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Just Want To Cuddle

Zander, his fingers linked with his boyfriend's, lead him into his dorm room, where his roommate Anderson was sitting on his bed. He glanced up from his laptop and smiled at the couple, grinning a little wider when he noticed Tristan.

"Hey Zander. Who's this?" Zander gave him a look, knowing that Anderson already knew fully well who it was.

"This is my boyfriend Tristan." Tristan kissed his boyfriend's cheek as he passed him by to shake his roommate's hand.

"I've heard a lot about you," Anderson said to Tristan, completely ignoring Zander who was glaring at him.

Tristan laughed when he turned and saw Zander's slightly upset and reddened face. "I hope they're good things. Like about how good I am in bed."

"Tristan!" Zander burst out. Tristan merely laughed again and grabbed his boyfriend's arm and tugged him towards him, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

"I love you," he whispered, and Zander flushed red.

Anderson laughed from behind the two. "Obviously, you want some time alone, so I'll leave you two and come back later." He slid out of bed and into some Adidas sandals, grabbing his lanyard with his keys and id.

"Can you come back in two hours or so?" Zander groaned internally. He couldn't believe that his boyfriend was being so obvious. Tristan squeezed his hand, but it didn't make Zander feel any better.

"That long?" Anderson raised an eyebrow, but laughed and shook his head, leaving the room. As soon as he left, Zander punched his boyfriend in the arm.

"Ouch." Tristan laughed. "What was that for?"

"It was for making it so obvious that we're going to have sex." Tristan made a noise in the back of his throat and grinned.

"Everyone knows anyway." He cupped Zander's chin in his hands and kissed him gently. "Now…we have two hours. What should we do with that?" Zander let a smile grace his face and he pulled Tristan over to his bed, grabbing his shirt and tugging him down on top of him.

"I love you," Zander murmured, kissing Tristan, his hands fisted into his boyfriend's shirt. Tristan smiled against Zander's lips and threaded his fingers into Zander's dark hair.

"I love you too." Tristan's tongue glided across Zander's bottom lip, over his snakebites, and he opened his mouth, allowing his boyfriend in. Their tongues tangled together and Zander moaned into the kiss when Tristan pushed his hips forward. He was already half hard and Tristan's strong body pressing him into the mattress wasn't helping the matter.

"I brought the toys with me." Tristan moved his lips to Zander's ear, whispering into it. Zander shivered. His boyfriend's voice was low and lust filled, and he could feel his length pressing into his upper thigh.

"You did?" Zander croaked, letting out a strangled cry when Tristan put his hand over the front of his jeans and squeezed.

"I did. And I've got a new one." Zander grabbed Tristan's firm ass and pushed his hips up, desperate for some sort of relief. Tristan shoved his own hips down and pleasure shot through Zander's body.

"What is it?" He asked, his hands slipping under Tristan's shirt, feeling along his spine.

"You'll have to wait and see." Tristan grabbed the edge of Zander's black polo and Zander lifted his arms so his boyfriend could pull it over his head.

Immediately, Tristan began to press kisses into Zander's skin, starting with his collarbone. Zander sighed in content as his boyfriend kissed him, slowly moving down his body to lick his nipple. Zander gasped, arching his back into Tristan's body as he nibbled on the ever hardening bud.

"Tristan…" Zander hissed his boyfriend's name, threading his fingers into his hair and tugging. Tristan said nothing, but kept licking and nipping at his nipples, eventually satisfied enough to move even further down his body.

He eyed the bulge in Zander's jeans before mouthing it through the fabric, making Zander squirm and moan. Tristan pulled back and peeled his own deep blue v-neck over his head before beginning to work on Zander's jeans. Zander lifted his hips so that Tristan could pull them off, leaving him in a pair of maroon boxer briefs.

Tristan glanced up at his boyfriend, who was looking at him through lust-darkened, partially lidded eyes. His chest rose and fell quickly as he waited for Tristan to continue. He rubbed a small circle into Zander's hipbone with his thumb before speaking.

"On all fours." Zander stared at him for a moment before situating himself on his hands and knees, shivering when he heard the metal clanking of handcuffs. Suddenly Tristan's body was close to his, his boyfriend's chest pressed to his bare back, and Zander could feel Tristan's erection flush against his ass.

Tristan leaned over him and looped the handcuffs around part of the barred headboard, snapping them into place around Zander's wrists. Zander dropped down to support himself on his elbows and then he felt Tristan's lips on his shoulder, sucking a bruise into the skin there. He let out a small whimper and pushed back against his boyfriend. He wanted—no, he needed—Tristan closer to him.

