Later on that day I wake up on the ridiculously comfortable love seat, by myself and in the dark. My headphones had fallen out and my iPod was lost in the cushions of the couch. I yawned and stretched my well rested body momentarily forgetting where I am. I am surprised that I slept better on a couch than I did on my old bed. Then I remember 'oh yeah, it's a ten thousand dollar couch that's probably why.'

Rolling my eyes at the outrageous thought I get up searching for my IPod to check what time it is. After a few minutes of useless searching I give up stumbling across the vast room to a nearby floor lamp. I switch it on and the room is illuminated beautifully. I take a moment to appreciate my surroundings then go on the hunt for a source of technology that would give me the time.

I find my bags where Kris had dropped them and dig through my purse to find my phone. There is only one new message. In hopes I wish it's my mom but like always I am disappointed. It's just Vivian checking in on me, doing the job our mother should do but is probably too drunk to even remember her own name. I check the time; it is 7:10PM.

Clearing my mind of my mother and anything that reminds me of her I think of Kris and wonder what he is doing. Out of habit I am about to text him but remember we live together and silently laugh to myself. This is going to be weird just strolling up into his bedroom in the middle of night, unannounced but I'm ready. I always wanted to know what he did when he wasn't with me.

I decide to change into my pajamas first; I don't know how I fell asleep in a dress this uncomfortable. Going over to my bags I decide to unpack them into my new dresser. I grab my bags and walk over to the huge lily designed dresser that stands taller than me and put my clothes into it. They all fit into one drawer and I feel instantly depressed. I bet Kattie can fill up her whole dresser but me? Nope, they all fit into one pathetically large drawer.

I put on a tight white cotton spaghetti strapped shirt and some froggy pajama's. There now I am dressed to impress! I giggle to myself as I pull up my hair into a messy bun and make sure I have a bra on. After I feel I am successfully dressed for sleeping my stomach growls.

That's right, I haven't eaten today and there is no way I'm going on a food hunt without my partner in crime. I slip on some pink fluffy socks and venture into the mansion is search of Kris. I'll start with his room first.

I walk down the hall passed plenty of doors with no clue on what lies on the other side and no sensation to open them either. I am a few doors down when I notice a door is open and music is pouring through. I walk closer and realize its Kris. I sneak up and barely peek my head in.

He is wearing a solid white shirt with grey and blue sweats. His back is turned to me but what is most stunning is the fact he is playing a guitar and good like he has played it for years. I am about to speak out when he starts to sing to the rhythm of his song. I haven't heard it before and I can probably guess why.

It breaks my heart to see you go

With works unspoken of what you do not know

If only you knew what I was too afraid to say

Then we could joke about it tomorrow and laugh about it all day.

(He sings with his eyes closed, strumming the stings to his guitar with such passion it breaks my heart.)

You look at me and I fake a smile so you won't see

What really going on beneath

You're the girl that was meant for me

My girl to cherish and love

My one true gift from up above

(He continues to play the guitar but pauses from singing, and then continues.)

You always listen but do not hear

Our time is running out my lovely dear

He is coming to sweep you away

And I cannot intrude

For it would be a disgrace

(As he repeats the chorus again my heart is picking up speed as does the song.)

You look at me and I fake a smile so you won't see

What really going on beneath

You're the girl that was meant for me

My girl to cherish and love

My one true gift from up above

(Then the last few lines leave me utterly speechless and make me over think the lyrics.)

Please don't leave me please don't go

There are words left unspoken of what you do not know

I bet you know what I have to say

You think it's a joke and laugh anyways


I know that it doesn't matter

I know that you won't care

Than why do I still imagining you here

It was my first time hearing Kris sing that much and although he sang magically I had a feeling it was for a reason. The song must be his own, its beautiful, enchanting, and heart breaking. It was personal for him and I could tell that. He played guitar to and well? How is it that we have been best friends for seven years and he's still as intriguing as a stranger?

I want to tell him that it was absolutely sublime but then I stop. Just like in his song, "With works unspoken of what you do not know. If only you knew what I was too afraid to say, then we could joke about it tomorrow and laugh about it all day." They hit home and struck me hard.

