You stumble home and say,

Sorry dear, I was trapped at work.

And I smile like I believe, I know

Where you've been, the sheets you've left

The perfumes still on your skin

As you bend to kiss my check.

I know that little red door,

And the hedge and white fence

Of the lady that you keep.

I know she keeps flowers on her window.

And every day at 2, when work holds you back,

You walk and sing, right to her door.

And waste the day away.

In bed, or on the sofa, you really don't care.

Well what you don't know, dear husband,

Tomorrow you'll stumble in, pleading your lie

To an empty house, I'm half packed you know.

The suitcase under the bed is full.

You'll go to work and I will leave too,

But only one of us will be home tonight.