped. I felt all my Adrenalin and strength surge through my veins. The last droid was only a few feet in front of me know, and I did the unthinkable. I punched right threw the medal and yanked the power core out, and crushed it. The door opened and I wobbled out.

I saw there shocked faces and grinned like a maniac. "Yo-you," The moon ray representative stammered.

"Just killed 10 level A droids, oh ya!" I said in a drunken voice.

"Your going on the quest." She said, and I slid to the floor in giggles. The last thing I remember before passing out was Eloise calling me a drunk idiot.

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