I'm Falling into the darkness,

hidden deep in my heart,

my Heart that has fallen,

Down into that cold, dark place,

teetering on the edge,

and I try, and try,

but no one is there.

No one seems to care for the boy,

the poor little boy,

who has fallen,

into that cold, cold, darkness.

Same shit different day,

for years it continued

until one day, the boy found something,


His heart began to rise.

But then, once again, his heart dropped,

the pain, oh, the pain,

it makes him fall back into darkness,

More friends he does not trust.

But soon he begins to trust,

For the little boy

who's heart has fallen into darkness,

his life has changed.

He swears to protect his friends.

One day, many day's later,

the little boy,l

who's heart had once fallen

into the darkness

he begins to grow.

And then, he finds love,

His past and his fears try to Drag him down,

but his will says no.

The darkness in his heart tugs at his being,

but his faith in his friends,

in his love,

They all keep him there,

and one day,

for the sad little boy,

who's heart was filled with darkness,

his heart will soon forget the darkness,