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My Super Hero

Chapter One

"It looks like another daring rescue was pulled off yet again by Global Man making us all wonder is there anything he can't do," the attractive news anchor said staring straight into the camera. Her overly large eyes sparkled in the light of the news studio. Her long black hair framed her face and sharpened her features in a dramatic way. She flashed another perfect smile that charmed many of her viewers around the world. With a final knowing smirk at the mention of Global Man she finished her broadcast with the same personal catch phrase she always said, "This is Darlene Dashwood from the Global News Network to all the people of the world. Until next time stay united!"

It was the line she was known for and was said with such a personal tone that it lent to her credibility as a news anchor. Her clear blue eyes exuded such confidence and care that most people bought right into her allure. Her viewers trusted her and felt that the news she delivered was credible. Especially were Global Man was concerned. It was never confirmed but rumors abound about her very close relationship with the famed superhero. She sat there and was busy straightening, preparing for a luncheon with a member of the royal family in England when a man approached her with a file folder.

"Here you go, Darlene. Everything you asked for is in here." The man said. He was a research assistant with the network and though he was a large and tall man the way he held himself and how he spoke made him easily forgettable to the news anchor. She looked up a little confused as she searched for his name. Was it something like Rayford or Randall? No it had to something like Rick or Richard.

"What is this?" She asked not looking up at him and flipped through the file.

"It is the most up to date information on Duke Phillips including a detailed report of the progress of the Australian scandal he was recently involved in," the man said pushing up his glasses on the bridge of his nose. The action forced her to look up into his eyes. She thought that she might have seen blue eyes behind his glasses but the glasses drew away any attention one might have had trained on his eyes. They were hidden behind glasses that reminded her of the kind her grandfather used to wear. They were just so terrible! Were they actually horn rimmed?

She caught herself staring and looked away stifling a shudder. She focused on the file again and looked at the perfect detail that his files usually came in. What's-his-name may not be too easy on the eyes but he could really be a thorough research assistant. She dismissed him in her mind and turned her thoughts to the interview with the royal family member. She smiled her generic charming smile and said nonchalantly, "Yeah thanks again Richard!"

"It's Ryan. Ryan O'Connor," He said with a hint of strained politeness. Then he added with a hint of disappointment, "I have been working with you for four years now."

She cleared her throat and nodded only half listening. She waved him off, "And you do a great job, Bryan. Thanks again."

She hopped up from her desk chair and began to straighten herself out and gather her things for the lunch. As if on cue her personal assistant came up equipped with what she needed. She handed her a large bag stuffed with file folders and papers and jacket. All the while she was spouting off orders to her for what she expected upon her return. She looked back belatedly to see the research assistant watching her with a strange look in his eyes. Was that disapproval or disappointment she saw?

Slightly irritated by the unwelcome stare she quickly thought of something that would redirect this man off of whatever thoughts were going through his head about her. It was not like she ever cared what other people thought of her. She was one of the world's foremost news anchors and had stared the most powerful people in the world in the eye and asked deep personal questions no one else dared ask. It was what made her the best at her job. She was a sharp go-getter that ate quiet men like him for breakfast. Yet something about his gaze unsettled her.

"Oh I need all the latest information of the president's decision to push through the green energy legislation for next week. He has agreed to an interview the following Friday and I need to be as informed on the subject as possible. I need the whole nine yards on it too. The controversial sections of the legislation, the key politicians that are opposing it, the potential reasons he is pushing the bill and what his fellow democrats like and dislike about it. Oh and dig up any other kind of underlying benefactors see if you can find any cooperation that would benefit from the bill passing or failing. Have it on my desk by Monday. You don't mind working this weekend do you Bryan?"

She flashed him another smile. It was passive aggressive and usually beneath her to do so but he had pissed her off with his inappropriate staring and would need to be taught his place. She did not wait for him to answer she turned her back and left without another glance at him. He called after her, "No problem Ms. Dashwood! And the name is Ryan."

She shook her head and looked over his carefully detailed notes. They were very good and written as if they were done by her. What's-his-name was a good researcher. Too bad he was such a meek soul. She rolled her eyes and tried to turn her thoughts to the upcoming interview with a member of the royal family. She needed to focus all her energy on this interview. It would be a difficult one indeed. She needed to be able to be charming, disarming and to the point all in one in order to get anywhere with this person.

