Delivery (PG-13)

They were sitting around the living room getting drunk on the Saturday night before their high school graduation but Priscilla had no idea why her one time friend Tina called her out of the blue and invited her to Mary Jane Compton's house for a "pre-graduation celebration".

Priscilla was so amazed and thrilled that Tina had reached out to her that she said yes without even thinking. Priscilla and Tina had been good friends when they were younger but they went their separate ways by the time they reached high school. Tina became part of the popular crowd while Priscilla focused on her studies and basically faded into the woodwork.

But now here she was sitting on popular Mary Jane Compton's soft and plush living room rug sipping on whatever drink Tina had given her (three or four drinks ago). Priscilla didn't drink often but with graduation a few days away she wanted to enjoy herself with her apparent new friends.

Priscilla noticed that the three other girls were feeling no pain, adequately liquored up enough to be giggling and talking freely about their high school experiences, memories and especially disappointments. Mary Jane was still bitter that she lost out as Sophomore Lady in Waiting during the Booster Day Queen and her court selection. Tina was still traumatized about getting dumped by her long time boyfriend Steve two months before graduation. Cindy was ripped that she lost out the Student Council Presidency to nerd Pete Salzer at the start of the year.

Priscilla had been relatively quiet during most of the discussion. She had no real complaints to lodge, mostly because she kept her expectations low, stayed off the radar, avoided controversy, didn't socialize much, and focused on getting through high school in one piece.

After the others ranted and raved for a while, laying out all their dirty laundry, their vices, their scandals, their secrets, their failures and their bitches to go along with the feel good stories of their high school careers, they turned their attention to the quiet and unexpressive Priscilla who was sitting on the floor hugging a pillow and slurping on her drink clearly under the influence.

"So, what does our favorite virgin have to say about all this?" Mary Jane giggled.

"Yeah, you're awfully quiet over there," Cindy observed.

"Oh my God, she's drunk!" Mary Jane laughed.

"I am too," Priscilla mumbled and the others laughed.

Priscilla smiled too even though she really didn't have all that much in common with any of these girls and she had no idea why she was with them. Mary Jane was the smart and popular one with her long black hair almost to her butt crack. Pixie blonde haired Tina was the cute girl next door with the perfect boyfriend (until he dumped her). Cindy was the active and busy one, always involved in school politics, theatre, sports or whatever other interest caught her fancy. All three girls were attractive, social, admired, friendly and comfortable in their own skin.

How Priscilla ended up with them on this night was beyond her but she was grateful for their invitation. She was shy and quiet, a self-proclaimed 'bookworm' who concentrated on her schoolwork more than her social life and it felt good to be doing something different for a change.

Priscilla knew she wasn't as trendy, fashionable or even as pretty as her three companions but she was satisfied with her appearance and wardrobe choices. She was never going to be a Vogue Magazine Cover girl but she was pleasant looking enough, wearing her black 'Moe Howard' hair cut to her shoulders.

"So, no regrets, Priscilla?" Mary Jane wanted to know.

"Nope," Priscilla answered.

Tina burst out laughing. "I bet!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" An offended Priscilla asked defensively.

"Well, you're the only remaining virgin among us," Mary Jane pointed out with a smirk of superiority.

"So what?" Priscilla asked responded with a sigh. "One more failure in my life." "Oh, don't be so hard on yourself," Cindy laughed. "It will happen."

"Oh really?" Priscilla asked, feeling the downside of her liquor intake starting to take affect. "When?"

"Whenever you want," Mary Jane replied.

"Yea, you just need to start putting yourself out there more," Tina said.

"You mean stop being such a modest prude," Priscilla mumbled, fully aware of the reputation she had around school.

"Well, that would help," Mary Jane replied. "But seeing how we're graduating on Friday I'd say it's a little late for that."

The three girls burst out in laughter.

"So, what am I suppose to do?" Priscilla asked with defeat.

"Well first, find a guy," Cindy giggled.

Priscilla sighed. "I've only had one boyfriend and the farthest we went was kissing," she admitted with self-pity. "I have less experience with intimacy than Sister Mary Margaret down at the Soup Kitchen."

