Ch.2 Prayer

Renji spun around and chopped apart the first wave of demon. His face was lit up by the burning demons . Eric shot two more demons while spinning and went back to back with Renji as he shot two more demons with arrows through the heart.

" Well, Renji I would this is better than our last marching orders." Joked Eric in his Irish accent as he drew back the bow string.

" Yeah no kidding this demon was busy ad DUCK!" Yelled Renji over the roaring of the demons. Renji threw out his katana out and grabbed the chain . then he spun in a circle at high speed . this cut a huge circle around the two and caused massive heap of burning demons that caused Renji's face get a demonic look to it.

" Man that work I see why Raphael , oh you knows call you that thing about the devil." Said Eric scratching his head trying to remember what Raphael called Renji.

" A Luciferain you mean that?" Asked Renji in replied as he flipped the head off another demon.

" Ya that ." Said Eric as he jumped up and shot a few more demons.

" Hey on a bit more serious note doesn't it seem that these things are unending." Complained Renji as he cut another group of demons.

" Wind sickle." Whispered a voice barely audible to Renji.

A violent blast of wind ripped apart all the demons around Renji and Eric and caused to duck behind the fountain for cover.

" Well good thing I came to save your sorry tails." Said a feminine figure through the smoke and flame . she was holding a scythe. Renji had gotten knocked off the fountain and ended up upside down on a park bench.

" Well thanks Sora but you could of toned it down a bit." Replied Renji as he righted himself.

" Sorry boys but that was a lot of demons apologized Sora as the smoke cleared reviling her in full view. Her hair reflected the flames , making it look as if her hair was on fire.

" Thanks for the help Sora but you could have toned it down a little more." Said Eric as he stood up and brushed some rubble off his shoulder.

Renji and Eric suddenly shuttered under the sense off some huge dark presence. They all shock for a minute after ward and the atmosphere went form relaxed a to very serious." Man why are they here." Complained Eric placing his hand on his forehead.

" Ya no kidding and that means they're after that human I felt earlier too." Added Renji making the same expression.

" Wait who , who is here?" Exclaimed Sora waving her hands downward.

" Hellains .'Answered Renji a venomous tone is his voice.

" Hellains, remind me who are they?" asked Sora making confused face and tapping her finger on her chin.

" Hellains are our equals in hell but they job is to destroy the demons that Lucifer didn't let and to basically act as grim reapers, but this doesn't keep them from trying to send us back to heaven." Explained Eric as he put his bow on his shoulder.

" Ya and they each have a unique presence and this one seems to be my brother." Said Renji as out looked off to his left.

" Wait what do you mean brother I thought you only had a sister." Exclaimed Sora shaking her katana at Renji.

" Look I can't tell you right now but know this city is about to be leveled ." Said Renji as he ran off toward the presence . he left both Eric and Sora in the dust as he ran toward the presence.

" What does he mean by his brother?" Asked Sora as she put her hands together.

" He Means his Hellain counterpart that form what he has told me is the person who died beside him and now the Devil has given this person the name graves." Explained Eric as he went off the opposite direction to the front line dragging Sora with him.

" Wait don't we have to go and help him." Screamed Sora trying to resist Eric.

" It is our job to defend humanity form Hell and if you have forgotten that I'm happy to send you back to heaven!" Yelled back Eric into Soras face snapping her back into focus.

" You're right now let's go and find that human." Agreed Sora as she raised her scythe and walked off toward the front line.

Renji ran through the crumbling city the chain on his katana jingling softly as he ran. He turned right down a street to find some sort of coliseum. " I wonder what this was used for ." Said Renji as he walked into the main arch of the coliseum.

He went out a smaller arch way and entered the coliseum floor. The floor was dust with stone blocks under the dust. The style of the coliseum was roman and another young man stood on the coliseum.

He was wearing the same uniform as Renji but every color was reversed and his hair was cobalt blue and his eyes gold but had the same effect. In his hand was a white handled claymore with silver blade .

" Well Renij it has been too long." Said the young man as Renji placed the head of his katana on the ground.