It certainly would not be an interview like with her favorite interviewee, a certain flying man who was every girl's knight in shining armor. His interviews always had a nice undertone of sexual tension and flirtation abound. She was no teen in the throes of her first romance but this guy always made her toes curl. He smiled she melted. He spoke she hung on his every word. She asked a question he always answered with openness and honesty, well almost always. There was always one question that he evaded like the plague. Who was he under that big muscled facade?

It was a puzzle she could never solve. She had even offered to be completely off the record once. It was something she had done with no one else. She wanted more than just a few complements and smiles. She wanted more than to have his attention. She wanted his trust and maybe someday even more. He was after all the man that woman fantasized about. He was ideal, perfect even! How else could he make it a personal goal to traverse the world saving people from one crisis after another? It was enough to make even a seasoned reporter like her swoon.

Shaking her head she forced herself back to the present. She was not interviewing Global Man at the present. She needed to focus. Such thoughts would be savored at a time when she was not on the job. Perhaps she would go up to the roof of the news station and try to call him down for another interview again. It had been too long since she had one on one with him. What had it been eight or nine months? That would have to wait. With the promise of a good night tonight she got in the elevator and headed down with a little extra swing in her step.

Amber Wade watched the infamous Darlene Dashwood talk about the famed superhero, Global Man, with a girlish smile and felt a twinge of jealousy. Not that she wanted to be on a first name basis with a flying one man rescue squad but the look in Darlene's eyes, the kind that said "I am perfect, beautiful and loved by the world's greatest hunk" made her frustrated. Rolling her eyes she pushed aside the feeling. She long accepted the idea that she was no supermodel or even attractive enough to appeal too many of the opposite sex. She didn't care. She had too much to worry about and too much to do than to dress like Darlene Dashwood or spend exorbitant amounts of time in front of the mirror trying to put herself together.

Everything about her was ordinary. Her eyes and hair were a common brown. Her style was low maintenance. Her face was plain and heart shaped. She was exactly 5 feet 5 inches or average height. She had an average build and average waist line. Her personality was described as a typical girl complete with insecurities and PMS.

Her idea of prep- time was running a brush through her fine brown hair before pulling it into a pony tail or high bun. Checking herself for offensive orders was the only other part of her routine before grabbing her case of cameras and heading to her studio. She was a photographer and an artist. She should be more put together but why spend the time on making her eyes hair and boobs look bigger and prettier. That only drew the wrong kind of attention from men looking for one night flings. She saw it as a waste of time. Seeing her mother do it day after day and only end up getting her head buried into a pillow or a tub of Ben and Jerry's taught her that it was not worth the heart ache.

Some women, like Darlene Dashwood, could get what they wanted from men with a flicker of an eyelash. Those women had anything they wanted using their assets to get them. Since she was not one of those girls that had men wrapped around her finger, she was alright going for men who had more personality and less attractiveness. She had several dates and a couple of relationships who were pleasant boyfriends but none of them lasted.

Whatever, she had her career. She had worked her ass off to get to where she was with the studio and a position as a recognized photographer in several industries. She ranged from art to fashion to journalism and even natural photography. She loved all aspects of photography. Capturing a moment in time, immortalizing a second or capturing true breathtaking beauty with a camera was her passion. She eats slept and breathed it. She was particularly excited about this weekend. She was asked to help photograph the fair for the Global News stations local news. The photographs would be posted on their website. It was a huge deal for her. She had done some local pieces for small newspapers but this was something altogether different.

This was going to really draw a wider net of jobs for her if she managed to get anything news worthy. She could be opened to a whole new market of potential clients. She giggled at the thought. Twenty six years old and living in a loft apartment because she had made such a name for herself. She had become very well-known through her work. Being raised by a single mom of two girls she knew hardship of limited means all growing up. She put herself through school and worked to pay the bills so she learned the value of a making a meal from a single dollar. Even now she tried to save all her money to put back into her studio. It was her baby and her life's work. It took up all her time and effort. She loved it and poured everything she had into it. Even now when she had more money than she could ever imagine she put it all back into her studio.

With a bubbling of excitement she headed to the park near her studio. She thought of the wealth of good photographic moments that she encountered in her last visit. She lived in one of the largest and most densely populated places on the planet. One of the most interesting attractions here was the park located in the center of it. This concrete jungle had an oasis of nature at its heart. People from all walks of life came to marvel at its charms. She captured photos of people all over the world. She took pictures of the lovely natural wonders that had formed there. She loved how this place could still hold such breathtaking beauty even on a cloudy day in the middle of winter.

The day was warm and sunny. The sun warmed her face and she sighed at the crisp clear air that was rare in a city like this. Perhaps the rain from the previous three days finally cleansed the air enough to feel like you were deep in some untouched wilderness. She closed her eyes briefly and just allowed herself to believe for a second that she was enjoying a hike in the woods near her childhood home up in New Hampshire where nature was abundant and people were few. Sometimes she ached to be back in those woods. She only ever got to see them when she visited her home during Christmas time. By then it was all buried in three feet of snow which did not leave much to look at. It was the only time she allowed herself to splurge of a rental car and get out of the City for a change. She could not afford to leave her studio otherwise.

Amber paused at the light just across the street from the park and felt her phone in her pocket vibrate. Almost jumping out of her skin she fished the phone out of her pocket. She always forgot when she put her phone on vibrate and when it went off in her pocket she couldn't help but react that way. It always made her feel like some stranger had come up out of nowhere and proceeded to tickle her. She giggled as she pulled her phone out and looked at who was calling her. The screen read Maggie Wade.

Maggie was her older sister who she loved very dearly. She lived outside the city in a suburbia town where she was a stay at home mom while her boyfriend practiced law in a firm a mile down the road. Maggie and her boyfriend, Harold Thortin, had been together since freshman year of college. They had gone to University of Albany or SUNY together and they now had been together for ten years, and had a beautiful girl together. Maggie was her closest friend and had nerves of steel that could rival Global Man himself. The woman was, in a word, intense. She was a genuine mama bear to her loved ones. Amber shook her head at the thought of her niece, Sophia, eventually dating. That poor girl would have a rough go of it. Her own love life had suffered while they had lived together a few years back. Forget their mother; Maggie was enough to drive any guy away. She used to be so angry at her sister when she was a teen. Now she missed her every day.

Opening her phone she immediately started in with the teasing, "Yes I brushed my teeth this morning. I had a bagel for breakfast. No, I did not go to the dentist yet and you know I can't stop by this weekend because I have to work," she laughed, "Hi, Maggie!"

"Well I guess that is all I wanted to know," Her sister said with a motherly tone, "Bye."

Amber heard the signal that went off when people were permitted to walk. She crossed the street and she headed into the park. There was silence for a moment and Amber finally broke down, "Alright, alright! I know you're still their Mag. What's up?"

"Just wanted to see what you were doing six months from today?" Her sister asked.

She sister was being almost too nonchalant about something. It made Amber cock her head to the side when she heard her speak. Playing along she said, "Ah, Well I will have to check my date book. Hold on a second," She paused for good measure, "Let's see. Today is the fourth of September. So march fourth. Hmmm," She clicked her tongue as she pretended to be deep in thought.

"Oh see," She said in mock disappointment, "You should have called me sooner! I have a gallery that day and a dentist appointment! I am booked!" She smiled to herself. Her sister had berated her about a dentist appointment that she kept putting off the last time they had spoken. She loved teasing her about it.

"Oh shit!" Her sister said just as disappointed, "And I was going to make you my Maid-of-Honor too. I guess Harold's sister; Corrine is just going to do it. Oh well, never mind!"

Amber had stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth hung open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, "OMG! What?"

"Yeah!" Maggie said squealing into the phone. All teasing let up in the wake of genuine excitement, "I'm getting married!"

"Oh my- How did, When? But I thought-" She struggled to find words. This was too unexpected. Harold had proposed once before about eight years ago. Maggie said that she never wanted to get married at the time. Though disappointed Harold understood and they had stayed together ever since. She had vowed long ago that she would never tie the knot. At the same time she had been in a monogamous relationship for more than a third of her life. Go figure. Harold had never proposed again but made it clear that Maggie was the one. Amber thought that this was the best part of their relationship. They were a genuine team and there was never any I in it.

"Harold just surprised me this morning. He got down on one knee and well" she laughed, "I am getting married!"

"Ok" Amber said trying to wrap her head around this turn of events, "Start from the beginning! And don't skimp out on the details!"