"Probably," Mary Jane agreed.

"Face it, I'm an over achieving bore," Priscilla confessed.

"Why do you think that is?" Cindy asked.

"I just get tired of hearing about everybody's drunken exploits all the time," Priscilla said. "Doesn't anybody go to school to study instead of party anymore?"

"You're partying now!" Mary Jane laughed.

"And I suppose now is as good a time as any to consider my virginity," Priscilla said. "I know you guys think I'm a prude."

"Well, aren't you?" Mary Jane challenged.

"I've never been satisfied with the situation," Priscilla admitted, taking another sip from her drink.

"You need a guy with experience to get you laid!" Mary Jane announced.

"Unfortunately, those types of guys aren't interested in me," Priscilla said.

"Well, you have to show a little more interest," Tina said gently. "You need to be less afraid."

"You need to show some life," Mary Jane said more forcefully. "Be bold. Be daring. Be alive!"

"How do I do that?" Priscilla wondered.

"By stop being a modest prude!" Mary Jane laughed.

"Yeah, right," Priscilla sighed.

"Have you ever done anything spontaneous in your life?" Mary Jane wanted to know.

"Not really," Priscilla admitted.

"Hey, is anybody hungry?" Cindy asked. "Let's call for pizza!"

"Sounds great!" Tina agreed.

Cindy dug out her cell phone and called the local pizza place, requesting a delivery.

"Hey, I've got an idea that might help you loosen up some," Mary Jane said once Cindy was done with the phone call.

"What's that?" Priscilla asked innocently.

"When the pizza guy gets here, you can answer the door….nekkid!" Mary Jane dared.

"Are you crazy?" Priscilla asked with surprise. "I could never do that!"

"Hey, it would be a good test for you, Priscilla," Cindy said. "Let loose a little bit. Be willing to be bold, courageous, brave, epic, and classic!"

"It's mostly perverted," Priscilla complained.

"You wouldn't have to show anything, Mary Jane told her. "Just stand behind the door and be a temptress for a change."

"Why would I want to do that?" Priscilla asked.

"No guts, no glory," Cindy remarked.

"It's a stupid idea," Priscilla decided.

"If you're never ready to take a chance then you'll never be ready to make a change," Mary Jane said.

"And running through the house naked is supposed to help me out of shell?" Priscilla frowned.

"Sure!" Cindy laughed. "How many times have you done it before!?"

"Look, I'll even get naked with you," Mary Jane offered.

"You're kidding, right?" Priscilla asked with disbelief.

"Hey, I'm willing to take a risk and a chance if it means helping you out," Mary Jane replied. "Come on, Priscilla, do something out of the ordinary. Act outside the box. Accept a challenge once in a while. Do something totally different and daring just to see if you can do it."

Priscilla was just drunk enough to actually consider it. Mary Jane and Cindy were right. She always followed the same routine, did the same thing, acted the same way, never doing anything that might spark new life or prove to herself that she was capable of breaking the rules and being someone different.

"So, what do you say?" Mary Jane asked, standing. "You game? You in?"

"I'm not sure…" Priscilla admitted, taking a long sip on her drink.

"I'll go first," Mary Jane replied as she brazenly began to bare herself!

Priscilla sat gawking at the model-beauty Mary Jane with the near perfect body as she stripped out of her designer jeans and expensive blouse. It struck Priscilla of almost being seductive in a way. Cindy and Tina both laughed when Mary Jane stood before them totally in the buff and Mary Jane giggled be exposed in such a goofy way.

Priscilla couldn't help but marvel at Mary Jane's loveliness – her round firm breasts that were at least two sizes bigger than Priscilla's 'little mounds' as her brother once called them. Her dark pubic bush was trimmed nicely whereas it never occurred to Priscilla to shave down there.

Mary Jane turned and went to the bar to pour herself another drink and Priscilla admired her round curvy fanny cheeks wishing that she had that much attractive meat on her own buns.

"Okay, then?" Mary Jane asked, turning and looking at Priscilla. "Do you think you can do it?"