I am about to leave and pretend none of this happened when Kris speaks out, "You're not going to even clap, tell me how great it was, or complement me? What a rude audience." He puts down his guitar and turns around with a goofy grin on his face.

"What gave me away?" I smile and walk towards him generally surprised.

"Your perfume, this one's my favorite." He must have a good nose; I couldn't smell my perfume anymore.

"Oh and here I thought cherry-blossom was." I tease sitting down next to him and running my fingers over the guitar strings. I wish I could play and instrument as lovely as he.

He changes the subject, "I could teach you."

"teach me how to play?" I ask again returning my full attention to him and away from the guitar.

He nods his head and I consider it. "Sure. That'd be fun." I am now excited and very eager to learn. Maybe one day I could write my own songs to. "You never told me that you could write songs?"

"How do you know that's my song?"

"The way you sang it, with so much passion, and meaning. I really believed it; I never knew you had all this talent." I say mentally locking up the memory of this day and the good parts with Kris.

"Yeah there is a lot of stuff you don't know about me." He says a little too grimly.

"Well how come you never mentioned it. You know how I feel about music." I am starting to get upset, if there is something I don't know about him it is his fault not mine.

"Yeah I do and I didn't want you to think I was all into music because of you." He snaps and picks up his guitar pacing again while playing a little tune. I don't know what it is but lately there has been a lot of tension between us. When something is bothering Kris he tends to pace like this.

"Oh." I guess that's understandable because it's not like I was all into music for Sebastian. Pff, he sure knew how to turn the mood into an undesirable one. He likes to single me out like this but by not really saying what he means. It's frustrating!

A few seconds of awkward silence goes by and I speak up again. "So how was your day?" It was my turn to change the subject.

"Good, just been practicing." He answers causally, his mood starting to pick up as he throws the hook out there.

"For what?" I say a tad-bit tempted by the bait.

"Okay, before you say anything just hear me out." He is suddenly evoked with energy and inspiration.

"Okay?" I can't help but take the bait; he had me at 'just hear me out.'

"You know how our school sponsors my father's Rocky Mountain Chocolate by throwing a little fair where his products are pretty much the only thing you can buy?"

I did know. Every year our school had a weekend long fair organized by our school with mini-rides, face painting, singing, little competitions and of course Mr. Hensworths chocolate as the main theme. Nobody in town ever missed the event and a lot of money was always raised.

"Yeah?" I answer like it was a dumb question because it was.

"Well whatever is raised goes to the winners of the schools talent show," I did not like where this was going "and last year it was almost five thousand dollars."

"So." I say, not meant as a question but he answers it like one anyways.

His face is a tight, upheld grin, and it was freaking me out. I don't know what genius plan he was brewing this time but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't approve. Look where his last idea got me. A black eye and the whole school thinking I'm a slut, that or a gold-digging whore who is living with her boyfriend probably because she's knocked up. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to rip out my hair.

His answer came out fast and mumbled but I still heard the dreadful words. "I was figuring since I play the guitar and we both can sing, we should sign up and try to win."

"No. no. no," was all I could repeat over and over. He tried to talk and like a child I put my hands over my ears and repeated the words like a mantra. How could he possibly believe I would want to stand up in front of the whole school and sing my heart out? How embarrassing!

Kris removes my hands and says, "common Emilia, we have a pretty good chance." I don't care if we had a 'pretty good chance.' I cared about people not liking me because what they believe to be true. If I hadn't got into a fight with the school's most popularity girl, I would have considered it but now it's just going to be a slaughter house if I go up in front of them.

I try to talk him out of it. "Doesn't Kendra and your sisters dance routine win every year?" They do every year they come up with some crazy, back flip, cart-wheel, spiny, twirl, and completely inappropriate dance to kick everyone's ass. Whoever goes against them usually ends up crying for looking like a complete idiot. Do I want to be the crying idiot? Noooo thank you!

