We're spinning slowly,

Our steps push the earth to spin.

Fall in time to the rythym.

But there is no rythym and there is no time.

Everything just starts to unwind.

Our mind unraveling, heads coming loose.

Then you see there's only air beneath the surface.

Dance with me, if you like,

Dance with me, under the night.

Stranger with a familiar face,

As soon as I step out I'll be replaced.

Past becoming just a dream.

Slow paced, no sound, makes me want to scream.

The images float, blurred and hazy.

repressing and warping, are they false memories?

We danced too close and danced too long,

In a neverending song.

Cut the chords, kill the music.

We fall apart like dolls on a shelf,

Not connected correctly, incompatible.

I guess the fall to the floor broke me,

But it wouldn't hurt so much if I weren't lonely,

And I wouldn't be if I couldn't just look up and see,

Another doll glued to you, dancing, replacing me.

Dance with me, if you like,

Dance with me, one last time.

Stranger with a familiar face.

As soon as I was gone I was replaced.

You won't even talk to me.

No matter what happens around me,

The past haunts me.

You don't even recognize me.

Now I'm just somebody.

No it's not wrath,

More like envy.

I'm not holding hate for either one of you,

She doesn't know, you're only moving along.

But you treat me like a stranger and that's wrong.

But... I guess we'll see,

In only a few weeks,


I'll step into the dance and regain my place.

The past is past us, that won't change.

I refuse to hold your porcelain heart,

And someone else came and stole mine already.

But I'll try to regain my place in things,

And close my eyes and continue dancing.

Dancing, dancing.

I step out and she steps in.

Dancing, dancing.

And then you start ignoring it.

Dancing, Dancing.

You're only trying to keep moving.

Dancing, Dancing.

But it hurts how easily I've been forgotten.