Priscilla felt a huge rush feeling sweep over her. Could she really be that daring? That carefree? That willing? That drunk?

"You can do it!" Cindy cheered.

Priscilla glanced at Tina who shrugged her shoulders. "You never even liked to get undressed in the locker room for gym in middle school," she recalled.

Priscilla was shy and self-conscious about her body, especially in comparison to a looker like Mary Jane but was she always going to hide behind her fears and insecurities or was she finally going to doing something so completely out of character that it might unfreeze her inability to function on any real social level.

"Oh, what the hell!" Priscilla slurred as she stood, feeling the alcohol rushing to her head.

"Really!?" Tina asked with surprise.

"We stay behind the door though, right?" Priscilla asked Mary Jane.

"Hey, I'm not into flashing pizza delivery guys," Mary Jane replied. "The point is to be naked and daring, not to be seen."

"Yeah, getting away with it is the key," Cindy added.

"Okay," Priscilla said tentatively, slowly pulling her tee shirt off over her head.

She had spent a half hour trying to figure out what to wear that evening and now none of that mattered as she tossed aside her shirt and slipped out of her red slacks. She felt awkward standing in front of Cindy and Tina in her underwear and bra and she hesitated for a moment.

"Come on, you're half way there," Mary Jane laughed. "How do you think I feel?"

Priscilla nodded and unclipped her bra in the front, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were small and pert but Priscilla thought they looked uneven for some reason. She pulled down her undies to reveal a mound of black bush that looked wild and unkempt compared to Mary Jane's love spot.

"There you go!" Cindy said with encouragement. "See, that was easy!"

"Why don't you guys get naked too?" Priscilla asked.

"Somebody's gotta take the pizza from the guy," Tina remarked.

"And pay him," Cindy added.

Priscilla jumped when the doorbell rang and she was immediately nervous, realizing that this was the stupidest thing she had ever done.

"Come on!" Mary Jane giggled, heading for the door.

Priscilla hesitated but Tina gave her a gentle push. "Just stand behind the door," she said.

It took Priscilla forever to walk down the hall to the front door, feeling the draft around her, feeling exposed and vulnerable, and wondering why in the earth she had agreed to such an idiotic and foolish prank. She joined Mary Jane who was standing behind the door.

"Who is it!?" Mary Jane called out.

"Pizza," a male voice replied.

Suddenly, Priscilla felt like a total buffoon.


If Randy Marshall had a gun, sometimes he wondered if he would find the guts to stick it in his mouth and pull the trigger. That's how despondent and hopeless he often felt and it was a real and tangible measure of how much he hated his life.

Here he was on another Saturday night delivering pizza, a job he loathed but he needed the money and it kept him out of the house. He wished he had a girl that was interested in him to keep him out of the house but no such luck there. His rare and infrequent attempts at dates and other social interaction usually fell flat and he rarely got a second chance with any of the girls his friends fixed him up with. His longest 'relationship' was with Claudia Simpson. They lasted three months junior year but she dumped him for some Greenville guy and that was that.

Randy wondered if his life would be any different if his mother was still alive. She had been gone eight years now and he missed her smile, her guidance, her love, her support, and her enthusiasm more than anything. He lived with his father who was probably just as pathetic as he was. The old man drank too much and showed little interest in Randy's life or successes (what little he had). The house felt like a prison and that's why Randy avoided it as much as he could. He understood that his grieving father never got over the loss of his beloved wife, but did that give him permission to quit as a parent?

Randy found distraction and solace in sports, but that ended half way through sophomore year when he so severely damaged his knee in a horrid skiing accident that he'd probably walk with a limp for the rest of his life. He felt he lost his identity when his sports career ended. Not that he was a great player. He was actually a mediocre athlete and he knew that the more talented guys made fun of him behind his back when he played, but at least he was around other guys, had some goals and responsibilities, and felt like he fit in.

When he was no longer part of the team, Randy felt different. Detached. Forgotten. Unimportant. He dragged himself to school each day and did what he had to do to get through the day but he was mostly on autopilot. With his bum knee, the military was out and Randy wondered if delivering pizza for the rest of his life was his destiny, although he did plan on taking classes at Blue County Community College in the fall.

