They Never Left Me

I stood alone in solitude

Wanting to be left alone

But someone grabbed me from behind

And didn't ever let go

I twisted and pulled

I yanked and cried

And begged to be left alone

But this stranger from behind

Never listened to my groans

This stranger stayed

And hugged me tight

Not willing to set me free

Although all I wanted at that time

Was to be alone with me

I learned the carry the burden

Of this newfound "friend"

That stayed with me

And didn't disappear

But then we learned to blend

This friend was still joined by another

Clinging to my back

I sighed and heaved

And straightened up

To carry the other sack

And then when I finally learned

To live with both in peace

A third nuisance came to stay

This time I stopped and thought a while

Then turned to those three pests

And told them they better leave

Lest we learned to be friends

So they stayed and I learned to see

What was staying so close to me

That's when I saw my three new friends

Inspiration, Hope, and Love