"So what they won't this year not with you and me competing as a team. Plus like those brats don't need the money anyways. You know what they spent it on last year? A fucking cruise, five thousand dollars for a cruise!" I knew Kris wasn't upset with me but after I told him no he probably would turn his hatred this way. I did not look forward to that especially since I was hungry and didn't want to go to the kitchen alone.

"I don't think it's a good idea, doesn't your sister already hate me enough?" I try to make him see the facts and logic.

He rolls his eyes and I knew I was about to fold. I could hear the punch line coming and it wasn't going to be pleasant. "You own me Emilia. I gave you that internship; you have a job now, perfect grades, and a free ride to college. What do I have, my father's reputation that's it. I want to get out from his chilling shadow. I want to become my own person. This could really help me start Emilia, please don't take this chance away from me." AND THERE IT WAS.

Sold and I'm in! How could I not be when he's standing there with that scapegoat face? If I said no to something this big he would probably discard me like Kattie did so many years ago. It is true, he did give me that internship, but now I'm wondering if it was only for this. So I would have to take part in this delinquent competition and against his sister of all people! I'm starting to think this relationship between him and me was forsaken from the start.

"Fine Kris, you win." Like always.

"No we won, you'll see Em." His smile is worth it, it's worth anything if I get to see him light up like this. I won't ever tell him but I wish he would never stop; I wish he could smile like this always, like I just gave him everything in the world. "This will be the best thing that has ever happened for us."

"Hmm." I agree.

"Nice… pajamas?" He starts to suck up because he can probably sense my reluctant mood.

"Likewise." I try to brush it off and then my stomach has to betray me by growling.

"Hungry?" His mood perks even more and I envy his carefree state.

He doesn't realize this is going to start a war. He doesn't understand we all live in the same house now and he probably will never realize that his actions have consequences but I can sure as hell kick his ass if this blows up in our face which it most likely will.

I ignore my doubts and put my needs first as I answer Kris's previous question, "Very."

My first day at work was disastrous. First I wake up late, Mr. Hensworth receptionist Sarah had to come pry me out of my new bed. I dressed in a hurry and when he took a look at what I was wearing he sent me back up to my room with Sarah for wardrobe support.

Thirty minutes later and already an hour late I am fabulous in a long-sleeve white ruffle shirt with a black pencil skirt that had a smooth front, tight waistband, and comfortable stretch material. My shoes were short lace up leather 1'4in boots and my bag was discarded with a artisanal glove-tanned leather Coach purse. I've heard these bags are close to five-hundred dollars.

After being tugged around like a Barbie doll, Mr. Hensworth and I were on our way. He barely spoke to me the car ride because he was on the phone so I did not know what to expect. An hour later we were at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and I jumped right into it.

He placed me into an office with a great view and had Becky, last year's intern introduce my new ways. Basically my life was over. I was going to be here every day after school from 3PM to 7PM taking call, filing papers, making appointments, and the worst interviewing people. I had only been there a few hours and Mr. Hensworth wanted me to hire thirty new people to work in the factory.

Mr. Hensworth and Becky left me speechless, alone, and frantic in a new surroundings. I may be qualified but my first day showed I needed outstanding amounts of practice. I accidentally dropped files all over the floor after I had been so neatly organizing them for an hours, then he specifically put it people into the ignore pile and I mistake it for the important pile making an appointment with some girl scouts who wanted permission to sell Mr. Hensworth candy, finally after all those screw ups I managed to hiring way to many people out of guilt.

The next day Mr. Henswoth worked with me a little while which made me feel awful because I was keeping him from his work. After his help and assuring him I had it down my job was fairly easier. The rest of the week up until Friday was a piece of cake. I felt like a business woman on a mission and loved it.

I felt good that I could do at least one thing right. Everything else in my life up until this point had been difficult. Working though felt normal and fit me just perfectly. The only thing that really sucked about this job is that ever since I started I hadn't been able to see Kris that often. I would go to work and he'd be at school, then I'd come home and he would be gone or asleep.

Kattie on the other hand was always around. She hadn't spoken to me but I knew we both were counting down the days where we cuss each other out again. Saturday was going to be just GREAT. Six whole hours alone with her and community service on top of it. Matt was always over and I figured she had gotten over Sebastian but then again knowing Kattie she's probably just tugging both them around. The thought sickens me.

