Ashlan had agreed to accompany Andrew during the ride to his client's stowaway hotel room on the out skirts of town. She saw that his intentions were to keep her out of the city's jurisdiction. I can't trust the local police, he thought. Ashlan was beginning to think the case was going to be pretty exciting-if she could keep her desires leashed.

"How old are you Miss Delshaw?" He asked disrupting her meddling. Andrew was curious to how someone as young and beautiful as she had become involved in her line of work.

"You know most women don't like to reveal their age." She teased, bordering a flirtatious sway.

"I have a feeling you're not like most women." At least not like any I've ever met.

"I'm twenty-five." She said decisively, trying to avoid any further questions. But she had set herself up for twenty questions. Her first mistake was riding with him. And the second mistake was her deal breaker, the golden rule: Never work for anyone you're attracted to.

Which promoted conversation and inevitably would lead to her disclosing information about herself. It was a situation she commonly avoided, but had consequently been unable to say no to his offer. This is bad, she thoughtto herself, disappointed she had put herself in this situation.

"What brought you into this line of work did academia not suit?" He asked, doubling his questions into one.

"What makes you think I didn't finish school?" She asked, somewhat insulted by his question.

"How far did you go?" He asked amused she took the bait, manipulated into releasing information about herself.

"I have a Masters in Criminal Psychology and Law. I passed the California bar exam, but have no desire at this point in my life to practice law. I also have a Doctorate in Abnormal Psychology" Ashlan said, dropping the information she knew he would be unable to fathom. Most couldn't understand how. But, she needed the degrees to act as a cover story, for why she was so 'insightful'.

She had not told many people of her success, it tended to lead to more question and acquisition that she did not prefer to discuss. She was breaking all her rules with him, unable to understand why.

Intelligent, beautiful and…a bodyguard? Wait how many years does it take to get a doctorate, trying to understand how she accomplished everything in seven years.

"I graduated high-school when I was fifteen." Ashlan supplied. She knew he would just assume she was now being open and not 'reading his mind'. Ugh, now he would want to know more.

He had generated an enormous load of questions he wished to ask her, but they were pulling into the hotel parking lot. Thank god. But oddly she wanted to answer the questions his mind was forming into this perfect mental checklist. How concice, she thought.