For you, I plastered a smile
on my face.
With the circles under my eyes,
it's so out of place.

The funny thing is
I can't stop crying.
When I say I'm fine,
I'm truly lying.

My shoulders are shaking,
my cuts open with every sob.
My body bleeds
with every throb.

I don't know what's wrong,
why I can't feel.
I thought if I cut
maybe I'd feel real.

I feel so dead,
so alone.
I'm walking around
like a fucking clone.

The real Mariah was happy,
the real Mariah was okay.
The real Mariah would
have such good things to say.

But I'm the bad Mariah,
the one who's a whore.
The bad Mariah who's
standing at hells door.

I don't know
what to do.
But I'm wearing
my smile for you.

:(please, see past my lies):

:)please, don't see past my lies(: