On late Saturday night, most people were either home sleeping or going home from their outings.

Even pubs and bars that sometimes stay open until morning have started shooing drunken customers so they can close.

And on Dawn lane the pub "Paradise Piece" was doing just that. Or at the very least, trying to.

The lights were almost all out. The floor and tables cleaned and polished. Liquor bottles lined up at the bar.

Mike yawned. He'd sent off all his employees home about an hour ago. He'd washed any remaining glasses, cleaned his stool so well he could see his face on it and locked all doors and windows.

Sweeping his eyes along the room, he glared at the duo at the table in the corner. And he absolutely refused to serve any drinks at them.

His eyes lingered on them for a moment. How long have they been here? He scowled. Three? Four hours? Just how long were they going to just sit there?

He'd told them that they were closing. Two hours ago. Didn't they get the message? He huffed and stood up.

If they didn't want to leave, who was he to stop them? He opened the front door, walked out and locked the door behind him.

Blue eyes looked at the cards in her hand, glanced over them at the man seating on the other side of the table and back at the cards. She frowned.

She dropped her cards. "Fold." The man smirked. "I win." Green eyes looked mischievously at blue. "Care for another game?"

The woman looked at his smug face. He was pretty confident, that's for sure. She grinned slyly at him. Time to turn the tables. "Sure."

She started shuffling the cards in an exaggerated manner, all the while he was looking at her with that ever present smirk on his face. "You sure like to lose Miss." She dealt their cards.

Her smile widened. "Whoever said I was losing Mister?" She'd played along with his tricks in the last round. It's time he played with hers too.

He grinned at her. His eyes looked over his cards. "I raise." He pushed forward his wallet. A blond eyebrow arched. His smile was crooked.

"Call." Cards fell on the table. Her sly smile returned. His hand had slipped. "I win." She showed her cards.

He stared amused at her cards. "Cheater." He chuckled, he had expected that. "Oh ho ho! I guess my hand…" He flicked his wrist. A few cards came flying on the table. He smirked. "…slipped."

He kept looking at her. "But…" He reached at the rest of the cards and started laying them on the table. They were stacked to her complete disadvantage. "…so did yours."

She would have lost. But so would he. They both knew it.

She smiled at him. He smirked back. They didn't mind.

"Now then…the bet is off?" "Yes." His eyes narrowed before he smiled crookedly. "Tomorrow at seven here?" She smiled before nodding.

They gathered their cards and stood up. Reaching the door first, Loki opened the door for Lily, playfully bowing down. "Ladies first."

Blue eyes stared. "Wasn't it locked?" Could he…? Green eyes looked innocently into hers. "Was it now?" He was smiling crookedly.

She giggled and walked past him. He followed behind her.

Loki locked the door behind them and turned to look at Lily. Her sly smile had returned.

He reached into his pocket. It was empty. A jingling sound came from her hand. She had his keys.

She smiled. "Tricks with locks and sleights with cards and rabbits jumping out of top hats."

He smirked back. "Gambler's heart and seducer's smile and face playing with masks and light."

They rather liked playing with each other.

The End