It was six and my alarm was going off. I groaned and felt my cheeks wet. I had a nightmare about Kris again but this time it had left me crying.

In the dream we were driving down a dark wet road. It had just rain I could smell the rich soaked soil, I was at complete peace with him then all a sudden I look over and my mom is driving. She is drunk and swerving. My heart speeds up, I yell to tell her to stop but nothing comes out. A huge blinding light comes towards us and it's the last thing I see.

I open my eyes and this time I am just observing. There are ambulances, fire trucks, and police everywhere. I search for my mom but I can't find her. Finally I come around to Kris's car. It is completely destroyed. It feels as if I am suffocating as I approach the side of it I see two bodies covered in a sheet. I don't remember anyone else being with me and my mom in the car but the dream is so fuzzy and don't make sense that I don't register what is happening.

Two police are looking down and writing notes. I scream for someone to help but nobody hears me; I don't even hear me. The wind blows the sheets off and nobody notices but me. My heart drops as I stare horrified at the two bodies. They're of Kris and I. We are holding hands and look completely at peace but I am not at peace. I am mortified and heartbroken. How could we be dead when we haven't even lived?

I start to run and bump into someone falling to the ground. I look up and my mother is staring down, whiskey bottle in her hand and a wicked smile across her lips. Then all a sudden I wake up.

I felt the loss of Kris and even though it was just a dream I couldn't shake the weight in my heart like I was never going to see him again. What would I do if I lost him? Kris is the most important person in my life and the only person who gives a damn about me. I wouldn't lose him, not now, not ever, and if I did I would lose myself. Maybe that is what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

As my curiosity about the dream grew, I walked slowly to the bathroom removing my clothes and getting into the shower. My bruise wasn't as bad as yesterday but it wasn't as clear as I wanted it to be. When I was done with the shower I went to my closet and picked out a tight black shirt and light jeans, then slid them on, still half dazed from my dream then remembered I was supposed to be playing a part. If I didn't wear my new cloths Kris would surely be pissed.

Instead I slid on a short tan with floral print dress. It had a v-neck with a cut out back. I put on some high-heeled boots that matched perfectly with it and grabbed my bag heading down stairs. My hair fell in perfect waves down my back and I was thankful for it.

Walking down stairs I was completely shocked when I saw Kris and my mom laughing over something I didn't hear. I was still moody from my dream and most importantly her hitting me. Now she's pretending like nothing happened! It's not Kris's fault he didn't know but my mom shouldn't be pretending to be something she's not.

Kris was wearing a plain back zip-up hoody with faded jeans. His hair was combed nicely again and I couldn't help but smile when I saw him. This gave my mom the wrong idea as she commented "honey! Good morning. There is breakfast in the microwave, Kris and Vivian already ate."

I had no idea what had gotten into her but I wasn't falling for it. I glanced up at Kris who was beaming brightly, just as lost as ever. I felt bad for putting him in a situation like this but I couldn't stand here and let my mother pull her act and deceive him as well.

"No mother. I will not eat your bullshit breakfast! You see this bruise on my face? It's from you and whoever asks me what happened for the next few days while it remains here, I will tell them nothing but the truth." I spat at her disgusted and Kris's mouth dropped open as he slightly backed away from between us.

"Emilia it was an accident." She rolls her eyes like I was a moron for making a big deal out of it.

I started laughing hysterically and couldn't help it as they just poured of out my mouth filling the space between us three with an awkward atmosphere.

When I finally calmed down I straighten my bag on my shoulder and said, "It was an accident?" very slowly my mom started seeing my hatred towards her.

"Was it also an accident all the other times mom? You're a disgrace, look at you, sitting here pretending everything is fine, like you didn't hit me yesterday and hard enough to leave a bruise. I'm tired of this same old shit. I'm getting out. I'm finding a job and once I do I promise you I'm gone."

I stared to walk away toward the front door as Kris skittishly followed behind.

"You want to leave? After I have supported you your whole life? Leave now then and don't come back!"

I stopped in my place actually pondering the idea of leaving. "You know what mom?" I whipped around and stalked back up to her, "I have never needed you because you have never been there! You may have put a roof over my head but Vivian kept it there and once she realizes what kind of person you really are you'll have no one. "

"You think you're so smart huh? With your fancy boyfriend and all his money. Well once he's gone, once he's left you with three kids, with a big house and nothing but remorse. You'll be alone."

I step back and nearly trip over my feet with shock at what she just said. That is how she feels? Like dad left her on purpose. What he did was honorable and sacrificing. It is something she will never be capable of. I couldn't believe this was actually happening and in front of Kris.

"Dad and especially Rob would be ashamed of you." I sniffle back a sob and turn my back to her before she sees the tears running down my face. I would not let her win, I would hold my ground, move out, and show her how bad she really messed up. I felt bad for leaving Vivian but at this point I had no choice.

Outside I run to Kris's car and unlock it getting in the driver seat. Kris hurries and jumps in just as I peel out and race down the street. My emotions are raging. I feel stupid for even putting up with her that long. How could she be so arrogant?

"I actually hope she drinks herself to death! If she makes it passed age fifty I'll be sure to put her in a retirement home!" I rant on and on for about two minutes until Kris stops me. I might have run through a red light but I didn't honestly care.

Someone honks at me and I flip them off speeding passed them.

"Pull over." Kris says calmly even though his whole body is tense. He is holding onto the car's handle at the top of the car's ceiling.

"What? No." I know how to drive and if I stop we will be late for school.

"Emilia pull this fucking car over now!" Kris roars bringing me out of my self-centered trance.

I don't reply but decide to listen to him. He could be so…convincing when he wanted to be. I pulled over in a neighborhood that was at least two minutes from our school. Kris gets out of the car before me and slams the door. I wince, scared I'm about to get yelled at and get out of the car.

Kris is already waiting for me on my side of the car. I pout bracing myself for the yelling to come but am surprised when he wraps me in a hug. My whole body relaxes and so does his. I sigh and start to cry remembering my dream and the recent events. I hate her, I don't even want to call her my mother because she truly isn't, all she does is brings destruction, misery, and literally almost makes my worst nightmares come true.

Kris brings contentment, happiness, and excitement. When I'm with him, like this, wrapped in the safety of his arms nothing can hurt me and nothing else matters. I feel the steady beat of his heart through his thin sweat shirt and feel nothing but appreciation. He is warm, solid, and mine.

I'm glad he is with me or I'm afraid I would have done something stupid like seven years ago when I fell off my bike. I think it's time to tell Kris everything, he deserves to know.

I pull away and gaze up at him; he speaks before me, rubbing the spot on my face where my mom had hit me. It should hurt but when he touches it I don't want him to stop, "I think you have some explaining to do."

He wipes away my tears next and I take a deep breath steadying myself. "I will but after school."

"Forget school Emilia, you're what's important now."


"Hey no buts, you have straight A's, and if it means that much to you we will return at lunch."

That gives us three hours to talk. I'm sure that's enough time to explain. "Okay, I guess."

He smiles his all-American-boyish-grin and my heart melts. Why does he make me feel this way? I shouldn't feel this way but lately the pit of my stomach tightens, my heart races, and I feel like I'm gliding through warm fuzzy atmosphere.

I am caught staring at his lips a fraction to long, his cocky comment, and licking of his lips snaps me out of my trance, "See something you like?"

"Shut up." I punch him in the arm and walk around to the other side the car, grateful for the distance, and breathing air.

"Oh, in the car? I like your style Miss Bennet." He says sarcastically and I know he's just messing around but it makes me all hot and bothered again.

I throw the keys ay him and roll my eyes, "as if! Let's go somewhere before I change my mind you pervert."

"As you wish, my Virgin Queen." He laughs out loud as he gets into the car.

My eyes go wide as I search around making sure no one heard. When I'm sure no one did I get in the car. As we drive off Kris and I immediately start to bicker and like always I feel lucky for the normal feeling it brings.

"So that's why you never went with us?" Kris questioned with a raised eyebrow.

We were at the park in the neighborhood next to the school, chilling in the sand, and sitting side by side. I had just got done explaining what happened that summer seven years ago. The unpleasant memories still raced around in my head.

Seven years ago in the Bennet house losing Rob was still a fresh wound. He had passed away that year and getting over him was still taking everyone some time.

At first when my dad passed, my mom tried to convince herself that he wasn't dead. Pretending he was still on active duty, or at the store, and even sometimes sleeping beside her. After a while though everything started to sink in and our world tumbled down, she simply lost control. Her anger and hate towards our dad grew and Rob, Vivian and I didn't know what to do.

We coped with it as best as we could and just as things were starting to return to normal Rob had his accident. That day my mom and Rob got into that big argument. I remember telling Rob that it wasn't mom's fault that she was sad and even now I can't believe I took her side. When Rob passed away and mom couldn't handle the loss.