Speaking of Sebastian, he and I had texted cute little messages to each other all week. His dad and the chemo-therapy were going good and I had told him I would be going Sunday with them. I wasn't as excited to be going to the hospital given my family history but going to being with him was giving me butterflies. Also it turns out he's a good watch dog. He updates me on my mother and Vivian. Tells me that my mom hasn't been going out lately and my heaviness in my heart lightens.

Vivian texts me every day telling me the same thing, "stay safe, I love you." It makes my heart ache. I want to visit her and spend time with her but she's always so busy. I don't blame her, she has bills to pay and people to take care of but I just wish we could know each other better; be in each other's life's more.

It was Friday, I was just getting home from the factory, and extremely exhausted. The clock on my phone said it was 8:03PM and I was ready to hit my new, warm, satisfying bed. I walked through the strangely quite house and headed towards the kitchen, in search of anything that wasn't chocolate.

I opened the fridge and decided on a turkey sandwich. Pulling out the cheese, shredded turkey, and mayo I turned around and was surprised by Margaline.

"Ah," I scream, thrown off guard by her presence, "Jesus, you scared me." I place the food down and my hand over my heart, trying to settle down.

"Making a little snack are we?" Her lips curled up into a taunting smile that make my pulse quicken.

"Yeah, I'm a little fed up with eating nothing but chocolate and chocolate covered food." I say ignoring the nagging feeling of dread.

"Yeah and plus the few pounds you've gained don't quite agree with your figure."

What? Was she calling me fat? I hadn't gained any weight!

She stalks up to me, leaning her perfectly shaped figure against the counter like it was a more agreeable example of how mine should look. I ignore the rude comment and continue making my sandwich, pretending her opinion didn't want me to put this stuff away and eat nothing but grapes the rest of my life instead.

She slides up on the counter next to me, her ass right next to my food. I inch away and Margaline continues to talk like what she was doing wasn't unsanitary and gross. "So tell me Miss Bennet, are you a virgin?" The acrimonious words leave her mouth like they weren't in EVERY WAY inappropriate.

I nearly drop the turkey as my heart skips a beat. Did she just ask me what I think she asked me?

"Excuse me?" I say extremely flabbergasted.

She plays with her manicured fingers, examining them like they were an art of perfection. "I noticed Kris has been frustrated lately and you being a virgin could be the reason."

Me being a virgin had nothing to do with Kris being frustrated. I had noticed his weird outburst lately but I don't think that was because of me, was it? It certainly isn't because I'm a virgin! What is this ladies deal? She was worse than Kattie at her best.

"I don't think that is any of your business." I snap preoccupying my pissed off glance at the sandwich.

"When my future son in involved, I believe it is my business. Plus if you two are having sex I need to know if you're being safe. Those few extra pounds you put on could be something else." I would have defended my weight if the future son part hadn't stopped my heart completely.

"Are you saying…" I trail off and pause not wanting to hear the truth, "are you saying that you and Mr. Hensworth are getting married?" I glance up into her blizzard blue eyes and pray that the answer is not yes.

"He hasn't told the brats yet because he wants to have a grand dinner party or more like coming out party. We've been at it a few years but Mr. Hensworth is a very preserved man who guards his heart well." She chuckles and the laugh that I thought was once beautiful turns nauseating, making me feel sick. I stop making my sandwich and put everything away, throwing away the half made remains of my turkey sandwich.

"You want me to keep this from them?" I ask wishing to escape her company. All I really needed now was some Nightquil and a soft pillow to cry my eyes out in.

"Oh dear, if you don't Mr. Hensworth will be sorely disappointed. You owe it to him to keep this to yourself."

It's not that I didn't like Margaline; it's that I hated her. Ever since Mr. Hensworth hired her she's been a bitch. She was the worst babysitter ever, she was vulgar, and she probably had an affair with half the town. I should have seen this coming. I mean it's been awhile since Kattie and Kris had needed a babysitter but like always Margaline found something else to work on and this time it was this family.

