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Chapter 1: Rain

The city streets seemed so very grey. I didn't normally give it any thought, but today their lack of color overwhelmed me. Was the city always like this? Well, it could be due to the fact that rain was falling heavily. Annoyed by the wet hair in my eyes, I pull it to the side. Why was I out without an umbrella? I didn't know myself, I guess I felt like going out in the rain. My shirt felt heavy, probably because it was soaked. Gazing up at the sky, I was overwhelmed by the water that fell on me. I guess I might be somewhat depressed, even if I have no reason to be. There's many people out there with worse problems than mine. I started to walk up the street I was standing in, walking towards home. I should probably dry up, so that I won't catch a cold. Suddenly, I sneezed way louder than planned. Ah, too late for that cold now, ehh? Eventually, I reached the small, green door that told me I was home. Upon entering, I stopped again. All alone, no one was around. Geez, I should have gotten used to living alone by now.

I undress, hang my clothes to dry, and walks over to my bedroom. The bed was practically waiting for me to dive into it. Waiting no longer, I lay down with a big sigh. Am I really that tired? It's not like I have been doing anything lately. I guess it's possible to get tired by that as well. Crawling deeper into the sheets, I groan loudly. It's pretty cold to stay out in the rain. Perhaps I should get a job soon? Living on minimal cash flow isn't exactly handy. Still, I've managed to save some money. That alone is quite the feat for me. I look at the clock on the drawer. Half past five, and already tired. I roll around, yawning loudly. Having someone to comfort me and such would be a good thing. With this thought, I feel my eyelids growing heavy. Falling sleep so soon? Yes, no reason to fight it.

Gahh, the light! What evil could be the cause of something as sharp as this? Opening my left eye reveals it's the fact that I forgot to pull the curtains over the window last evening. ''Curses..'' I groan to myself. Looking at the clock reveals that I could have slept another thirty minutes without trouble. I pull myself up, even if my body wants to drop back down. ''Come on, try to clear your head. First, get in the shower, then make some food..'' Whispering to myself, I'm forcing myself to wake up. Mornings are truly horrible. What's worse is that I have to attend school. I remember being motivated to just that some time ago as I drag myself towards the shower.

Waiting for the bus is horrible. I really can't take it; it's too cold for me. Mornings in general usually are cold. Perhaps I should start dressing up more properly? A white shirt and a pair of jeans hardly seem like a warm choice. Ah, can't be helped I guess. I look up at the grey morning sky, and realize that I should have brought a umbrella for today. I swear, if it's going to start raining.. Just as I think this, a single drop of water land on my forehead. ''Dammit...'' I look back down, and realize that the buss is rolling up in front of me. I don't feel very aware of my surroundings today, which might be really troublesome. Not for me, I'm thinking of other people. As the bus stops, I attempt to board it. Attempt to.

A bright, yellow flash nocks me down, and I fall into a puddle of water. How.. Bothersome. I look up, and see a somewhat troubled girl. ''Hello Sarah..'' The blonde girl gives me a troubled expression as she gasps rapidly. I giggle in amusement, she's rarely late. I accept a hand she extends to me, and smile as bright as I can under this depressive sky. ''How are you?'' Sending a devilish glare at me, she frowns unhappily. ''I just came dashing down the streets without control, how the hell do you think I am?!'' Whoa, she's angry.. ''I'm sorry then.'' Straightening her facial expression, she reveals a childish grin. ''Aww, Will is so cute when he's troubled!'' I can't really make her out, I got to know her just a couple of weeks ago. Apparently grumpy, the bus driver yells at us, wanting us to get inside.

The weather takes a turn for the worse, and the rain decides to pour down. Aw man, I'll get soaked today as well.. I take a deep breath as the bus stops, and runs for the entrance of the school building. Again, I see this yellow flash fly past me. Sarah can really run.. I focus too much on her, and end up falling into a puddle. Again. Damn. I push myself up, somewhat grumpy. I partially want to blame her for falling, but she didn't really do anything but looking distracting. I've been stopping up for a while now, which isn't good, so I start to run towards school again. I'm glad the bus stops so close to the entrance.