The folks at the Hillsboro Pizza House were good people. One of the reasons he stuck around was because the owners were good to him and it was the closest thing he had to a real family. He liked working with the waitresses and take out staff and while everybody was friendly, polite and got along, Randy knew that he didn't have a chance with any of them and he was resigned to the role he was destined to play: nice guy, brotherly type.

It was getting a little late and Randy figured he was done with the runs he shared with the two other drivers, Bruce and Mike. Those guys were a little older and they took the later deliveries just in case they had to deal with drunks and other rowdies.

"Hey Randy, we got a delivery for Hillside Drive," Patty called from the counter where she was working the phones. "You interested?"

"I guess," Randy replied. He was never sure of anything.

"Crompton, Number 9," Patty said.

"Crompton?" Randy frowned. "I wonder if that's Mary Jane Crompton's house."

"Sure is!" Sally laughed from the back work bench where she was making a grinder. "Maybe you could get a date!" She teased.

"She's pretty stuck up," Randy replied.

"Like you'd really throw her out of bed, Marshall," Mike laughed.

Randy sighed as he gathered the order together. The truth was a girl like Mary Jane Crompton wouldn't look twice at a guy like him and even if he did think she was spoiled, he would be a fool to pass up an opportunity to be around her. But he hated making deliveries to the houses of popular girls like him. He felt inferior and foolish when the opened the door and saw him standing there. He knew there were laughing at him and he resented how they would never think to invite someone like him into their houses. He was just the delivery boy.

Randy said goodnight to the Pizza House gang and brought the medium veggie pizza to the car for the quick drive up the hill to Mary Jane's house. She was probably having a party. There were always parties going on but he rarely went to any of them. Who was going to invite him?

He was a week away from graduation. Soon his nondescript, forgettable, lonely and sad high school career would be over and he could try to move on with his life. Getting out of the old man's drunken house was the first goal but he would need to find another job to make enough money to do that. Oh well, tonight he was still the Pizza Delivery Boy and he sighed as he drove up the hill and turned onto Hillside Drive quickly finding the large Victorian that was #9. There were a couple of cars in the driveway as Randy piled out of the car and made his way up the front walk. He meant to skip up the front stairs but of course tripped and nearly dropped the pizza box but he recovered and he took a moment to catch his breath before ringing the door bell.

He never knew what to expect whenever he rang the front door for a delivery, especially later on a Saturday evening. Would it be some drunk? Some snot-nosed kid? Some smiling innocent? A haggard wife? A stuck up teen? A twenty-something yuppie? College students? Grandma? A jerk?

In this case, he knew it was Mary Jane Crompton's house but he still wasn't sure what to expect. Was she going to be the usual high-nosed oblivious self? They were in the same graduating class but he doubted she even knew his name. She was one of those girls who thought the world revolved around her and if you weren't in her orbit you simply didn't exist.

Randy always felt nervous, awkward and out of place whenever he rang the bell of other people's houses because he never knew what to expect once the door opened.


"Who is it!?" Mary Jane called out.

"Pizza," a male voice replied.

Suddenly, Priscilla felt like a total buffoon.

"Go ahead, open the door," Mary Jane whispered.

Priscilla noticed Cindy and Tina coming down the hall giggling and laughing at the two naked girls standing behind the door.

Priscilla cautiously turned the door knob and slowly pulled the door open a foot or two.

"Oh, it's you," she heard Tina say.

"You ordered a pizza?" Priscilla heard a male voice ask.

"Yes, but we have something for you too!" Cindy laughed.

Mary Jane suddenly gave the unsuspecting Priscilla a shove and she stumbled out from behind the door which a laughing Mary Jane pulled all the way open, hiding her naked self behind it. Cindy grabbed the screaming Priscilla by both arms and pushed her out the open door.

"There's your tip!" Tina laughed, tossing him a twenty and grabbing the pizza box from the stunned Randy's arms before slamming the door in his face.