She was a ghost. She never spoke to Vivian and I. She watched people walk by from the porch and randomly started to cry. She started to drink her sorrows away. Everyday her heartbroken mood turned more into bitter rage. It was like waiting for an active volcano to blow. It's a feeling of being in the grip of inevitably and you're finally reminded of your own mortality. The truth hurts, it's the recognition that one's life is changed forever and indeed somehow diminished.

The world no longer seemed bright, happy, and so full of promise. We were all coming to terms with reality but it was my mom who decided to take another route and ignore the moral way. Her drinking became a problem. Vivian and I saw that. Mom went into a down ward spiral that involved quitting her job. One morning mom was drinking and told Vivian she had to get a job now that she was sixteen.

I didn't understand. My dad would use to say that finishing school is more important than getting a job. That you must finish college and then get a good job worth working. I took his word, especially since I didn't want to have no other choice than joining the Army. I spoke up trying to defend Vivian, repeating my father's words.

That's when it first happened. My mom slapped me and I fell to the floor. The slap was much like the one I got a few days ago, harder than ever and merciless. Vivian stopped her, pleading, and begging to stop that she would get a job if she just stopped. My mom straightened her shoulders and walked away like she did nothing.

I told him how I raced down the street on my bike and crashed. Sebastian then took me back to his house, not knowing where I lived, and cleaned me up. That's how I met Sebastian; I told Kris why I never went on that trip. How I didn't want Kattie to tell her father what happened to me. I told Kris how Kattie witnessed my mom drinking and then vomiting all over the floor one day and that's why she never came back to my house. Back then I didn't blame my mom or even hate her. I believed she would get better with time but in the end she never did.

"Yes," I answered him "and I regret losing Kattie but I feel lucky at the same time for becoming best friends with you."

His frown turned into a halfway smirk. I could tell this whole story was getting to him.

"Why did you never tell me? All these years and I never knew." His face fell again as he said the words.

I didn't want him believing I didn't trust him, "Kris only Kattie knew and that wasn't my decision. After she saw what she did I never let anyone come over again when mom was around."

He said nothing and I started to feel bad, "I was embarrassed." I peer down at the sand beneath our feet and bury my bare feet in it where they could hide. I wish I could hide with them.

Kris pulls my chin towards him, forcing me to look into his tender eyes. "It's me Emilia, Kris, your best friend. I will never look down on you, never judge you, and definitely never leave you. If you ever need me I will always be by your side. There is no reason to hide, so please, don't hide from me."

I gulp, mouth suddenly very dry. My heart drops into my stomach as it tightens and eats it up. I nod but that is not good enough for Kris, my silence spins his emotions in a different direction. His eyes shift to my lips and I don't give him time to think or consider what we're about to do.

I act with what my whole existence is screaming and kiss him. I forget that were in a public park where children play or even the fact that I'm supposed to be falling for Sebastian. All I know and all I care about in this moment is Kris.

Our lips slam together and move in unison. The kiss is forced at first, uncertain, but passionate. We fall back into the sand and I'm not even bothered with it getting in my not-so-nice places. His mouth is more dominating than the first time we kissed and his tongue is more skillful. He pushes on top of me and I'm pinned beneath him. I can't help but moan at the sudden direction this had turned.

Kris unexpectedly stops like I snapped him out of his trance. The sudden space between us makes me long for it to be filled again. My breath hitches as he pulls back onto his hands. His eyes search mine for some answer on what just happened but I am just as confused as him. Reality slides back into my mind and I feel very…awkward and self-conscious. Did he stop because I suck? Did the moan scare him? I think it scared me.

"That was a dirty move you just pulled. Kissing me like that so I wouldn't be mad at you. I got to give you props young grass-hopper." Kris smirks dangerously like he has a master-mind plan brewing.

Honestly that's not why I kissed him but I suppose it's better him believe this than….that. I grin up at him feeling like I am on cloud nine still. "Oh poor you, stop acting like you didn't like it."

All I want him to do again is kiss me but I'm afraid for him to know that. It didn't seem like he welcomed the idea of us kissing very well. Actually he brushed it aside with this lame excuse, like the thought of me really wanting to kiss him just because I do was absurd. Would it be that awful, that weird or crazy if I did?

Kris raises an appreciative eyebrow, "oh poor me huh?" Before I could even talk back he grabbed a pile of sand in his hand and dumped it down my dress.

