You left without saying goodbye
Was it because of what I said that it's me you now despise?

Maybe I shouldn't have said that the romance had died
you can't tell me you didn't see it in my eyes.

I keep replaying the scene over in my head
can't help but regret how everything came to an end.

Now I'm feeling upset, sad, and lonely, just needing to know.
Will you ever speak to me again or ever need me so?

Did I reveal too much, do you feel betrayed or even angry?
Why oh why did things end the way that they did

I should leave things as they are, just let you go,
how could I have known that your departure would make me feel so low?

I miss you already even though you've not been gone long
my heart aches after having made this huge wrong.

Now that things are officially over I can only hope
eventually you will forgive this evil thing that I've done and cope

You should know I now bear such a deep scar,
from missing everything that makes you who you are