The clock

Ticking on the wall in this classroom

Every sixty seconds releasing a prequel tick to prepare for the resounding tock

Representing the flow of time

Representing age

And structure

And how long we mortals have remaining before we die

And when a member of that which is called humanity fades into the void

We box up what is left and lower them into a rectangular hole six feet down to save for later

Which explains why dog is man's best friend

Humans are just ceremoniously anal when it comes to burying their bones

And bones are the only things supporting such fragile algae

And without them we are nothing but beached jellyfish

But still self-considered greater than everything else

Able only to think with brains as mushy as our now boneless bodies

And breathe air

In and out

In and out

In and out

Unconscious action of supreme importance

But yet ignored and taken for granted

A calming trick to sate anger or diminish stress

And the reason sleep is possible

So dreams can exist

And entertain our color television image saturated minds during the night

Because infomercials are so dreadfully dreary

And we demand entertainment

Even during near-death rest

Enraptured until late-night horror movie discretions come on

And as much as you want to change the channel

The exhaustion of the hour blurs judgment

And you can't look away or turn off the pictures of your dream turned nightmare

And after eternity has passed

In the tick of the clock on the wall

You awake and realize you have to pee.