Anxiety gnawing at my lips.

Twitching at my fingertips.

Readjusting placement of hips.

Thrashing back and forth in pain.

I'm not asleep, I'm not awake.

My state of being, I cannot say.

Anxiety, insane attack.

Which way is front? Which way is back?

Take a breath, might be your last.

Are you alive anymore?

Confusion clouds, mind sore.

Your head rolls off onto the floor.

You can't even tell if your eyes are open.

They won't stay up but you're too afraid to close them.

Drifting off into a painful dimension.

Trapped inside your warping mind.

All sense is lost behind.

And the way out, you just can't find.

Note: I wrote this after experiencing sleep paralysis. So, that's what it's supposed to be about, in case you were wondering.