Chapter Thirteen


I am a little shocked Bayli left Cameron and I in the same room, I could have sworn she could sense this weird thing between us; or maybe its just in my head. Maybe, I am crazy and I want to ruin Bayli's life, and I don't even realize it yet. Maybe, just maybe, one of us will turn out to be evil, but it will be me, not her. Not my twin like I always thought it would be. She needs to know everything, but I don't think anyone wants her to know the truth, maybe that is what causes her to be evil, and she really will turn out to be the villain, and not me, and I could save the day and Cameron could fall in love with me. Realize we are meant to be together.


April wont stop looking over at me and I wonder if it is maybe because she could tell when I met her that I felt drawn towards her, and now she knows I no longer feel that, I feel anger towards her. I need to break this awkward silence.

"So, umm," I dot know where to start, maybe I should just be blunt and explain to her that she can't tell Bayli anything. "You cannot tell her anything, not that you guys are twins, although she is probably questioning that at the moment; but you can't tell her anything. Don't tell her the rest of the prophecy, don't tell her-"

"Don't tell me what?" Shit!

"Ummm," I suck at lying sometimes. "That I might become part of the Council."

"Great, that will go great with my plan. Cameron, April, I would like you to meet Jacob, the guy that has been stalking me for the past, what Month?" He slowly walks in, his hood is up, like always. "Take your hood off," she says.

He reaches up, slowly, the way he moves, his height, his name, something clicks in my head and for some reason I am charging after him. "You little piece of shit, I am going to kill you." Only he and I know why I am acting like this. Then I am on the ground and so is Jacob, only we aren't fighting we both cannot move. What just happened?


Once Cameron showed up, I almost forgot about stalker boy until he met me outside after checking out.

"Bayli," he knows my name, why am I so shocked about this? I slowly turn to face him, I didn't acknowledge him when i first saw him, because I wasnt sure he wanted to be seen, but I guess he did.

"Yeah, sorry, change of plans. I am going back to Oregon."

"I figured as much when I saw your car and Cameron's car disappear."

"Okay, well I have to get back inside, I left them alone and I don't know what is happening."

"Ah, yes, Cameron and April."

"Wait, you know about April already?" I look at him he is still wearing all black and his hood is up, but based on his voice, I can tell he is about my age.

"I know more than you think I do, but I need to speak with all three of you about something, troubling." I am stunned, I don't know what to do. He takes his hood off and hold out his hand. "I am Jacob." He is beautiful, there is no other way to describe him, well maybe gorgeous. He has perfect skin that is almost an olive color, but is too pale to be olive. He looks a little like Cameron with his angular jaw-line, and he has short-cropped blonde hair. I can tell he is buff through his baggy clothes by the stealthy way he moves. I take his hand, he has a firm gripped handshake, and he looks me in the eye with bright green eyes. There is a glint of humor.

"Follow me," I say, turn and walk. I am a robot for some reason. I feel drawn to him, what the hell is wrong with the world?! There is Cameron and I, then he and April, now me and Jacob. This is some weird effed up love square. I get to the door of my motel room; room 224.

"Wait here a second." I open the door

"don't tell her-"

"Don't tell me what?" I interrupt Cameron. I can tell he is searching for another lie, what is with all the lying?

"Umm," he pauses, "That I might be part of the Council."

"Great, that will go great with my plan. Cameron, April, I would like you to meet Jacob, the guy that has been stalking me for the past, what Month?" He slowly walks in, his hood is up, like always. "Take your hood off," I roll my eyes at him, tired of all these games everyone seems to be playing and all these secrets. Next thing I know Cameron is yelling at Jacob before his hood is off and charging at him. What the hell!? I don't want Cameron to hurt Jacob, and I need him to tell us what he was going to tell us. New ability alert: I think I yelled stop, and now both boys are on the floor and cannot move. April looks at me with a frightened look.


I wake up, my head is killing me, why am I sitting up? Then, the night flashes through my eyes, oh yeah, I was hit over the head and kidnaped.

"We have to do something more to lure her here, I don't think Either of them realize she is a super too. And if they find out like this it could cause what we are trying to prevent." The man who was talking stopped as if he was listening to someone else, but there were no other voices, no words were being spoken. "I understand that, sir," he began to speak again, he must be on the phone. "I am just suggesting we take a different approach, that is all. Wait, sir, I can feel her energy stirring, she has woken up, I must go... Yes I will call you as soon as I get more information." And with that, a beep and a click, he was done talking and walking towards me. I tried to speak, to say something, but nothing was coming out of my mouth, I realized I was no longer able to control any part of my body.