"I call the shots here Zan," Tristan said, grabbing Zander's hips and stilling his movement. He pressed chaste kisses down Zander's back to his hip, licking and sucking a bruise into the skin there too.

"Tristan, please," Zander whispered, letting his eyes droop shut. Again, Tristan said nothing, but Zander's boxers were suddenly around his knees. Tristan's body was draped over Zander's, that familiar warmth shooting tingly sensations through Zander's body.

Tristan nibbled on Zander's ear as he put the nipple clamps into place and slid the cock ring onto his boyfriend, pressing the button to turn on the vibrations. Zander's eyes immediately snapped open, and he let out a loud moan, his thighs beginning to shake.

He hadn't realized that the vibrations had been so strong when he used them on his boyfriend. But the combination of pressure and vibrations on his nipples (his most sensitive body part) and his penis was driving him crazy.

There was some movement behind him and Tristan's length slid between his cheeks, no fabric separating them now. Desperate, Zander pushed back against him, trying to get him to slip inside. He was panting now, and he knew his face was flushed a deep red color. He was barely able to hold himself up.

"Just because I know how loud you can get," Tristan whispered, cupping Zander's balls and making him jerk. "I'm going to use the gag. Is that alright?" Zander closed his eyes again and tried not to let the pleasure overwhelm him. He felt as if even with the cock ring on, he was going to come.

"Go ahead," he managed to say, and the cherry flavored candy ball gag was in his mouth, the string secured around the back of his head.

And suddenly, the sliver of control that Zander had before was gone. He couldn't speak or even touch himself—he was putty in Tristan's hands, for him do with Zander what he wished.

And Zander loved that.

Zander loved being dominated, and he loved having Tristan as the person who dominated him. He trusted Tristan to be in control, to know what he liked and didn't like and what drove him absolutely mad.

He couldn't handle the pleasure anymore. He sat down on his knees and out of nowhere came a sharp smack to his right cheek. Zander made a startled noise around the gag and immediately moved back on his hands and knees.

"You stay on all fours. The whole time," came his boyfriend's firm and serious voice. "If you don't, I'll spank you." Zander's thighs were shaking as he struggled to support himself, and the slight burn on his right cheek was a reminder of why he needed to stay up. Zander moaned around the gag.

That was so hot.

The pleasure was starting to blind him and Zander knew that he was dripping pre-come onto his bed sheets. He could feel his orgasm building in the pit of his stomach, but because of the cock ring, he couldn't do anything about it.

Tristan's hands were sliding up his thighs to rest on his ass for a moment before they moved to grab his hips. He rubbed himself between Zander's cheeks to spread his pre-come, and Zander made a strangled noise, shoving back against his boyfriend.

"Ah." Tristan gripped his hips harder, stopping his movement and Zander whined, still trying to push back against him. In retaliation, Tristan reached around his boyfriend and gripped his penis, giving him a firm squeeze.

Zander's whole body almost gave out. His ass dropped down for a moment and he earned himself a smack to his left cheek before he could steady himself.

"Watch it," Tristan warned, and Zander shivered at the amount of pure lust in his voice. He rubbed his hands over the red marks on Zander's ass and leaned down to whisper to him. "Want my fingers inside of you Zan?" Tristan cupped Zander's balls and he moaned around the gag, pushing desperately back against his boyfriend. "What was that? Sorry, I didn't hear that." Zander nodded furiously, still barely holding himself up.

The cap to something popped open and Zander felt two of Tristan's lubed up fingers probing against his puckered hole. He pushed his fingers inside, thrusting them in and out, twisting and curling them. Zander swallowed as best he could around the gag and spread his legs a little wider, trying his hardest not to collapse.

When Tristan brushed against his prostate, Zander let out a strangled and muffled scream. A small string of come shot from his tip, but the cock ring prevented him from coming more. Tristan felt his boyfriend clenching around his fingers and just to be evil, he crooked his fingers and rubbed right up against his prostate.

Zander's back arched and he moaned, squirming. Tristan seemed merciless and he was pushing Zander closer and closer to his orgasm even with the cock ring on.

"Do you want to know what I'm going to do to you Zander?" Tristan hissed into his boyfriend's ear, continuing to thrust his fingers into him, pushing in a third. Zander made a startled noise around the gag. "I'm going to fill you up with my come. And then I'm going to fuck it out of you with a vibrator that I bought just for you."

Zander got himself another smack to his right cheek for the few seconds that he dropped to the bed. He pushed himself back up on all fours and glanced over his shoulder at his boyfriend. His normally jade green eyes were nearly black with lust and he had a slightly evil smile on his face.

When Tristan noticed Zander's flushed but eager face, he couldn't help but give him a sweet kiss. Their lip jewelry clashed together briefly before Tristan pulled away, too quickly for Zander to add tongue.