" the feeling isn't mutual Deak, But why is a Hellain here? "asked Renji as Deak placed his claymore blade on the ground.

"the demon that created all these minions was my target but it seems I won't be sending him to lord Satan ,now will I Renji graves. " Said Deak in a maniacal tone as he smiled venomously.

"guess not Deak but that doesn't that mean that you need to return to where ever." Pointed out Renji as he point the katana at Deak.

" Correct but I don't I have orders to bring this demon back or the person who kills him." Answered Deak smirking evilly.

" Great well that is why you released your soul wave." Stated Renji as he started to get very serious.

" Yep and I found my brother was that unfortunate soul that had to be drug down to hell." Said Deak in response as he pointed the tip of his claymore at Renji.

" Great but I got am on marching orders right now." Replied Renji as he placed his katana across his shoulders.

" We'll Let us get this party started !" Screamed Deak as he rocket forward at Renji. His claymore was tip pointed at Renji.

" Come and get me Deak !" Screamed Renji in response as he took the katana off his shoulders and slashed it out in front of himself.

the weapons met causing sparks to fly and the two to wrestle with the force of the impact. Renji's katana had met Deak's claymore form below and the two weapons pressed against each other like a train wreck.

"Why so serious Renji I'm just your brother!" Cried Deak in a mad smile as he tried to force more power into his claymore.

" I'm Not your brother!" Yelled Renji as he flipped Deaks claymore off his katana and thrust the blade at Deaks chest. Deak dodged off to the left as brought his claymore down on Renji's shoulder. Renji flipped around and blocked the blow with the side of his blade.

The two pushed away from each other and both panting form the intense combat.

" Well Deak it seems that you haven't gotten better." Teased Renji and he wiped the spit off his face.

" You neither Renji but I think that your hold back." Returned Deak as he put both of his hands on his claymore. The two rested for another second and then all hell broke loose. The tow engaged in what to the naked eye of any human was an absolute blur.

The two continued to fight for another few seconds until the pushed each other back again.

" DEMON EATER!" Screamed Renji as slashed his katana . the blade glowed a bright bluish –white light. When Renji slashed the blade down it released an arc of light the cut through the ground.

"ANGEL HUNTER!" Screamed Deak as he did the same but the light was reddish black the two arcs collided and filled the coliseum with a defining explosion and smoke.

" Did I get him? "Asked Renji trying to see through the smoke. Deak came charging through the smoke and slashed at Renij. Renji blocked the strike and was sent air born out of the coliseum.

" Nope , brother you didn't." Sadistically screamed Deak as he pushed Renji into rocketing down to the ground.

Sora and Eric had ran to right the front line to see a large demon covered in elfish armor and holding a huge elfish swords( for some reason this reminds me of my history teacher , who owns two elfish swords).

" man Renji gets to battle a another person and we the pain of fighting a freaking Duke of hell ." Complained Eric as he drew back his bow string.

" Wait, Do you hear something ?"asked Sora as she put her hand in the way of Eric's bow string.

" No what the hell are you talking about." Replied Eric as he relaxed.

The loud sharp sound of clashing metal rang out through the battle field . not like the usually clashing of swords but extremely loud ,so loud that it shattered the remaining glass in the town. Suddenly like a meteor two figures crashed into the duke of hell and killed it .

The massive body toppled over in a flaming heap into a crater created by the two figures. Out of the smoke and flames the figures stepped out and clashed . the shock wave to resulted after cleared away the smoke and flames.

" Renji.' Said Sora putting her hands to her mouth in shock. A note of terror in her voice could heard.

The smoke reviled Renji and Deak locked in combat . both of their clothes were in tatters. Renji was bleeding multiple spots badly and was shaking form the force of his opponent.

Deak wasn't much better . he was also bleed form multiple spots badly and shaking just as much. he had his left closed to keep the blood out . red stains ran down what was letf his shirt and jacket.

The continued to be locked in combat as shock waves charged outward. Sora looked on form the side lines in terror . Scared of what the hell was going on.