Jacob ran towards a man in a black ski mask, He teleported behind the man and kicked him in the back of his right leg. The man fell over onto his back to the pavement, Jacob pulled out his glock pistol and aimed his gun at the man, "No don't shoot me please, don't kill me please have mercy on me," The man said. " I only have mercy on the man you just murdered," Jacob said with a dark look in his eyes.

He shot the man in the heart blood splatted on Jacobs shoes, He walked over to his dually truck, and grabbed sneakers out from under the drivers seat and threw his old ones in a dumpster.

Jacob put his glock into the center console and drove to his house, He lives on a 250 acre property, he is very rich. Jacob walked inside and sat his keys on the counter and took his 9mm gun out of his gun holster on his right thigh. He went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed, it was 11:45 PM. He slept till 4:30 AM, He doesn't need but 2 - 5 hours of sleep because he is a superhuman. He woke up and turned off his alarm clock, and got up he put his blue jeans pants and blue t shirt with a bear on it.
He walked downstairs and made pancakes and bacon and sat down and ate his breakfast, at this point it was 7:15 AM.

Jacob finished his food and walked outside he saw his dog Zeus he is a black lab 150 pounds and 3 foot tall,

his dog walked over to him and he petted his dog and got on one knee and hugged his dog, his dog licked his face, Jacob chuckled. Jacob walked over to his truck and got into his truck and drove off, he was headed off to patrol the streets. He drove by a restaurant, a old lady was walking down the sidewalk, a man ran by the old lady and snatched her purse. Jacob stopped his truck and jumped out of his truck and ran after this man, he caught up to the man and tackled the man to the ground. The man stabbed Jacob in the stomach, Jacob fell off the man onto the side walk, the man started to ran away. Jacob got up and ran after him he couldn't run to him so he teleported in front of him,

The man had disbelief on his face, he turned around and ran the other way, Jacob teleported in front of him again. The man had a oh shit look on his face, Jacob ran towards the man tackling him to the ground. This time he dodged the knife and knocked out of his hand it flew about 20 feet to the left of them, Jacob punched the man in the face repeatedly and told the old lady to call the police. The cops arrived and took the man, "You prick," The man said. "Have fun getting the shit beat out of you in jail," Jacob said smiling.

Jacob walked to his truck, "Thank you," The chief of the police said with a smile on his face. "Your welcome," Jacob said with a slight smile. Jacob got in his truck and drove to a restaurant, he got out of his truck and walked inside. He was at subway, he ordered a sandwich with a Dr Pepper and cookies. He sat down and waited for his food, 5 minutes had passed he got his food and ate it. He saw a 5 men outside killing people with a AK-47`s, Jacob ran outside he dodged like 30 bullets he was flipping trough the air, Jacob deployed claws from his knuckles, he ran towards one of the men. He drove his claw trough him, and turned around pulled out his glock and shot 2 of the men. He had his claws go back into his knuckles.

The leader seemed to have commanded his lead henchman to attack Jacob, A man ran at Jacob, he was holding two swords. He sung his left sword at Jacobs stomach and the right at his head, Jacob dodged both swings and shot the man in the right leg. The man barley flinched like it didn't even hurt, he sliced Jacob's gun in half, "Crap," Jacob said with a surprised look on his face. The man sung a sword at Jacob and sliced open his chest, "Ahhhhhh," Jacob sighed grabbing his chest. Jacob fell to the ground, he saw the man was about to drive the sword trough his chest again.

The man slowly started moving the sword towards Jacob, he was about to kill him, all of sudden the man took several bullets to the head. It was the leader, he pulled his mask off. It was Jacob's old mentor, Sam. "I wanted to kill you myself, Sam said with a dark voice. Sam betrayed Jacob by trying to kill him, after using him to help Sam kill criminals.

"Let's go ," Sam said smiling.

"I will kill you,' Jacob said with a smirk on his face.

Jacob deployed his claws and swung them at Sam, it didn't even hit him, Sam kicked Jacob in the face. Jacob fell backwards onto the ground, Sam fired a blast from his hands at Jacob, Jacob rolled out of the way and kicked him in the leg. Sam fell to the ground, Jacob got up and drove his claws trough the heart of Sam. Jacob checked his pulse he was dead,

Jacob rose up off the ground, he was hit from behind, it was a man dressed in armor. My name is Will the man said.

End of Chapter One.

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