Chapter 7


I stood in front of the one-way glass, watching anxiously as Raylee fought the droids. It started off okay, but I noticed that it got harder. Maybe it was just part of the course. Then someone yelled that they were level 10 droids.
'Oh, no.' I thought, looking at Raylee who was wearing out.
"Then get her out of there!" I barked at them.
"We can't!" A Sun Ray named Nadia explained quickly, looking desperately at the glass.
'Come on, Lee.' I thought as hard as I could. 'Please, survive.'
I absentmindedly looked out the window that I was standing by. Twilight. Yes! She'll have a Power Peak any moment now! I looked back into the training center and felt a slight rush go through my veins. My eyes followed her every movement, widening them when she ripped out the power core of the last one, crushing it between her fingers. She grinned stupidly as she stumbled out of the simulation area, beaming when all of the people in the viewing room were stuttering.
"I just beat level 10 droids." She gloated drunkenly before she passed out cold.

"Drunken idiot." I muttered as Luke helped her up. I walked over and threw her arm around my shoulder while he got her other side. We walked through the silent halls, all of the Rays in training or somewhere else.
"How was your test?" Luke asked casually. I shrugged in response.
"Good, I guess." I answered nonchalantly. "I managed to stay invisible for the full 10 minutes. Then I slept for awhile before I went to Lee's test."
"Nice." He said. We walked in silence for a few more minutes, dragging Raylee between us.
"Do you like her, Luke?" I asked softly. Luke didn't answer right away. He walked with a thoughtful look on his face.
"Yeah." He answered finally.
"No, I mean. LIKE, like." I said seriously.
"Yes. I do." He said again, pronouncing each word. "I mean. We've been friends ever since she came here, and we've been inseparable ever since…"
Luke went quiet, his eyes becoming vague. I just kept walking, letting him have his flashback moment. After about five minutes, I got bored.
"Is your flashback gonna end soon?" I moaned. Luke gave me a sideways look that I returned. "What?! It's an honest question!"
"Now it's over." He muttered darkly as we walked through Lee's bedroom door. We lay Lee on her bed, and I left Luke to watch over her. I walked out of my room, planning to listen to my IPod, but was suddenly overcame with a rush going through my body, then I wasn't in my room anymore.
I was at a fancy restaurant, sitting across from somebody. Zack. And I was laughing! Happily!
"It's been really fun today, Ella." He said a gleeful look on his face.
"Yeah, it has." I agreed, unable to control what I was doing. Zack took my hand across the table and stood up. I followed suit and let him lead me around the tables, out the door. Once outside Zack spun me around to face him.
"Thanks for coming." He breathed. A warm blush rose to my cheeks.
"M-my pleasure." I stuttered, looking down. He gently lifted my chin up. I looked into his dark brown eyes and melted inside. We got closer and closer till we were inches apart. Our lips touched and it felt like fireworks exploding. No. No, this was wrong! He's the son of the Eclipse Rays. He pulled away and winked.
"Night." He said quietly before disappearing into the shadows. I touched were his lips touched mine and smiled.
"Good Night." I whispered to nobody in particular.
Suddenly I was back in my room with no Zack. No. That cannot be right. The future isn't set in stone, anyway, so it won't happen. I won't let it. I was confused, annoyed, and tired. I walked out of my room to find an aspirin or something for the splitting headache I just got. I checked up on Raylee as I walked by her room. She was awake and chatting with Luke. I was suddenly annoyed. How come her romances got to be normal, and mine had to be…we'll stupid and impossible. Wait. It isn't even a romance! My headache just increased with the thinking I was doing so I just groaned and kept walking.
"Hey, Ella!" I heard Ashley call down the hall. I groaned in frustration.
"What, Ash?" I moaned putting a hand in my forehead and leaning on one of the sleek silver walls.
"You okay?" She asked curiously, leaning with me.
"Stupid premonitions." I mumbled, closing my eyes.
"Oh." She said sympathetically. "I'll make this quick then. You, Raylee, and Luke are leaving tomorrow morning."
She pressed something cold into my palm before skipping off. I opened it to reveal the mysterious necklace. I quickly put it around my neck and walked on to get some pain medication.

The next morning, Raylee shook me awake at the crack of dawn. I peeled my eyes open to reveal her beaming face.
"Come on! Come on!" She practically yelled in my ear. "We leave in an hour!"
On that note she disappeared out of my door. I looked over to my open window and groaned again. It was still dark out. I stood up, mumbling insults at Raylee and the darkness. I stalked to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and changed into the clothing I picked out the previous day. I wore a silky red shoulder shirt, dark jeans with artificial rips in them, and dark ankle boots. I put a bit of mascara and eyeliner on before grabbing my pre-packed bag and running out of the door down the halls. I slid to a stop (something very hard to do without breaking your ankle in ankle boots) in front of Raylee and Luke. They stood in front of the wall/door that led into the convenience store drinking something in their cups.
"We'll grab breakfast on the way." Raylee explained.
"On the way to where?" I asked, as Luke put his hand on the wall. It slid open and we walked out, weaving around racks of clothes.
"Not exactly sure yet, but we'll just get out of the city first." She answered. I noted that they were holding hands and grinned. "What?"
"Nothing." I sighed happily. A sleek black car was waiting for us, parked on the curb of the street. We climbed in, and Luke drove. We were all 17 so we decided that we would take shifts driving. At the edge of town we drove through a McDonalds and the grumpy looking attendant took our order. After she grudgingly took our order and gave us our food, we drove off. I sipped my hot chocolate and nibbled on one of my hash browns, feeling my energy grow. I watched the sun rise and felt another rush go through my veins.
"Are you drinking coffee?" I asked Lee after a while. The stuff in her cup didn't smell like coffee, so I wondered what it was.
"Nope." She said. "Earl Grey tea."
"Eww." I commented, wrinkling my nose.
"You've had it?"


"Then how do you know you don't like it?"
"It smells funny."
"Just try it."


"Try it." Raylee commanded almost throwing the thermos at me. I sighed before taking a small sip. I almost threw up. Still gagging theatrically, I pushed the gross stuff into her hands.
"Gross." I said simply. "That was disgusting."
"Eh, it's a taste you have to acquire." She stated, sipping the tea. I shot her a long glare before putting my head down on the glass of the window and closing my eyes, falling into the darkness of unconsciousness.

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