The first act goes by slowly. I'm not very fond of school, which is commonly known in my family. It's English and I thoroughly dislike that damned subject. Not because it's hard or anything like that, but there's all these faults in spelling and grammar. I happen to get great grades, even if I'm bothered by all the small details in the language. As I'm about to fleet over into a sweet, faraway place, I'm cruelly dragged back as the teacher grunts loudly. ''I'm sure everyone wrote that down, since it's homework until next time.'' He says loudly, before erasing what he wrote demonstratively. Damn.

I end up sitting in the main hall, since my next act is a free one. The hall is quite big, but it is supposed to be able to house up to about seven hundred students at once. Luckily, there's a cafeteria here. Fits me well, I feel like having a cup of tea or something anyways. After buying one, I tried make my way back to the small table I left my stuff by. Something yellow is detected from corner of my eye and... Damn, not again! I let out a big ''Ommpf!'' as I get knocked over, and the tea crashes into the floor. ''Why..?'' Sarah sits up and looks apologetically at me. ''I'm sorry! Does it hurt?'' I look sarcastically at her with hot tea dripping from the tip of my nose. ''No, why the hell would a knock like that, combined with hot tea all over me hurt?'' She jumps up. ''Great! Let me treat you a new one as an apology!''

I look angrily at her, somewhat for the incident, somewhat for not caring too much. Before I get the chance to yell at her, another girl walks over from behind Sarah. ''Oh, are you okay?'' I quickly change my facial expression, and along with it, my mood. ''I think so.'' The brown haired girl giggles. ''I'm glad. My name is Caroline. It's nice to meet you.'' She extends her hand to me. Wow, she's a polite one. ''My name is William, glad to meet you.'' Sarah grins, even if it isn't genuine. I don't think she intends it to be either. ''Oh, come on Caro! He's no worth your time anyways!'' Caroline waves her off. '' Now, now. You cause hi trouble, the least we can do is to keep him company.'' She gives a polite smile. ''If that's okay with you?'' I nod as a reply.

So I ended up chatting with the two girls for a while. Caroline is pretty interesting, I think she comes from a rich family or something. She can behave, unlike Sarah. She tells me that she's an avid reader, and how she enjoys drawing. She chooses her words with outmost care. I think she's afraid I might think of her as rude, but that's just plain impossible. After a lengthy conversation, we realize that the third class will soon be in session. ''It's been nice to talk with you.'' I give a genuine smile, directed towards both of them. ''I think so as well. Again, I'm glad I got to know you.'' She gives a short bow, and walks off. ''See ya!'' Sarah waves enthusiastically and runs after Caroline. I wonder if she should run off like that…

Somehow I survived through the third act. I remember how I first frowned slightly at our ''act system.'' I was kindly explained that one act was a set of two classes, or ninety minutes. We got some free time between acts. I never understood why this school had such a weird system. Not that it matters much. Next up is Math. I groan loudly, this day just gets worse and worse. I see someone familiar at the end of the corridor. He walks up with a lousy attitude and greets me with a single nod. ''Sup?'' I thoroughly disapprove of his way of greeting me, but I won't mention that. Ever. I don't think He'll take it kindly; I wouldn't like having my greeting commented at least. ''Prepared to do math?'' I ask with outmost dread in my voice. He simply nods. Well, Jim never said much anyways.

I think I managed to keep my concentration for five minutes this class. Might be a new record. It wasn't me who decided to do something else, for a change. However, there's suddenly a small piece of crumbled paper flying at my forehead. ''What are you doing?'' I look up at Jim. ''Trying to focus, you?'' This is what I send back. He laughs silently. ''I gave up some time ago.'' I could guess, seeing as he tries to hide the fact that he's texting on his phone. ''I could tell. Planning on bailing?'' He reads it, smiles gently, and gives an enthusiastic thumb up. I shake my head in disapproval as I watch him leave the class. I don't think our teacher cares.

After this, I think I might have to make my way home. There's not much happening today anyways. Geez, it's still raining. Wordlessly, I pack my bag and start to drag myself towards the bus. It's like my classes drain me for energy. Perhaps I'm just not motivated. Well, I'd much rather do something else, but it's sadly one of my few ways of communication. The road home flies by like a snail crossing the road in slow motion. Even if it feels like it'll last forever, it ends eventually. Everything seems to act like that. An eternity ending. What a weird concept. When I leave the bus, I stop up today as well. I don't know if it's because I don't want to go any further, or if it's slowly becoming a habit. I must really like the rain then, I guess…