Tristan slicked himself up with lube, tossing the half-used bottle to the side, and grabbed Zander's hips, pushing his head into Zander. Zander groaned and tried to push back, but Tristan gripped his hips harder, preventing movement.

"I'm in charge." He said, and then he shoved into Zander. Zander screamed around the gag and Tristan started to thrust into him, at an agonizingly slow pace. He could barely stand it. He wanted his boyfriend to drill into him, fuck him so hard that he'd be able to feel it for at least two weeks.

Zander whined and twisted his hips, pleading, begging for his boyfriend to move faster. Tristan got the message, but he kept the same pace, wanting to torture Zander. He wanted Zander to feel the same amount of pleasure/pain that Tristan had felt when Zander used the toys on him.

Tristan angled himself so that he hit Zander's prostate dead on and he let out a strangled cry. He could see and feel his boyfriend shaking, and he was steadily leaking pre-come onto his sheets.

Zander let his eyes slide shut and he tried to focus on staying on all fours. His muscles felt like they were on fire, and he considered just dropping to the bed for a moment. He could take being spanked—he just wanted to lay down and enjoy it.

"I know what you're thinking," Tristan murmured to his boyfriend, leaning over him and sucking another bruise into his neck. "Don't do it. Because if you don't stay on all fours, I will stop and leave you handcuffed to this bed." Zander shivered, locking his elbows.

Why was this turning him on so much?

Suddenly, Tristan started pounding into him, hitting his prostate with each thrust. Zander could barely take it—he was clenching around his boyfriend, more than ready to come. Tristan reached around him and squeezed his length again, making him jerk. More come spurted from his tip, but stopped there because of the cock ring.

Zander was so desperate. He just wanted a release—he wanted that feeling of pleasure to wash through his entire body so he could just finally collapse onto the bed and enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm. But his evil boyfriend wouldn't let him.

He pushed back against Tristan just as Tristan shoved into him, clenching around him, and Tristan came. He leaned into Zander, mumbling dirty words into his hair as he emptied himself into Zander. Zander moaned—he still hadn't come, but he loved the feeling of Tristan's come filling every inch of his insides.

Tristan pulled out slowly, a string of come following, and all the excess come dribbling from Zander's abused hole. "You took it so well," Tristan whispered, petting his boyfriend's hip. Zander was still shaking, still clenching around nothing, his orgasm waiting to be unleashed.

"Do you want to come babe?" Tristan spread Zander's cheeks and licked up the come that was sliding down Zander's crack to his balls. He moaned and pushed back against his boyfriend's face.

Tristan pulled back and leaned over the edge of the bed, grabbing the 7 inch black vibrator that he had bought. He rubbed it around Zander's hole before moving it in front of his boyfriend's face so he could see it. "See this Zan?" Zander nodded. "This is what I'm going to fuck you with. I'm going to fuck all of my come out of you. And you're going to take it."

Tristan turned the vibrator on and pushed it into Zander in one smooth motion. Immediately Zander moaned, nearly dropping to the bed again. Despite the cock ring, he was leaking more come. There were three things vibrating either inside or on his body and Zander was about to pass out from the amount of sheer pleasure.

Tristan reached around him and slid the cock ring off, starting to thrust the vibrator into Zander in hard, quick motions. With all the come inside him, the vibrator started to make a squelching noise, Tristan's juices leaking out with each thrust.

"Come on babe," Tristan whispered, angling the vibrator so it rubbed against Zander's prostate. He left it there, just pushing it against his spot. "Come for me Zander." Zander squeezed his eyes shut and arched his back, finally coming.

His come shot as far as the headboard he was cuffed to, landing on his face and the sheets below him. He couldn't hold himself up anymore and he dropped to the bed, still coming into a large wet spot. When Tristan realized that he had finally stopped clenching around the vibrator, he pulled it out of his boyfriend. It was coated with his come and when Zander rolled himself over, Tristan licked it off, keeping eye contact with his boyfriend the whole time.

Zander was breathing hard, flushed all the way down to his upper chest, his penis limp now. His stomach was covered in his come and he had a few drops on his face. Smiling, Tristan pulled the nipple clamps off and leaned down to lick up the come on his boyfriend's stomach and face, finally removing the gag from his mouth.

"You did so well," he whispered, kissing Zander. He unlocked the handcuffs and Zander's hands moved to cup his boyfriend's face, kissing him a little deeper.

"How much time do we have before my roommate comes back?" Zander asked breathlessly.

"About forty-five minutes. Why?" Zander let out a breath and pulled Tristan down next to him.

"I just want to cuddle."

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