Ode to The Big Bang Theory

Here's to something awesome that started with one big bang

A new show on TV that's different and unlike what we've seen

About Leonard and Penny joined by Howard and Bernadette

Now here's Sheldon who knows what he plans to say next

Along comes Raj whom to women he can't even speak

Without first having a cocktail perhaps a strawberry daiquiri

There's physics and math Soft Kitty too and even some cats

Plus Schrodinger's and that's a real science fact

From an experiment that was done long ago

A cat in box with toxic poison who knows what will unfold

But in order to know for sure what the hypothesis proves

The box you must first open it's a paradox you see

Either the cat's alive or that's one dead tabby

Amazingly popular and even several Primetime Emmy nods

Who knows when it will be canceled this show is the greatest by far

There's something for everyone from comics to romance

And now there's no logical way to end this here stance.

When you have a moment why not tune in your TV

You might even see my favorite scenes from season four

That you just can't ignore.

It was when Leonard's girlfriend Priya shrewdly dissected

The Roommate Agreement Sheldon had long since perfected.

He was then invited to come tag along with Amy, Bernie and Penny

In no time at all the girls are drunk and get all carazy

and by night's end Amy's memories get a little bit hazy.

There was waltzing and salsa a smoking monkey too

And you have Amy tell Sheldon to not meekly surrender to them there rules.

So for now I must bid you adieu as I prepare to view

Today's show on CBS east coast channel 2

It's the pilot where Leonard meets Penny his heart's greatest desire

Oh Leonard you think she'll give you a chance by letting her use your shower?