Chapter 1

This is not a happy story. If you hate sad endings, I guess this isn't for you, but hey, nobody wanted to read those books in English class. Reading this story will have you feeling inclined to depression. Well, the story is starting. Prepare yourself for tragedy, death and insanity. Sit back and read the terrifying and tragic account of a girl named Arnacisna.

Arnacisna was at school, and she was fine. Her life was pretty good. She was almost valedictorian. Yet, it obviously didn't last. One day, she went to school, only to find that half her classmates were dead. There had been a mass murder committed by a man that goes by the name of Rantolign. He killed them "just because he could." His story is parallel to Arnacisna's, but she manages her sanity, luckily. She had a dentist appointment during the morning, which is why she was a little late for school. Lucky too, because she would've died if she didn't have that appointment. The man was taken to jail, and everybody tried to go about their lives as normal. If only they had succeeded.

She went to the school again ten days later. Everybody tried to live their lives normally, but they couldn't do it. There were nervous breakdowns, screams, and crying that came out spontaneously. Eventually, Nerkas High school became a sort of insane asylum, with Arnacisna caught right in the middle of it.

"Hey Arna, you ready for the test?" Shekile asked Arnacisna at school; several days after the mental breakdown of the man named Rantolign.

"Oh my gosh, no way in hell will I ever be ready for a test in that class." Arnacisna exclaimed. A girl behind them started to cry loudly. They ignored her, because that's what happens in Nerkas high school. You ignore everything, and you might just get by. They started walking to the class where they were having the test. Geography class.

"I mean, I studied, but I don't understand a thing." Arna added. "All the words just… confuse me. I just don't… get it."

"I know, right? It just all is some sort of jumbled, garbled language that barely anybody knows. Like Romansch." Shekile responded, with all sorts of weird hand motions. Arna opened the door of the geography room, and went in.

"Yeah, I know." She laughed.

The test was given to all the students in a matter of seconds. Arna looked at it, and frowned. Do you know what it said? It said:

I love the big things, like the panthers. They are some cute cats. They are really very interesting. I saw one eat a human yesterday. It was funny; I was the one who pushed him in the way of it. There was blood everywhere.

Themanbehindthepounddecidestheorderofthemurderandt hewomanaattheheadofthepack'stheonewhokillswithlaug hter!ThewomanandthemanalertTheAekersoftheorderandt heAekersmakethepeoplethatarejustreducedtotorture!

Arna's fear came rushing to her immediately. Her hands started to shake. She started to hyperventilate. My Geography teacher has gone insane! She thought, terror seizing her like a boa constrictor. She looked up at him. He had a huge smile on his face, and was spinning slowly in his rotating chair. He looked at all the staring students.

"Don't you do the test? Why not?" He said. He took out a knife, and climbed over his desk toward Shekile. She screamed, and Arna got out of her seat and tackled him. They started to wrestle on the ground.

"Whatcha doin'? Stop me? Not me! HAHA! You don't stop me!" He laughed maniacally. But then he fell still. Arna let go.

"What the hell?!" She exclaimed. She saw pricks of what a needle would make in his skin, and looked at her hands. Other than being covered in blood, there were needles poking out of the skin.

"Crap!" She shouted, but then they vanished back into her skin. She started to shake uncontrollably. Shekile rushed to her.

"Get a teacher! Call the police! Somebody do something!" She screamed. She caught Arnacisna as she passed out. Lantoh stepped out of his chair, ran to the phone on the wall, and called the police.

"My classmate just passed out! Our teacher tried to kill another one, but he's dead!" He screamed into the phone. "Get here quick! She might die too! He might've had a disease!"

Arnacisna woke up in a chair in the principal's office. She looked around. She wondered why she wasn't in a hospital, or there weren't any police around, and why she was still covered in blood. The principal came out of his office.

"Ah good. You're awake." He said, smiling at her. She started to hyperventilate again. He put his hand out to calm her. She gave him a scared look.

"You got rid of the police somehow, didn't you?" She breathed out heavily. He looked away.

"Yes. I had them killed so that we would not be shut us down." He explained, as though it was a normal thing to do. Unfortunately, in this particular high school, it was the normal thing to do. Many a person has disappeared with the fault of this high school. That is the fault of this high school. She started to cry.

"No." She cried. "I'm going to stop you. You are not going to get away with this, you bastard!" He slapped her.

"You do not talk that way to the head of your school! And you cannot stop me! Nobody can stop me! I am going to win!" He started to laugh.

"There is no win! There's nothing you are going to win! Get it out of your head, you insane son of a bitch!" She screamed at him. He grabbed her and pushed her onto his desk. His face turned red.

"Don't talk to me that way." He said, sounding calm but obviously forcing it.

Something happened next.

She stumbled out of the main office, and pulled her clothes around herself even further. Tears kept on streaming down her face. I need to stop him. Arna thought, barely able to take any steps forward. But what can I do? Shekile came running over and started to pull her to the doors. I think I know. I have to do it. Shekile started to open the door, so that they could get to the car. I have to kill him.

The next day was yet another day filled with horror. Arna got her books from her locker and went to Geography. A new teacher. That was never good - for them anyway.

"Alright, class, since I'm new here, I'm going to need a few tips. What should I know about this school?" He started. Shekile raised her hand.

"If you're called to the principal's office, it most likely means he's going to kill you." Arna spoke next.

"Never call the police. There will be consequences, and they are innocent."

"Don't bother somebody who starts crying. It won't help them."

"Be wary of pranks. They will normally go too far."

Before the teacher could contradict them in any way, the fire alarm and sprinklers went off. Unfortunately, somebody had been able to access what came out of the sprinklers and replaced the water. With blood. Arnacisna took the panic as a prime opportunity. She took a large knife from her boot and let the room. She made her way past the running and screaming students and to the principal's office. He was sitting in a chair with his face in his hands, like he was only disappointed at the kid who did this, not disgusted. She slowly went up beside him, raised her knife over her head, and tried stabbing him. He grabbed the knife.

"What did I say?" He growled. "What did I say?!" He looked at her. "I AM GOING TO WIN!" He shoved her back and then grabbed her throat. She tried clawing his arms, but he wouldn't let go. She jumped off her feet, which surprised him, so she fell to the ground. Arnacisna tried crawling away, but he put his foot on her.

"You're not going anywhere, you little b-" Crack! The sound of a bat hitting somebody's back. He fell to the ground, revealing Shekile behind him. She smiled.

"Don't try taking the principal on on your own," she told Arna, helping her up.

"Thanks Shekile. Where'd you get the bat?"

"Oh, well, this school is a dangerous place. I just have a weapon, in case something happens." She hugged Arna. "I followed you here because you had a knife. We're friends forever, so I always have your back."