Her sister proceeded to describe the most romantic moment that she had ever heard. She was always left in tears with this sappy stuff but this almost left her sobbing in the middle of the park. Harold had come home only an hour after leaving. He had a bouquet of Maggie's favorite flowers in his hands which were orange lilies. Maggie had asked him what he was doing home from work. She had still been in her bathrobe and her hair and teeth were not brushed. He only shrugged gave her the flowers kissed her on the cheek. He then told her that their daughter Sophia had something to ask her. She had turned around and saw her little girl holding a velvet box the size of her small fists. The little girl had said, "Daddy wants you to ware this, Mommy." She had opened the box and saw Harold's mother's engagement ring still in the box. She then turned to Harold and found him on one knee. He then asked her again right then. It was something she could not refuse. She had said yes immediately.

Harold and Maggie were finally getting married. Amber gushed into the phone her congratulations and said that of course she would be the Maid of Honor. She laughed, "If you even think about asking Corrine-!"

She couldn't even come up with a colorful threat. She was too happy for her sister. She sat down on a park bench and they talked wedding plans and who to choose for brides maids. She spent a good hour talking shop with her sister and even agreed to find a good friend who would be perfect to be the photographer at the wedding reception. Maggie refused when she offered to do it. She wanted her little sister be in every photo with them and how could she do that if she was behind the camera all the time.

She eventually had to hang up because she had to call their mother with the news. She left making plans to meet up at her favorite café in the city to talk more about plans later that weekend. Amber spent a moment on the bench smiling at what a gift the day had turned out to be. That was unexpectedly good news. She finally grabbed her camera and messenger bag full of things for the day. She then started walking around the park setting her mind on the tasks for the day.

She was out looking for some good pictures. That was where things started to get difficult. It seemed like every time she tried to get a picture she ended up with a wasted attempt. She tried to get a pic of a man handing an adorable boy with his dog a balloon. The click of the camera scared a very skittish pigeon right into the camera shot. She tried to get a picture of an elderly couple holding hands down the sidewalk and she ended up tripping on someone's jacket that had slipped off a bench and on to the ground. She tried to get an amazing shot of a couple nestled in a tree a few feet above everyone's head and she lost the shot because by the time she figured out the right lighting and angle the couple decided to get out of the tree. She huffed at the sudden bad luck. The shots would be blurry at best.

She eventually ended up walking around with her camera draped around her neck and her hands rested on the camera with no inspiring moments to help her at all. She managed to make her way through the crowd to an expanse of grass near the southern end. She saw people playing with Frisbees and walking their dogs. People were on picnics and lounging on blankets in the grass reading. She watched it all and felt like this was the picture she had been waiting for. She climbed to the highest point and began to lift her camera for the large expanse of people when suddenly she heard, "Watch it!"

Diving out of the way she nearly smashed her camera on the ground to get to safety. Breath knocked out of her lungs she groaned trying to get them to work again. She hit the grass hard. Grass scuffed her knee leaving green marks all down her leg. She had dirt smudges on her elbows and a cold breeze told her that she had lost her shoe. She managed to look around in time to look at the crude gesture that the teen roller bladder made in her direction as he continued down the path.

"Yeah," She said making a noise that was half giggle of relief and half groan of pain, "Right back at yah."

Apparently she had stepped onto the paved walkway to get the perfect picture. Of course she had. She rolled on to her back and sat up into a sitting position. Her camera had suffered no damage on close inspection. Examining her injuries she realized she was in one piece except for one or two bruises forming on her knees and elbows. Shaking her head she pulled herself up and dusted the crushed blades of grass off herself. It was getting to the point where she was starting to worry for her health if she made another attempt to take a picture. Then it happened.

She was pushed to the side and stumbled to stay upright. Just managing to stay on her feet she saw a man running down the pathway with a little kid in his arms. The child was kicking and waving his arms in distress. Blinking in surprise she didn't have much time to react. Why was that man in such a hurry?

The reason came up behind her screaming at the top of her lungs, "Tommy! Help! Stop him! Help! That man stole my baby! Tommy! Tommy!"