I squealed and pushed him off me, astonished he even had the guts to do such a thing. "You're lucky I'm wearing a dress, you punk! That won't stop me from kicking your ass." I post in a ninja stance and Kris mirrors my pose.

"Bring on evil temptress!" He bellowed in playful delight.

I charged with a battle cry and he effortlessly counteracted my attack picking me up by the waist and tossing me over his shoulder. I shrieked some more only because I was sure my ass was hanging out. He spun me and spun me until I was giggling so hard I could breathe. It was times like these that I lived for. The times where Kris and I fit so perfectly that it was hard to imagine a best friend getting any better.

At lunch I walked slowly down the pavement staring at the light blue sky. I was trying to hold back tears because being at school with my bruised face and people talking about it behind my back made me feel for the first time like an outcast. I felt like a zombie today, here but not really. Kris was talking about some band we should go see this weekend and that's all I got before I completely zoned out.

"So I was thinking that if you didn't have anywhere else to stay you could stay with me. Well not with me but at our house. We have tons of guest bedrooms and I'm sure my father wouldn't mind. I mean if you want you could even stay in my room. Not with me of course. I would stay in a guest bedroom, unless you wanted me to. I mean…" Kris was still talking and I still hadn't notice anything he said. It was coming in one ear and out the other.

"Huh?" I said finally noticing the confused expression on his face.

"I was just kidding! Geez you nit-wit, you didn't think I was serious about us staying in the same room. Just because we did that one time doesn't mean we should all the time or even if my father would let me-"

"Kris. Kris. Kris. Slow down! I have no idea what you are talking about." I stop walking to stare at him. I seriously hadn't caught any of that.

He coarsely coughs, looking relieved. "I said you can stay with us if you have nowhere else to go. We have tons of guest rooms and I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind."

I squint my eyes and then piece together what I thought I hadn't caught than start to laugh uncontrollably. "You're such a tool you know that," I giggled and pushed him playfully. "Thinking I would stay in your room. Yeah I'll stay with you, if that's alright with your dad, just not in your room." I can't help myself the thought it so ridiculous. Kris starts to laugh too and soon we can't stop.

Matt and Kattie shoved their way through the crowd of teens and over towards us. I was amazed that Matt even had the nerve to talk to me after what happened Saturday with him and Kris. Kattie's tight body hugged onto Matt's beefy arm, as they approached us.

"Hello, brother," Kattie grinned, "Emilia? What happened to your face now? Run into a poll."

Matt stood there looking as dumb as a box of hair. Kris and I exchanged a what-the-fuck look.

"Did you not here me freak? I asked what happened to your face."

"Kattie why don't you shut up and run along with dense boyfriend?" Kris snaps and I'm getting that he won the fight on Saturday. That or Matt didn't know what dense meant.

"Kat that's enough, come on lets go." Matt started to tug her away, giving me an apologetic look.

"No." Kattie snapped and got in my face, "you may have Sebastian and my brother but I've been sleeping with Matt since freshman summer and I'll be dammed if I let some fake bitch try to get all up on him."

"What is your problem!" I pushed her away from me with more force than necessary. She went stumbling into Matt's shoulder and like it was his fault she pushed him. "You're making a fool out of yourself. I did nothing to you; it was Matt who tried to kiss me, and why do you care what Sebastian does when you have a boyfriend?""

"Why do I care? Why do you care when you're going out with my brother? Sebastian told me you were with him Sunday after you got done hitting on my boyfriend, sleeping with my brother, and then going to church like you were some goody-two-shoes!"

My blood boiled with rage. Kattie had no right and she was starting to make me sound like some sort of slut. I could handle that but what I couldn't handle is the look on Kris's face like he was maybe starting to believe her to.

"That's it!" I said jumping from my seat and tackling her.

"Bitch!" She punched me in my already bruised face.

Blood squirted from my nose but that didn't stop me from drop kicking her in the stomach. By now the whole school was crowded around us, forming a protective circle so teachers couldn't breach the fight and ruin their fun. Fine with me, I was going to teach Kattie a well needed lesson.

Matt's and Kris's face were painted in horror as they stared at us brawl it out. Matt even tried to stop Kattie but got an elbow to the face. Dad had taught me hand to hand combat but for some reason Kattie was incredibly strong, probably from working out every day. She had gotten two punches in and both left me whirling with pain.

The crowd was cheering, "cat fight!"

Ironic as this was, it was more than just a cat fight. Kattie was trained or something. Her moves were as swift as mine and I could barely get a hit in without damaging myself. We probably looked like we were trained assassins trying to take each other out.

