AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: In-Class Pretend Authority

Words: 52

DATE: March ?-?, 2012 (created)

NOTES: This is another "authority" piece. My Creative Writing teacher had the class write down a couple of sentences on things we knew really well. Then, we had to "pretend" to know something that we didn't know. When this exercise was going down, I was sleep-deprived, so I had messed up this second part of the activity. Luckily for us, it was not to be turned in or graded. I ended up jotting this random philosophical thought down. I hope you like it.

Philosophy on Being Alone

Why can one not wait for someone who needs you because they love you, rather than one who loves you because they need you? I do not understand those who fear being alone. But, perhaps this is because I have always been alone, I am alone, and thus I shall remain alone.