Fallen angel: Demon bane

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On earth there are three planes of existence. Ours the living in which everyone lives in unaware that the other two are real. The second is heaven a place of angels and god that watches over humanity without them knowing of existence but through religion. The third is hell the place of demons , devils, and the souls of the dammed exist and when they get out into our plan of existence ,it means trouble.

To counter these monsters the beings of heaven sent Angels equipped with integrated (sort of )weapons that few humans would ever even know about. They were call Fallen angels and they were created by angels drinking demon bane or demon blood that caused them to fall from heaven to defend humanity form the inhabitance of Hell. The only way they can go back is if they are killed in battle against the demons. They created the organization called the demon hunters supported by the pope and his staff.

Ch.1 Demon Bane

Inside a catholic church, a single large moon beam shed light before the alter . in this one beam of light stood a catholic priest over a young ladies bloody corpse. Blood poured out form the body. The priest had his head next to the bodies neck licking the blood.

" Man even though I've seen that a hundred times it still is unsettling." Said a young man sitting on one of the pews in the back. He had bright red hair that was held up in a spiky fashion by a green bandana with an Asian dragon scrolled across it . he looked to be about 16.

He had on a white tee shirt with a black cross on it and a black Short sleeve jacket with white crosses on the shoulders. On his legs he had on black tight cargo pants with black and red sneakers on his feet . his silver like the back of DVD or CD disk eyes could cut through the fires of hell but could act as a kind friend as well.

" I know what you mean Renji but this punk can't know the salvation of our lord god if he is on this earth." Preached another young man . like Renji was no older than 16. He was wearing the same uniform as Renji but he had on a silver bracelet around his left wrist. He had spiky black hair without a bandana and red eyes.

" Yeah Eric , you damned catholic Irish I know that but as demon hunters and fallen angels we have a duty to rid the world of these demons." Replied Renji as he got up off the pew as held out his hand.

" Well Demon you've meet the end of your days!" Yelled Eric as he Pointed his left arm at the priest in finger gun.

" DEATH SABER!" Screamed Renji as a blinding light surrounded the both of them

The light dissolved and was replaced with Renji holding large katana with a red line separating the back and edge of the blade. It also had three edged triangles on the opposite side of the main blade at the bast. A black metal chain connected the katana to the mail armor finger less gloves on Renji's right hand.

Eric on the other hand had long recurve bow that had a hole in the middle that had a rod that Eric held. The ring that surrounded the handle had two small spikes jutting out of the sides.

" You know the drill Eric let's light him up!" Screamed Renji as he launched himself at the priest / demon his katana blade dragging behind him as he ran.

The priest dropped the ladies body and thrust out his arm , aimed at Renji. It transformed in a thin volcano like cannon. The priest fired two shots. Both of which Renji dodged and put the katana to the priest's throat .

" Eric now!" Yelled Renji as he sliced the throat with one swift stroke.

" alright Renij sending it." Said Eric as he drew back the bow string and an arrow of light materialized on the bow. " To kill a demon pierce its heart. "Mumbled Eric as he let go of the bow string . the arrow pierced the demon priest heart.

" Cut off the head and burn the corpse at an altar." Said Renji finishing the saying and the body and head of the demon burst into flames.

" Well our job is over here," Remarked Eric as his and Renji's weapons became a blue light and disappeared.

" No not quite yet ." Replied Renji as he went over to the body of the lady that the demon priest had being devouring. " Her soul hasn't been released yet." Said Renji as he looked over the body.

" Now I final know why the Archangels gave you the last name Graves . Because you always send everything to their grave , Demon or human." Mocked Eric as he started out f the door.

" My your soul be released to be judged by the heavens ." mumbled Renij, his hands in a prayer as the soul left the body. The soul of the young women floated up toward the ceiling.

She was wearing a grey rode that covered her whole body. She had ghostly gold hair that went down to her mid back.

" Thanks you." She said as Renji gave her a thumbs up.

" No problem just if you see an angle by the name of Raphael tell him Renji says Hi." Yelled Back Renji as she floated up to heaven. She bowed her head as she finally faded away.

" Well now that is over we should probably tell Sora that he finished of the ring leader." Said Eric as Renji turned to face him.

" Ya but if that was the only demon that would explain why there were a lot of disappearances in the last two months and why we all felt the demon presence over such a large area." Replied Renji as the pair went outside the church.

" Well it seems that the other are in combat already." Commented Eric at he flashes of gun muzzle flashes and the sound of gun fire over the top of the buildings.

