You know how everyone always says that your life is a big canvas?

Just a big, blank, white piece of paper.

They say that you yourself are painting it as you go through life.

And when you die, that portrait will finally be complete.

Every little piece will come together in the end to show you the big picture.

To show you what your life truly meant.

But my canvas isn't coming together.

My canvas is ripped, it has holes torn in it, it has paint dripping everywhere, marks of erased lines remain.

It's full of unwanted mistakes.

Life is like a canvas. You can't return it, you can't get a new one, you have to work with the one you got.

But how can I work with such a disaster?

I can't paint through the rips. I can't draw through the holes. I can't continue my picture with these mistakes in the way.

Looks like I'll just have to paint around them.