This will be a series of short little comical lists. More then anything it is a way for you guys to meet my characters.

Chapter 1: 5 ways to tell Sparky has gotten (or is going to) get into trouble.

Sparky is seen in Dead Rising, ShadowStrike, and NDAM Casefiles.

5. He runs into the room yelling, "Hide me!" (he will be frequently followed by Yuri, but can also be followed by Travis, Sherri, Carma, Trip-though Trip is often seen running in the opposite direction as he was somehow involved with Sparky's mischief- Nicholai, Lj, York, Flynt, Silas, Slade, Damian, Adrien...or anyone else Sparky knows...)

4. He is tapping his fingers on a surface, often his computer, his leg, or a counter. This seems to be a habit shared with his father.

3. He puts his goggles on. Application of goggles often foretell of explosions, which Trip will 9 out of 10 times be involved in.

2. He is missing. Enough said.

1. He is awake.