Kattie was probably so deadly because she was in cheer-leading but dang could she kick high. Finally she did a round house kick that I was able to dodge. Using this to my advantage while her back was turned I kicked the back of her leg and she went down.

She roared in pain and teacher began to burst through the crowd and captured me and Kattie. As soon as we were in their possession everyone looked disappointed the fight was over. I glanced back just in time as we were being dragged away and saw Matt and Kris giving us confused anxious looks. They weren't the only ones.

Two hours later Kattie and I were sitting in the principal's office. We've already been question separately now were waiting on being question together. From there we will figure out our punishment. I wouldn't expect anything less than suspension or even community service but they've kept us waiting a long time now, makes me wonder if their getting creative.

When we first got pulled away we were took to the nurse. I was treated for my black eye and bloody nose. Thank god the teachers thought it was Kattie who did this to my face that would've only raised more questions. Questions I couldn't afford to answer. Kattie on the other hand was treated for a bruised rib cage and possible a sprang leg. Go me!

The only bad thing was me forgetting to stay at the Hensworth house, like they would ever let me now. Kattie would probably try to kill me in my sleep.

To my right Kattie sits huffing and puffing every few minutes. Looks like being alone in a room with me sure shuts her up but why? Why would she act all snobby around people then when we're alone shuts up. I can tell she doesn't like being near me her muscles in her neck tense up every time I move but I can't figure out why. We were best friends once, how did it come to this?

It's not like she's afraid of me. I definitely no now she can hold her own and probably fight off ten people at once. What I still don't get is why she approached me in the first place. Was she really that mad about me and Sebastian hanging out? What was her deal? They've been hooking up since freshman summer and Matts been acting like that? What a nasty cockroach. Who knows how many girls he's been with and evil but sad-naive Kattie was love-struck. I was about to ask her all of these things when the principal walked in and silenced my thoughts.

Principal Telsa was young for such a position, maybe in her mid-thirty's but still I respected her. Her hair was black and tied back in a tight bun. She had square glasses on that only made her look more professional. She wore her pearl necklace and matching earrings today, with black slacks and a white blouse. Her ice blue eyes were scary enough to cause a panic attack so avoided eye contact at extreme measures looking anywhere but there.

"Girls," Principal Telsa says boldly. "I am sorely confused on the reasons behind your actions." She shuffled papers in her hands as she crossed the room to sit in her desk.

This time I stiffened. What was the reason behind my actions? Hm, let's see. Kattie pushed a button and that was the big red button no one was supposed to push. She got all in my face and called basically called me a slut. Was I a slut because I wanted to keep my virginity and pushed her arrogant turd of a boyfriend off me? Of course I didn't say any of this I just shrugged and slumped further down in my seat.

"Kattie?" The Principals tone was tight and controlled, "I was informed you approached Emilia first. Were you planning on fighting?"

Was she? I wondered. If so why?

"No I was not planning on fighting. You think I wanted a sprang leg and bruised ribs? I'm in cheer-leading, now who knows if I can perform." Kattie's tone was fierce and snotty.

This caused Principal Telsa and me to raise a confused eyebrow at her. "Excuse me?" I could tell she was losing her patience as was I. Who did Kattie think she was, talking to her like that? Cheer-leading she was worried about cheer leading of all things!

"You heard me. I didn't plan on fighting. Whoever informed you should have also mentioned Goody-two-shoes over here jumped me first." That was the second time I've been called that today and it was getting old. Just because I get good grades, never party, and still am a virgin… Okay point proven.

This time the Principal raise a scrawny brow at me, with deep ice blue eyes pouring into mine, "is this true Emillia?"

I huffed and gave Kattie a hard stare but it didn't slightly faze her. How was it Kattie was talking back and still the finger gets pointed at me? "Yes."

"I see." She shuffled around more papers on her desk, looking for something. "Seems your parents can't be contacted. May I ask you two why that is?"

My mom was probably out at the bar by now. The thought squeezed at my heart and the place where she hit me earlier burns. I couldn't tell Principle Telsa where my mom was because I honestly didn't know. She could be passed out in her own throw-up for all I know. I was about to tell her that mom has night shifts and sleeps all day. That's why she doesn't answer her phone during the day. What was gnawing at the back of my head now was how come Kattie's dad couldn't be reached?