Belatedly she realized what she was witnessing. Her mouth hung open for a second as she tried to get her mind to start working. Whipping her head around she looked for someone anyone who could help. Patrol men were walking by on the opposite side of the grass. They heard the woman's screams and started to make their way over. They were so far away they would never catch the man in time. He was already rounding the bend and getting out of view. The mother reached Amber just as the man disappeared from view. The mother had been running for some time and was heaving with weariness. She grabbed Amber and begged her to help. All that she could think to do was search for her phone which was buried in her bag somewhere. She had to call for help, the police or something. She never felt so helpless as she dug through her bag.

The mother let out a strangled gasp and there was a large gust of wind that sent Amber's hair in her face. It was almost as if a huge bird had sped right past her face with the force of the wind that came at her. Confusion set in as Amber looked to see what that was. All she saw was a streak of black turn the bend that the kidnapper had just went by. Her bag it the ground. Her knees went weak as the reality of what was happening just occurred to her. Help had come despite her inability to react. Her jaw dropped as she saw and her hands went instantly to her camera.

The black blur came back over the tree line high above the heads of the trees with two bundles in his large muscular arms. The suit of Global Man was recognizable anywhere on the planet. His iconic suit was a jet black and streamlined to fit his very muscular impervious body. He had a black mask that covered his eyes cheekbones and the bridge of his nose. The visible features of his face were chiseled and angular. He was undoubtedly the most smolderingly handsome man there was. It made Amber a little weak in the knees, like the first time she shot male models. She had real trouble focusing that day. She saw the clear blue eyes shining through the mask and the beautiful wavy locks of black hair and gasped. Darlene is one lucky bitch she thought to herself. He easily was the sexiest man alive even with the mask.

Amber started to click her camera and watched the whole thing as it happened through her lens. Click. Global Man had a tied kidnapper by the scuff and an ecstatic little boy in his arms waving to his mother. Click. Global Man handed the kidnapper to the patrol men as his feet touched the ground. Click. Global Man passed the excited child to his mother who had her arms outstretched and tears running down her face. Click. The child was in the mother's arms and the two embraced each other in pure joy having come so close to danger while Global Man looked on with a gentle smile. Click. Global Man gave the boy a high five.

She heard herself say, "Hey, say cheese, everyone!"

As if noticing the camera for the first time the boy looked straight on with a look of pure amazement in his eyes and pointed to Global Man. The mother smiled with tears in her eyes. Global Man had a sudden look of bashfulness as he tried to smile sheepishly like a boy with is hands caught in the cookie jar. Was it her imagination or did that make him look even more desirable? It was most definitely a drool worthy moment. She got two more pictures. One of him giving one last wave to everyone and the other was of him flying off into the air. Man he was quick! And surprisingly taller in person.

She couldn't believe her luck! Did that seriously just happen? Of all the placed in the world that he could have been he came to the park. The chances of having an encounter with that man was like being stuck by lightening after suffering a shark attack during a plane crash. HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN!

The mother tapped her on the shoulder. Apparently, she had been gawking at the sky like a school girl. Feeling her face go as red as the shirt she was wearing she cleared her throat and smiled at the woman and her son. The mother was a woman in her early thirties. She had a kind face though it was currently still tear stained. The boy had eyes that took up a good portion of his face even larger after encountering the most famous man alive. They seemed to be staring at her expectantly. Why? Looking back and forth from mother to son she realized that they must have asked her something.

"I'm sorry what did you say?"

"I was wondering if we could get those pictures you took? Of Global Man I mean." The mother asked.

"Uh- sure! That was so incredible!" She said breathless.

"He saved my little Tommy! Thank God for Global Man," The mother said.

"That must have been really awesome, huh Tommy!" She exclaimed.

"I gave Global Man a high five!" They all laughed at that.

After talking with the police and getting the mother's name and number to contact her for the photos they parted company. She couldn't believe what had happened. Like a kid in a candy store she had taken her camera straight to the studio and had it developed. She worked straight through lunch and did not even bother to leave the dark room until the film was ready. This had to be the pinnacle photos of her entire career. They were perfect. It was as if fate had given her the perfect opportunity to get them. In a way they seemed too precious to share.

She decided to make one copy of the photo of Tommy giving Global Man a high five and put the rest in an album that she inserted into a shelf in her private office at home. No one would see them. They were her secret treasures to have to herself. It was her private souvenir from that day. It was just too incredible to share. At least for now.