" Shhesh." Was what you could hear as Renji grew a pair of black feathered angel wings.

" Yea I agree let us go and help out Sora." Said Eric as he did the same and they both took off . they flu for a small ways before seeing a white tent with a black cross on all four sides. They landed and their wings dissolved back into their bodies.

" Well it about time you two got here." pouted a Young lady no older than Renji and Eric. She had on the same top that the boys had on but she had on a black and grey skirt that went down to just about mid-thigh. She had sandy brunette hair that went down to the base of her neck with emerald green eyes.

" Sorry it took a longer than expected for the priest to show up." Replied Eric as they walked over to her.

" that doesn't matter it is good thing we evacuated the town because this was become all-out war." Said Sora as a large explosion showered them in rubble. A large ape like, demon crashed through the wall of buildings and landed on its back.

Another male demon hunter came with it . he was a younger boy about 11 that had just been sent down a couple of weeks ago. He had a battle ax in his hand.

" Take this." Screamed the new bee furious hacking at the demon. Another demon that looked to be human had transformed its arm into the volcano cannon.

" Crap New Bee get out of there!" Screamed Renji as he materialized his katana and threw it into the space between. Just as Renji threw the katana , the demon fired the cannon. The katana sliced the back of the projectile but the front continued on.

It pierced the new bees heart and spurted blood everywhere. As the demon who shot the new bee Eric pierced its heart with an arrow and it fell dead. When it hit the ground it burst into flames.

" Renji rushed over to the new bees body. " New bee are you ok?" Asked Renji knowing the answer, No. the projectile had actually missed his heart by inches but still took a huge chunk out of him.

" Ya I'm alright because I'm just going back to heaven." Replied the new bee as he fell off the ape demon . Renji caught him and stared at the new bees face. It was covered in his blood as well as the blood of the ape demon which had died.

" what is your name? "asked Renji as he set the new bee on a wall.

" Lavi Ross." Answered the new bee as he died and his spirit floated up to heaven.

Eric and Sora watched this transpire and were in awe of Renji's compassion. Eric's bow dissolved into his body as he put one hand on his hip and scratched his head with the other.

"you know they say that he more demonic your ARC ( Anti demon weapon) is means the greater crime you committed in heaven was that caused you to become a fallen angel." Said Eric as he continued to scratching his head.

" Yeah but you have to wonder why this man that got the most demonic weapon of us all . what on hell did he do?" Asked Sora as she held her clipboard tighter.

" I once heard that he was a Lucifer and a Judas but Raphael saved him from damnation by making him a fallen angel." Replied Eric as he put his hand down.

Renji walked over to Sora and Eric holding Lavi's body. " Make sure he is given a proper grave." Said Renji as he handed the body to Sora.

" will do Renji now I need you two to get the front line and take out any demons you see along the way." Ordered Sora as she took Lavi's body and placed him in a bed set up under the tent.

" What a minute Eric do you feel that? "Asked Renji shocked at something he felt.

" No I don't sense anything what are you talking about." Replied Eric with a questioning look on his face.

" SORA duck!" Order screamed Renji as he thrust his handout. Sora hit the dirt as a katana blade shot of Renjis hand and gutted the nurse behind Sora.

" Why the hell did you do that for you idiot you just killed that nurse , you know we are shorthanded, you are a major Dummkopf ( German for idiot)! "Screamed Sora as she punched Renji . this caused him to bow his head to an unusual angle.

"hey Sora look again , the sprit isn't leaving. "pointed out Eric as Renji shot back up. The corpse burst into flames.

" See you should trust me more." Stated Renji as he and Eric started off toward the front lines and left Sora.

" I still wonder what that boy did to anger God enough to send him down here as a damn criminal." Thought a Sora as she smiled and was glad that he was on her side.

Off in the distance as Renji looked around as if something wasn't quite right. The two walked until they got a fountain the ground was covered in blood form both Demon hunters and demons.

" What is it that you sense because the last time you sensed something it was a bomb so what is it?" Asked Eric as he sat down on the edge of the fountains pool.

"I think that there is a human that isn't been turned into a demon yet somewhere in the city." Replied Renji as his body tensed up.

" Great and knowing our luck that person is on the front line." Said Eric as he materialized his bow and placed the string on his shoulder.

" Yep ,now should we send these demon back to the graves." Replied Renji as demon jumped out of every corner of the plaza. Renji smirked evilly as he continued to look at the fountain which was of the archangel Raphael. " I wonder Raphael my friend what god has planned for me in this life." Smirked Renji as his katana Materialized .

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