A panicked and hysterical Priscilla had fallen to her knees in front of the delivery guy who she didn't dare look at. She turned and stood with her naked backside to him screaming and pounding on the door, begging her old friend Tina to let her in. How could Tina betray her like this? Priscilla wished she could just die right now.


It happened so fast that Randy wasn't even sure what had happened. The door opened and he recognized Mary Jane's two friends, the equally as stuck up and snobbish Cindy Falcon and Tina Henshaw, both of whom were in his class too.

"Oh, it's you," Tina said with a tone that Randy interpreted as disappointment.

They had a few interactions over the years, mostly Tina insulting him in the hallway or talking down to him in classroom discussions and debates. Cindy wasn't much better, the kind of girl who couldn't be bothered to give a guy like him the time of day.

Randy had been surprised when he caught a peek of Priscilla Norris sticking her head around the corner of the door. He was confused to see that girl with this group. He noticed Priscilla around school, of course, even thought about asking her out a few times. She was a quiet girl who kept mostly to herself. He'd see her in the library or in the cafeteria, usually with her head buried in a book. She seemed like a nice girl and he had no idea what she was doing at Mary Jane Crap-ton's house.

Suddenly, the door flew open and he saw Priscilla being shoved. He was caught off guard when he saw that she was stark naked and obviously completely humiliated. He also saw from the mirror hanging on the wall in the hallway the reflection of an equally naked Mary Jane.

Whereas Priscilla was horrified and traumatized, Mary Jane was laughing hysterically, thinking this prank was the funniest thing. She was obviously unaware that the delivery boy was a getting a full view of her pubes and tits as she watched with delight as her friends proceed to shove the unfortunate Priscilla out the door.

Randy took a step back to avoid having poor naked Priscilla fall into him. All he saw was a flash of flesh, her bouncing breasts and a mound of muff flying toward him.


It was the ultimate betrayal and Priscilla didn't know what hurt more – being seen naked by this guy or the fact that her old friend Tina could do something so heartless and cruel to her.

She had felt herself flying through the door and she heard the door slam behind her as she dropped to her knees in shame and mortification. She saw his sneakers in front of her but she couldn't bring herself to look up at him.

Spinning on her knees and sobbing uncontrollably, Priscilla stood and pounded on the door, begging Tina to open it.

"Those bitches aren't going to let you back in."


Randy found himself staring at her backside as the screaming Priscilla Norris banged against the door. He couldn't blame her for being embarrassed. Hell, he was embarrassed for her and he felt sorry for her too. She had obviously been the foil in some stupid prank.

As pathetic as it was to admit (not that he ever did), Randy had never seen a girl naked before. He never got past first base with most of his dates and while he and Claudia dated for a several months she said she "wasn't ready" whenever he expressed an interest in taking their relationship to the next level. He felt rejected whenever she said it.

And now here was finally seeing a girl naked but instead of being turned on and feeling excited, all he felt was sorrow and shame. It wasn't exactly a romantic moment.

"Those bitches aren't going to let you back in," he said.


Priscilla knew her screams and pleas and knocks were pointedly useless. She had heard the three laughing girls move away from the door. Mary Jane was probably putting her clothes back on, victorious in her trick that got the drunken Priscilla naked and now totally disgraced and exposed.

"Those bitches aren't going to let you back in," she heard the pizza guy say.

She was leaning against the door in frightened and defeated horror sobbing as she slowly gave up banging on the door.

"Maybe you should come with me," the voice said gently. "Before half the neighborhood sees you."

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder as the tears strolled down her cheeks. She squinted and wondered if the pizza delivery guy standing in the shadows was Randy Marshall from school. Oh God. Just her luck. Somebody from her class was actually seeing her naked. Why couldn't it have been a total stranger she'd never see again?

"Couldn't you at least look away?" She sobbed.

"It's kind of hard not to look, Priscilla" Randy openly admitted.

She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. He knew her name?

"Look, come with me," he urged again. "Before somebody comes along."

"Don't look," she pleaded desperately.

He turned his back to her. "Okay, just follow behind me to my car," he directed.

"Alright," she agreed meekly.

