Chapter 1- Writer

I sometimes find it hard to write a story.

One minute you got it; the next you think, "This is the worst idea that I have done".

I sometimes have some good ideas, some better than others. But somehow, it's hard to write and elaborate them when you just finish that thought. I sometimes hold it for too long that I eventually give up and forget about those ideas. But they do come back to eventually, but in a different form; reincarnation I suppose, maybe that's how most writers' ideas have to go through when making a major hit. However, when I think I got a hit idea and think that everyone would like it; it turns out that my stories don't get many reviews in the reviews section of Fictionpress when I post a story. It somewhat depressing when I think about it, yet, I'm an optimist and I think, "You know what. If they don't like, too bad… I think the idea will come back to me. But just in a different form".

So speaking of different forms, this particular idea came to me and had evolved into many different forms. A romantic story is a thing I always wanted to write about. It always tickled me fancy to write about a guy and girl meeting each other and fall in love, court in game of flirting as problem arise from either side of the party; it's very sad that these days that stories are written with half-&-half culture girls and arrogant, hot-headed, egocentric, virtually perfect male species who fall into a plot that is deem almost unrealistic. Those types of stories almost make me want to throw up in my head if I was asked for an opinion. But it would hurt the writer wouldn't it? But to be honest, it would be quiet fair since they got the most reviews anyway, so no harm done whatsoever.

However, those are the 90 percent found in romance section of fictionpress. For me, I'm part of the 10 percent. I'm on of those rare writers who believe that not all stories should have those kind of characters or plot schemes and that it's more empathizing on character development and a sense of nostalgic and light-heartedness that should attract you, even though the 90 percent has character development within their stories. But would be enough just make you remember the good old days when happiness would seem almost endless and love doesn't involve with two people who hate each-other? To be honest, I really don't know how speak (or write) my opinion to that question. However, the only thing that I could think of right now is too take little steps at a time. That all, the magic happens through the slow development, not the fast. Maybe that why the 90 percent are so popular, it's because they take everything to fast…

Anyways, besides rambling on how the 90 percent are popular. I should really end (or start?) the story that has or has yet to be told. If I could get enough reviews in this section of the story. Maybe I will… or maybe not. Depends on how popular it gets. As they say, being popular can get you anywhere indeed.