I saw you laying there,
your body cold as ice.
I can't believe you offered yourself
as a sacrifice.

The pool of blood
resting under your head
made me realize
that you are dead.

I see the note,
laying there on the stand.
I can tell things
went as you had planned.

The police officer gets
tears in his eyes
as he reads your letter
filled with lies.

"I'm so sorry.
I'm in a better place.
It wasn't your fault.
I just wasn't happy.
Don't blame yourselves.
It was my fault.
This is what I wanted.
I'm so sorry.
I love you."

The officer in blue
looked you in the eyes.
"Oh, sweet girl,
I can see past your lies."

Everyone else left the room,
leaving the officer and you.
The officer did something
people don't do.

"Things are alright now.
Oh, sweet sweet child.
Why? Why take your life?
God, you're were so beautiful."

The tears start streaming down
his face covered with pain.
The tears start pouring
like the winter rain.

"You were worth so much more,
oh god, so so much more.
You were so beautiful,
oh god, sweet child. Come back."

Then I always wake up
from the bad dream,
not smiling,
but with a scream.

The image of the blood
pooling under your head
always is in my mind,
the image of me dead.

I see it in such detail,
every scare is in place.
Even the circles under my eyes
are on my face.

I wish this nightmare
would go away.
That's the last thing
I'm gonna say.