Randy stepped off the porch and she tiptoed behind him, holding on to the back of his shirt. He opened the passenger side door to the car and stepped aside to allow her to slip into the car, keeping his back to her out of respect for her privacy. He walked around the car and got in on the driver's side. Priscilla had one arm draped across her breasts and the other one folded across her pubic zone.

"Where do you live?" Randy asked. "I'll take you home."

"I can't go home like this," she groaned. "Could you go back and try to get my clothes?"

He glanced at the house that had gone dark. "I don't think they'll give them back, Priscilla," he sighed. "They're not going to bail you out."

"I can't believe they did this to me," she wept.

"You've been drinking?" He guessed.

"Do you think I'd do something this pathetic sober?" She wailed.

He started the car and drove to his house in the flats section, pulling to a stop in the shadows of the trees along the side of the driveway.

"Stay here," he said. "I'll get you some clothes."

"Can't I come in?" She asked desperately.

"My drunk father's in there," Randy sighed. "You're better off here."

She nodded and slumped down in the seat. Randy trotted into the house. The old man was passed out on the couch with the ball game on the television. Most of his mother's clothes were still in her dressers even though it had been eight years since she died. Randy went into his parent's bedroom and dug out a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for Priscilla to wear. The old man didn't move as he left the house.

"Here," Randy said when he returned to the car. "These were my dead mother's. You can have them."

She didn't say anything as she slipped the shorts up her legs and pulled the tee shirt on over her head.

"Where do you live?" Randy asked as he got in the car.

"Over on Allen," She replied quietly.

He started the car and they didn't talk as he drove her home.

"The yellow one with the fence," she finally said when they were on Allen Avenue.

It was a nice house in one of the town's nicer neighborhood and Randy pulled the car to a stop in front of the house.

"Thanks," Priscilla mumbled as she bailed out of the car as fast as she could and snuck around the corner of the house.

Randy sighed and drove home to his lonely house.


Priscilla sneaked in through the back door of the house and tiptoed upstairs to her room without being detected. Her parents were watching some movie on television in the living room and her kid brother was on the computer as usual.

She took a quick shower to wash away the reek of booze (she was feeling quite sober now) and clean her face of her tears and messy cheeks. She threw her summer pajamas and went downstairs to face her parents, hoping she could pull it off.

"Oh, hello sweetie, we didn't hear you come in," her always cheerful mother remarked. "Did you have a good time?"

Her mother, of course, was thrilled to see her daughter going out for a change.

"How was Tina?"

"She's fine," Priscilla replied with a forced smile. "It was nice to be with her again."

"We didn't think you'd be home so early," her mother smiled. "You know you're curfew is midnight, right?"

"Yeah, I was kind of tired though," Priscilla replied.

"What a loser!" Her brother Brandon laughed from the corner where he was banging away on the computer.

Ain't that the truth, Priscilla thought to herself.

"Well, goodnight," Priscilla said with fake sincerity before bolting for the stairs, desperate to get out of there before she burst into tears.

Her parents were good people and they would be devastated if they knew what had happened to their angel child that evening. That's what shamed Priscilla more than anything else – that she had fell prey to Mary Jane's charm and done something so stupid and out of character just to try to fit in.

Once in the privacy of her room, Priscilla climbed into her comfortable and familiar bed and sobbed into the pillow. She had never felt so hurt and defeated as she had on this night and she cried herself to sleep.


Randy sat on his bed watching Saturday Night Live but his thoughts were elsewhere, thinking about poor Priscilla Norris and what he had witnessed. He wished he had the right thing to say to her to make it right but what was there that he could possibly say that would make her feel better?

He sighed and flicked off the television, climbing under the sheets and falling to sleep to the image of Priscilla Norris. He tried not to think of her naked but it was hard not to.


Priscilla's head hurt when she awoke in the morning. She felt awful too, and not just from the booze but also from the knowledge of what had happened the night before. She had been betrayed by a former friend, humiliated by three girls who had no regard for her, and embarrassed in front of Randy Marshall, although she had to admit he had been extremely gracious, sympathetic, kind, and helpful in her moment of extreme vulnerability.