I wondered how they would feel about their father marring her. She had no aspirations other than sitting around the house all day doing pointless project that aren't in anyway benefiting the family. Unless she wanted to be a stay at home mom, she could check that off her list. Another thing that was driving me crazy is why did she even mention this to me if Mr. Hensworth was keeping it a secret?

"Why did tell me?" I spit out unable to contain my word vomit.

She shrugs her shoulders, "concerned for the safety of Kris is all." I didn't like they way she said his name. Her lips lingering on the pronunciation to long and extending the S, like some kind of serpent.

Enraged I grab my purse and start to leave the room when Margaline grabs it hard snagging me back. We are a few inches apart; her cherry-blossom perfume is suffocating, and unbearable.

"You remind me of someone I used to know. She came here all doe-eyed beauty and innocent. That's why what she did was so unexpected. No one suspected such an exquisite creature could turn on them so quickly until her actions spoke louder than her lies." She takes a step closer so now her words are nothing but a haunting whisper.

"She came here with nothing and left here with everything. They didn't have me before but I am here now and if I find out that is what you're doing I will sniff you out and execute whatever it is you plan on doing. Do you understand? You will not take what is mine."

I jerk my purse out of her hand, backing away, stunned and paralyzed with fear. Was Margaline implying I am a gold digger? The other thing that was bothering me, who was the girl I reminded her of? Maybe Kris's and Kattie's mother. They never spoke of her but did she do something horrible to this family before she left? Not only that but her comment sounded like a death threat or was she just being dramatic? Either way, it was way too much. I would definitely have to sleep with my door locked now and probably with a knife under my pillow.

"I don't know what you're implying, Miss Margaline, but I would keep your distance unless you want to end up like Kattie." I snap fiercely and I mean it. I storm out of the kitchen with an empty stomach and a racing heart.

I find myself outside Kris's door and shaking. I can't let him see me like this, he would know something is up, and even worse he would make me tell him. Man, did I not want to be there when shit went down. I began to change my mind and walk to my room when Kris opened his door.

"Em? Hey I was just about to go get you." He gives me a once over and instead of noticing my mood, he notices my clothes? "I told you to wear something classy but not that formal. For Christ sake Em, it's a freaking wedding."

My heart drops when I hear the word wedding. I forget everything else he just said and instead remember everything that happened in the kitchen races through my head. Did he hear our conversation, does he know, is he mad at me? Of course he mad at me, look at his face! It all red and puffy like he was about to explode and trust me, he isn't the only one.

"Common lets go pick out something." He closed his door and pushes me in the direction of my room. I am seriously confused what is going on.

"Kris what are you talking about?" I stop in the middle of his hallway and stare at him.

"You didn't get my email?"


"Jesus!" He throws his hands up in the air a little to dramatic even for him.

"I'm sorry but what is going on? I've been your father's lap dog all day running errands. I'm tired and ready for bed Kris, just hurry up and tell me."

"If you would have checked your email that I sent you three days ago, you would know that we have a gig at a wedding and the lead singer not showing up would definitely not help our reputation out." Kris runs his hand through his hair and I immediately feel bad.

Three days ago? How could I have not checked my email, here I thought it was Kris's fault we hadn't talked at all this week and really it was mine but a gig. I don't think I'm ready for something like this.

"Kris I-"

"Emilia if you back out on me-"

"Kris I just don't think-

"Think what Em? Think you're ready? This is great practice for us; we get five hundred dollars for playing for three hours! How could you do this to me? I really was counting on you." He stalks away and slams his door on my face.

First Margaline and now this? I couldn't have Kris mad at me. This is the first time I've saw him in three days and he's pissed. Was I really being unreasonable? As soon as I thought it I already knew the answer. Kris was right this will be great practice; better here first instead of my entire school. Sucking up my pride I timidly knocked on his door.

He took a few seconds to answer the door but when he did he was composed and handsome as ever. I hadn't noticed before but he was in an expensive suit much like his fathers with his hair combed back.

"Help me pick out something?" He smiles again giving me that look like I just gave him the world. If I got nothing out of tonight as least I would have this.

A glorious smile that lights up this whole town.


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