Ryan O'Connor pulled his tie into place and reentered the news room. He had excused himself to the bathroom left moments after hearing the desperate woman's cried from the park. He managed to slip unseen into the elevator and then up and out of the shaft. He flew to the park within seconds and got to the kidnapper in time. He saved the child and delivered the kidnapper to the police. He even hung around to make sure the child was alright. It had been a successful saving. Well if you didn't include the photographer who seemed to come out of nowhere.

He tried to avoid them as much as he could to hide his identity. The less close ups of him there were the better. He wondered if it would be one or two hours before those photos came in to be analyzed and posted up all over the news. It was going to happen no matter what he did. All he could do was brace himself for the coming storm of photographers. It happened every time that someone got a good photo of him in uniform. Hundreds of other photographers who hoped to be just as lucky would go around clicking away. It would be hard to stay away from them. It would be weeks or even months before the hysteria would die down again.

He strode back into the news room and sat back down at his cubical. He heaved a sigh and plunged back into his work. The tedious work of looking up legislature was nowhere near done. As he went over the different sections of the bill he inwardly groaned at the prospect of the weekend that he was in store for. Darlene could be the most punishing at times. He wasn't sure what had unleashed her cruel side on him but somehow she got him roped into something that was usually was reserved for the junior staff.

He looked over her list of demands yet again and checked off another in the very long list of things to look into. The bill was long drawn out and full of details that not even the person who wrote it could fully understand. After reading through the bill he still had politicians to call, Businesses to contact and lobbyists who would be a wealth of information. It seemed like this bill not only had a lot of controversy but that everyone had an opinion about it. Everyone seemed to either benefit from it or be hurt by it. This was definitely not a one person job. That is if he wasn't a superhuman.

He found himself thinking about Darlene. She had been so thrilling to be around at the beginning. He had singled her out early on as the anchor he would turn to when he chose to do an interview. They had started out so intimate and exciting. She had flirted shamelessly with him and he loved the possibility of more with her. Darlene was the whole package wit, charm, determination and a body of a model. Of course, he couldn't do anything more with her as Global Man, which she had dubbed him in their first meeting. He had already worked with her when she was just a junior reporter and he as a research assistant and tried to start and find a way to meet her as himself.

He finally managed to meet her as Ryan though; she couldn't seem to look past the glasses or the unkempt hair to notice him. He tried to get her alone and she didn't even want to meet him in the eye when he spoke. The woman wouldn't even get his name right. After months of trying to see if she would warm up to him nothing ended up happening. As the months turned into years she seemed unable to care at all about Ryan O'Connor. He even tried to pull away as his superhero self and become a little bolder in his approach to her as Ryan. It did nothing to hamper her at all.

What got him so frustrated was the fact that at the end of the day he wanted her to like him as Ryan and not Global Man. One was just a name, a persona that he became to do good for the world, the other was who he was born as and went to bed at night as. One was real and the other was an illusion and a façade. There was a future as one and none with the other. If only she could realize that. After being hung up on the same girl for so long he was starting to get too discouraged to care. After seeing her stashed up on the roof of the building so many times and watching her parade around with so many different athletes or models or politicians or beneficiaries he grew tired of this game.

He threw his pen down on the desk and leaned back in his chair feeling a little too burdened to grapple with the task set out before him. Perhaps it was the years of loneliness or watching the only girl that has caught his eye being completely aloof to him but he was done with it all. He needed something new. It felt like being underwater for too long when all he needed was to come up for air. It was so isolating to live like this. It was eating away at him.

He rubbed his face and looked at the very long list of things to do to try and impress Darlene with. The tension in his head grew. It was going to be a long weekend. It was only noon on Friday. With all the work he had put into this job and all of it had been for her. He started to plug away at it again with less zeal then he had ever had before. He started to question if working for Darlene was worth the effort.

In the tallest building at the top level sat a man behind his large desk. He sat in his office going over the puzzle that has had him baffled for the last four years. The office was filled with glass and stainless steel furniture. Along the wall were books on every subject of study and in several languages from around the world. Behind the desk against the back wall was a large portrait of a young man with intelligent eyes and a shaved head. On the right side of his neck was a tattoo of Celtic symbols from his home country of Ireland.

Coltan Avery sat behind his large red oak desk consulting yet another article of the famed superhero. The room he sat in was immaculate from the countless wait staff that he hired to keep his various estates, country homes and offices around the globe spotless. If it was one thing he could not take it was disorder. He loathed messes and hated chaos. They were only to be tolerated if they were part of the plan.