Priscilla didn't want to have to face her parents knowing what she had done the night before. Getting drunk. Getting naked. Getting mortified. They would be so disappointed and hurt if they knew. They had raised her better than that and she was better than that. But she had let her desperation to fit in and be accepted get the better of her.

The warning bells had gone off in her head the moment Tina called her out of the blue. They hadn't spoken in years. Tina had hoped that Tina was making amends and reenergizing their friendship before they graduated and went their separate ways but she should have known that a popular girl like Tina wouldn't want anything to do with a duff like her.

And Mary Jane and Cindy? What a joke to think those two prissy creeps would really want to be her friend. Priscilla had been naïve to think that they had any good intentions in mind when they invited her over but she was still surprised that they could be that mean-spirited, cruel and insensitive to her in such a demeaning way.

Priscilla tried to put on a brave face when she went downstairs to meet her parents and brothers for Sunday morning services. She passed on her usual toast and tea and she kept her eyes to the floor all through the church service, afraid the minister might see in her eyes the shame in her heart and the guilt in her eyes.

Priscilla was barely able to eat lunch at Dennys afterwards and if her parents had picked up on her sad mood, they didn't say anything. She spent most of the afternoon in her room reading and wondering how she was going to be able to show her face at Hillsboro High the next morning.


Priscilla kept her eyes on the floor as she walked down the center hall of Hillsboro High on Monday morning.

'Good morning, Priscilla!" She heard a voice call out.

She knew it was Mary Jane Compton but Priscilla refused to look at her.

"Hey, how did the rest of your date go Saturday night?" She heard Cindy call out sarcastically.

Priscilla glanced up briefly and saw that Tina was standing with the two other girls. Priscilla gave her a look of hurt but said nothing as she diverted her eyes again and walked quickly to her locker before the tears came.

"You really shouldn't let those jerks get to you."

Priscilla looked up from her locker to see Randy Marshall standing before her. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes grew wide.

She had never really paid attention to the guy before. He wasn't a jock or one of the elite smart ones (like her!). He wasn't on the student council. Now that she thought about it, the guy didn't stand out in any way and she was surprised she even knew who he was, but the school was small enough and their class size manageable enough that everybody pretty much knew everybody, at least by name.

Randy's dirty blond hair covered his ears. He wasn't movie star handsome but he wasn't exactly ugly either. He was plain looking and his eyes seemed sad to her. He barely made eye contact with her but she was still embarrassed knowing that he had seen her naked.

"My name is Randy Marshall," he mumbled awkwardly.

"I know," she said even more awkwardly, her face turning red. She really didn't want to talk to the guy knowing what he knew.

"And you're Priscilla Norris," he replied.

"I'm not sure if we should be talking," Priscilla said.

"Why not?"

"You're joking, right?" She sighed. "Please, just leave me to die of embarrassment alone. Show some mercy."

"It's okay," he said seriously. "I understand."

"No you don't," she said angrily.

"Okay, so I probably don't," he admitted.

"Then don't talk to me," she ordered.

"You really want me to go?" He asked with disappointment.

"Yes!" Priscilla practically yelled.

Randy looked at her with pity. She waited for him to leave but he just stood there gawking at her.

'What!?" She finally burst out.

"It's just you're the first girl that I… well,…..I…..just….." He stammered.

"Look, I'm having a hard time dealing with all of this," she admitted. "No offense, but I really hate you." Her voice became smaller.

"Oh," Randy said, sounding hurt.

"I mean, I hate you because you were there," she tried to explain, feeling flustered and embarrassed.

"Well, what would you have done if I hadn't been there?" He asked.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I just don't want to think about any of it."

"Maybe you should just try to trust me," Randy suggested hopefully.

Priscilla looked at Randy with disbelief. "As if it that's easy," she grumbled.

"Oh, talking to the loser that saw you nekkid!?"

Randy and Priscilla both looked up to see the laughing Mary Jane Compton standing in front of them with Cindy and Tina standing behind her. For some reason, Randy felt himself getting angry and annoyed at that trio. Must have been for the way they shamed poor Priscilla and were now gloating about it.