So many things about her were obscure. Like the fact she can fight like a ninja or how she has the absolute desire to make my life a living hell. I couldn't quite figure her out anymore; her puzzle was missing a few pieces. Had she really changed that much over the years? I don't think I'll ever get the chance to know her again because of our history and obviously the recent events. What am I saying? Why do I even want to get to know her. Ugh. She's messing with my head and I don't like it.

"Daddy doesn't answer his phone directly; you would have to call his receptionist. I bet he is already on his way since my brother has a big mouth."

Principle Knowles looked at her as if she understood, "Very well. Emilia?"

"My m-mom," I stuttered and tried again clearing Kattie's words from my head. I really didn't want to see Mr. Hensworth right now. Would he ever forgive me for beating up his daughter? "Mom works grave yard shift and is only up at twelve. You can try then." Now I'm acting snotty, yesh. Kattie's rudeness is contagious.

"I see." She placed to folders down and started filling something out. " Since you are already eighteen I wouldn't see the need but I'm still going to give you both Saturday school and you are suspended for the rest of the week. Kattie you will be restricted from cheer-leading and Emilia you are at the top of the class. You could have been valedictorian but it seems that is now out of the question. As you two very well no, this will go on your permanent record." She eyed me and wrote down some more.

I felt my heart tightening and I felt I couldn't breathe. Permanent record? I could have been valedictorian? How come no one told me? I heard the words they just didn't register in my head. Would this effect who accepted me into college? Oh no, I can't believe my whole future is going down the drain because of this witch! Kattie will pay. I had plans, very bright plans, and now they are all fading away.

Kattie was the first to speak, "I understand our punishment but does it have to go on our permanent record and our extra curriculum activity's?" Kattie eyed my for a split second and I think I saw remorse on her face but just as fast it was gone. "Can't we get a warning, Saturday school, community service anything but the former?" Kattie's voice was a plead mixed with something else, something strong and willing.

Telsa eyes widened and then relaxed all in the same second. I could see she was just as stunned as I was. Kattie defending someone who wasn't herself. What was her angle? She rubbed her face as if it was hard to process Kattie's words. There is a knock on the door and Ms. Kelly, a sixty-year old receptionist, opens the door and peeks her head in.

"Principal Telsa? There is a parent here regarding one of the girls. He wishes to speak to you only before you decide anything." Her voice is weak and scratchy. It makes me want to go drink a glass of water.

Kattie seems relieved but I am on edge and freaking out. I feel the back of my neck heat up and I don't know if I'm twitching but it feels like I am.

"One moment girls, I'll be right back. BEHAVE." Principal removes herself, leaving Kattie and I alone once again in tense, awkward, infuriating silence.

"Daddy will get us out of this and you'll never be able to see Kris again. I bet he will have to move schools." Kattie says with no commitment playing with her manicured nails.

"Shut up already!" I turn to her more determined than I have ever been. "Is it so bad that I like your brother and he likes me? What is it about me that bothers you so much? Seriously Kattie, do you hate me so much you wish me nothing but remorse? I know we've had our differences but Kris is the one thing we have in common and if there is nothing else at least there is that."

Kattie is silent and for once she doesn't have anything to say. Is it because what I said is true? I don't know about the first part but I knew everything else was and that's all that mattered. If her brother was happy shouldn't she be too? Before I could put anymore thought into it Principal Telsa strides back in and we register our attention back on her.

"This is your last warning." She rubs her face again and continued writing on our papers.

Kattie smirked and shrugged back in her seat. This information is still hard to process. I momentarily forget where I am then my cheek heats hurting the spot my mom hit and Kattie had made worse. Reality comes rushing back and I remember. Kattie just saved my future. Not for me of course probably but for her. I am still grateful she spoke up when I could not. I don't understand how she convinced the principal so easy but I was so thankful I didn't probe it long.

Before Kattie and I could take a sigh of relief she adds, "thank Mr. Hensworth. Apparently Emilia you are going to be staying with them for a while and he wants to settle this family-matter quietly."

Both mine and Kattie's mouth drop to the floor. Me? Staying with the Hensworths? A family matter? The real question was what was going on? Kattie expression was just as startled as mine but hers was also pissed. She had not had the last word that much I knew. She may be done with the Principal but she was just getting started with me.

"You girls may go collect your homework for the rest of the week and then immediately remove yourself from campus. You are not allowed to return until this Saturday at 6am sharp. Late and I will add another Saturday. Understood?" Her voice was hard and once again staring into her eyes made me squeamish.

"Understood." Me and Kattie said annoyingly together.

Great, now this was going to be fun.