Coltan looked at the disarray on the table. All manner of clippings, journal articles and photos of the masked superhero littered the table. This man was an obsession that he could not let go. Ever since he had flown into the center stage of the world four years ago he single handedly made Coltan's life a living hell. The man known as Global Man had chosen to make his debut stopping an assassination attempt on a politician. The same politician that Coltan needed removed in order for a very crucial business arrangement to go through. He had lost millions in the deal.

It wasn't the millions that he had lost that angered jim. The millions were pocket change to him. It was the very public very embarrassing media frenzy that followed painting him as a terrible businessman and the failed plans of offing that troublesome politician that sparked the all-consuming hatred he now had for the flying freak in tights. The man had embarrassed him and he needed to find a way to return the favor.

He looked up at the puzzle on the desk and clenched his jaw. The man was smart. His masked face had been run through every facial scanning log on the planet. He had run the face through every record that his vast resources could get and all had come up empty. The mask had covered enough of his face to hide most identifiers. He had been too quick to get captured on any photographs that were distinguishable and videos of him were too blurred and low quality to be of any help to him. The biggest mystery of this time was who this masked superhero was. The more important question was how to make him fall from grace?

The phone in his pocket rang drawing him away from his obsessive thoughts. He fished the phone out of his pocket and hit answer on the screen when he saw who was calling. He spoke quickly of the phone. He had been waiting for this call all day. "What do you got for me?"

"My informant tells me that she did not make any contact with him in the last month. If she is in contact with him it is outside of the news station," a smooth charming voice spoke quietly over the phone to Coltan.

Coltan ground his teeth together in aggravation, "Well, you will have to expand the search won't you! Get someone in her social circles, her apartment, and her fucking hair salon if you have to! If he contacts her I want to know about it. She is the only one that the flying meat head speaks too. You can tap phones can't you? Hacking emails aren't lost on you, are they? Survey her home. Go over her office with a fine tooth comb. I don't care if you have to read her fucking diary get me what I need. What the hell am I paying you for?"

The other end was silent for a moment. The man on the other end was not one to take this kind of attitude. He cleared his throat and said in a deadly calm voice, "I will get what you need. Count on it. But remember I am working with you not for you. Talk to me like this again and you will regret it and not all the resources and the wealth in the world can hide you from me."

Clearing his throat, Coltan swallowed hard. In his obsessive need to find this super hero he had turned to some less than honest men. It was not the first time he had turned to these sort. It was he who had indirectly hired the hit man that was supposed to take out the annoying politician. This man was different. He was smarter than most men he had ever dealt with and much more devious. He had much more reason to hate Global Man than Coltan did.

Yet again he paused while dealing with this man. Then reluctantly he cleared his throat, "I meant no offence, Eduardo. I simply expected-"

"Expectations were never a part of this arrangement. You were guaranteed results and you will get them. What you are not guaranteed was when. Stop with the demands or perhaps I will get not be so quick to keep you in the loop. Is that in anyway unclear?"

Begrudgingly Coltan heaved a sigh and agreed to the man's conditions. There was nothing left to speak about and they hung up. A chill ran down his spine at the man's words. He would need to be more careful when dealing with this man from now on. The last thing he needed was to let this rabid dog off his leash. He still took orders but it was a very tentative situation. If he was going to maintain control then he was going to have to be much smarter in his dealings with him.

Coltan stood up and surveyed the city from his window. The city was vast and expanded out beneath him. He watched it with this growing feeling of restlessness. He couldn't shake the feeling that somewhere out there a seemingly ordinary man was walking around with extraordinary abilities. It was this man he was trying to find. Global Man was invulnerable. He was a symbol and source of hope for the people of the world. The man he was flawed and just as vulnerable as any other. This man could be hurt, could be exposed and humiliated. It was just a matter of time before he could get to him.

Moving the papers on the desk he took another look at the photograph on the table. This photograph was not another blurred picture of the famed superhero. This was a clear picture of a woman with black hair and blue eyes. She was the key to Global Man's destruction. The newscaster was the only real contact that the masked man had. She was the only sign of practicality on his part and it would be through her that he would finally get the vengeance he deserved.

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