No one truly knew who she was. They never seemed to care. They never saw past her voluptuous physique, smooth tantalizing curves, which was just an illusion. Beneath her gorgeous looks and long locks, the demons she harbored within threatened to break free with the slightest weakness of her control. But she was too tough. Too strong to allow them free. Aside from vindication, she was superveous to all other keen emotions.

She had a unique ability, one she had no original known source. Perhaps if she would have known her parents she would know if it was an inherited curse. But she didn't. She spent her life in an orphanage- her forte was insight into the ineptitude of a pending adopter's true lifestyle. Ashlan Delshaw had spent the past 25 years hearing the thoughts of others as if they were her very own thoughts.

The ability she possessed did not go without good use. School had come very easily to her. Given her unique talent she immersed herself in her studies and completed high school by the age of 15, going on to finish her undergrad in pre-law by 18. Ashlan could have finished sooner, but she rather not attract attention.

By the time she had finished high school, the inhabited authorities had approved her emancipation of herself from the state of Washington and she lived in a court enforced teen-halfway house. The girls were all nice, even the hard ones were soft underneath. By the time she was 21 she had completed grad school and contemplated continuing down the past of academia. But she was too tired of being asked questions; she was ready to take control of her own life.

Ashlan began separating people into two categories-those who matched their inner thoughts and those who wore the mask of deception.

Along with the ability to hear the thoughts of any passerby, she was physically stronger than one might assume she was. It was this that she used to her advantage often; never losing the amusement that she felt after she defeated a man twice her size. Though she could have easily taken whatever she wanted in life, from whomever she chose to take it from, she felt morally obligated to use her ability to help others.

Thus she created Eye Candy Bodyguard Management or more commonly called E.C.B.M. Rotating every six months Ashlan Delshaw was contracted to the highest bidder to befriend and protect their client. She had been employed by numerous celebrities and several highly esteemed politicians.

Currently, her assignment was an up and coming singer from Jacksonville, Florida. She didn't see what people saw in her. She was insecure, constantly doubting herself. And this teeny-bopper is supposed is going to be idolized by young girls (and some boys) across America? Ashlan shook her head at the thought.

Her assignment was to safely deliver the starlit to Los Angeles. The girl's agent had offered Ashlan double if she would stay for another six months, but that was not how Ashlan worked. Never stay too long with one person. Never get close. Trouble always arose when she broke her rules and that was rule number one.