"I don't know what you're laughing about, Crap-ton, I saw you naked too," Randy blurted out.

Her mouth dropped opened and she reacted as if he had slapped her. "W-What?"

Feeling empowered now, Randy grinned. "There was a mirror on the wall," he said. "You should have considered that when you were planning your sick and warped little prank."

"I….I…" Mary Jane was red faced.

"Trust me, it was a lot more enjoyable seeing Priscilla's beauty than your ugliness," Randy remarked.

Mary Jane looked like she was going to burst out in tears as she walked off in a huff, Tina and Cindy quickly following after her while giving Randy a look of disbelief.

"Wow, I can't believe I actually stood up to her," Randy said, and it was the truth. Usually he got tongue tied around girls like Mary Jane Compton.

"Well, thanks," Priscilla managed to say, feeling slightly awed. "Did you really see her?"

Randy blushed. "Yeah," he mumbled. "Anyway, I'll leave you alone if that's what you want."

He started to walk away.

"No…wait….I mean…." Priscilla was feeling all flustered now. Was this her knight in shining amour?

Randy stopped and glanced back at her with uncertainty. She looked dazed.

"I don't know what to say," she admitted. "I don't know what to do. I don't know how to act. I mean, what is the etiquette when a guy you don't even know sees you naked?" It was the first sign of humor she had shown.

"I don't know," Randy admitted. "It's never happened to me before."

"Me either!" Her voice cracked.

He smiled sheepishly. "Do you have a partner for graduation?" he asked.


"Would it be okay if I was your partner?" Randy asked nervously. "I know you're smart and all that but…"

"I'd be honored," she heard herself saying.

"Really?" He asked with surprise.

"Yes," she confirmed with a shy smile.

"Oh." Now he seemed flustered. "Well, okay. I…ah…I guess I'll see you around."


She watched him walk away and she found herself smiling to herself. It had been a while since a guy had expressed an interest in her and it actually felt kind of nice. She just needed to erase the part about him seeing her naked from her memory banks.

Priscilla was sitting on the couch by the window in the school library later that day when she saw Randy approaching. She closed the book and waited as he took a seat in the chair across from her.

"So, uh, can I ask you a question?" He asked.

Priscilla nodded.

"How come you're so quiet?"

Priscilla shrugged. "I guess I don't have much to say."

"Me either for that matter," Randy grinned.

"And there's the problem of having someone to actually talk to."

"Yeah, I know that feeling," Randy sighed. "But….maybe…..we could….talk to…each other?"

"Maybe," she said with another shy smile. She studied him for a moment. "So can I ask you a question?"

"I guess," he shrugged.

"What do you want?"

"What do you mean?" He asked, taken aback.

"Do you think I'm easy or something?"

He blushed. "No, of course not."

"Well, what then?" She demanded. "You feel sorry for me?"

"Actually, I feel sorry for me," he sighed.

"Excuse me?"
He scratched his head. "Look I just thought maybe we were both a bit...lonely and sad, that's all."

"Oh." Priscilla glanced out the window.

"I know you're smart and everything…"

"That doesn't make me abnormal," she protested.

"I know," he said. "I didn't think it did."

"So why bring it up?"

"Just because…I'm not the smartest bulb in the pack."

"Don't worry about it," she replied.

"I mean I'm not stupid or anything."

"Are you going to college?"

"Blue County Community, I guess," he said.

"Green College for me."

"Oh, I thought you'd be off for Harvard or Yale or MIT or Smith or something."

"I like it around here," she explained.

There was an awkward moment of silence between them. What was it with this guy? He was sweet, caring, considerate, and he seemed interested in her but she needed to know it was just wasn't because he had seen her naked.

"What am I supposed to say?" Priscilla said aloud.

"About what?" He asked.

"About how we met?" She sighed. "When my parents see you at graduation."

Randy shrugged. "Just tell them I was making a delivery."

Priscilla looked at him and burst out laughing. "Yeah," she decided after a minute, wiping a tear of unfamiliar happiness and delight from her eye. "That's the truth, isn't it?"