It began with a voice. Whispering it's secrets into her ear late at night when no one else was awake. It would tell her stories of a time where marvelous creatures of old, creatures that had gone exinct, roamed the earth and humans had yet to appear, of a time when peace ruled the earth and of a time where people would always smile. It would cause her to giggle silently in the night as the voice retold it's stories to the young girl.

And then her parents found out.

Telling her that the voice wasn't real and she should get some sleep. That everything it told her was a bunch of fairy tales.

Then, would it not be her parents' fault for getting in her that fairy tales were real? That the Easter Bunny was real? That the Tooth Fairy was real? That Santa Claus was real? She would think miserably.

And yet, the voice continued to come to her. Sometimes leaving presents from all the places it had traveled to the night before. A seashell from the beach. A rock from a volcano. A flower that only grew on the top of mountains. Every time she would open her eyes, something would always be on the bed side table, waiting to tell it's story to her.

The day she went to the hospital, she cried her heart out for her mother. Praying to whatever god there was to save her mother. While the voice whispered it's soothing words to her that everything was going to be alright, she couldn't help but cry more. Perhaps she truly was insane, listening to make believe voices. In her hand, the crystal necklace it had given her the night before, she clung to like a lifeline, hidden in her jacket pocket.

And then he came.

Despite not knowing whom the mysterious figure was that held a strange looking staff with a blade at the end, she couldn't help but feel safe.

The figure had It's voice.