Chapter Four


We stood in front of the entrance to the range; behind it mountains seemed to spread out in every direction.

"Okay… I'm gonna need to rest… for a bit… low on…. Energy," I breathed through my lack of energy.

"That's fine," Nate chuckled, "We're quite far away from your family now,"

"Not for long…. Though," I sighed.

"Can we stop talking about it? I would rather avoid speaking about something which is going to end up with all of us dead… Or in Nathan's case re-dead," Chronas snapped, "Whatever caused them to go evil is hell bent on making things dead…"

He paused, a grimace covering his face, "And a few other things but… Ugh,"

"You think we don't know that! I only just escaped yesterday with my life… this thing wants you dead, Nate to die again and for me to probably join my family, we know this isn't going to be easy!" I growled at him and began to walk towards a cave entrance.

"You don't think I know that?" he snarled after me, "I spent a little while in that things mind!"

"Yeah well this is what Wayne can do with little effort," I snapped and lifted the hem of my top up a little revealing a large burn.

He sighed, "Nathan stay with her, I'll be back in a bit,"

"Wa-What?" the ghost jumped, slightly confused at being brought into our fight.

Chronas didn't bother responding as he stalked off into a different direction.

"God I Hate Him!" I grumbled.

"Eh… For someone who brought me back to life I'm not too fond of the guy," Nate shrugged in a 'what can you do' manner.

"If that idiot gets himself killed it's not my fault or yours it's that prat's fault," I mused angrily and walked into the gloomy cave.


God that Witch! Fine I understand she now has family issues, lots of people do her's are just fresh and if I push it I can understand her argument, but that doesn't mean I like all that fucking doom and gloom shit.

"Just why?" I asked, glaring at the sky.

With a huff I sat down, glaring moodily at the rocks. Breathing deeply I calmed myself down; I shouldn't have exploded like that. Looking back on it I was just feeling the after effects of that contact before.

Leaning back I groaned. Those pills were wearing off and I think they slipped out of my pocket earlier, sometimes I think I should have blond hair.

"Wonder if I would have cared as much if I'd been born normal," I mused, tapping my face with a finger, "Would I have had more friends? Or still been anti-social?"

I dropped my head, eyes half closing. My parents would be going nuts, I hated to worry them because they always assumed I was dead… Or had been kidnapped… Sometimes I think my mum assumed I was girl, I didn't get kidnapped that easily.

Grumbling I went to stand up but something seemed to grab me. Not physically, more like spiritually or whatever the hell you'd call it.

I stumbled, alright half up and slammed to the ground. Jesus Christ! Will things stop trying to hurt me? Cold trickled down my spine and I dry heaved, hands clawing into the earth… stones… whatever.

Pain twisted through my limbs and something warm trickled down my mouth. Finally it spoke, not that I could really understand it. You want someone to understand you, first rule; don't inflict pain, it's kind of hard to listen when you're in pain.

"Fuck. Off!" I snarled, reaching into my coat. Now that I think about it I seem to have a lot of things in my coat. I grabbed a handle and stabbed down on my hand. Penknives… the buggers come in handy.

Whatever was trying to speak to me shrieked and retreated, leaving me to stare at the knife sticking out of my hand. I really needed to find holy water, because that had not been a normal contact. Hell, that had been a Dǣmon… no pun intended.

I sat up slowly, not bothering to wipe the blood dripping from my mouth. Groaning softly I grabbed the penknife and jerked, muscles stiffening in pain.

Panting I dropped the object and curled my hand to my chest, the other already digging out some bandages.

With practiced hands I wrapped the injury, my breathing shaky.

Yeah, I think I'll head back now.


I sat in the back of the cave practicing my earth connected powers. I couldn't sense any of my family members near by which was good, we were safe… for now.

I sat there making small plants grow out of boredom all over the floor, walls and ceiling of the cave. Nate was waiting outside for Chronas to come back… I don't really care if he comes back or not. Stupid prat is going to get himself killed… which means that Nate will die too.

"Hey Nate! Go find Chronas, make sure he isn't getting himself killed!" I call out to the boy.

"No need to I'm already back," a disgruntled voice called, "Shut up Nathan, I know alright!"

I stood up and walked outside to see the two boys arguing. Why is Chronas wearing bandages?

"What happened to your hand?" I asked quizzically.

"I had to get this stupid Dǣmon out of my head one way or another, and I don't carry holy water… So I had to stab my hand," he shrugged lightly, "I wonder if holy water would work on me or burn me?"

"I'm not sure where to even find it let alone if it will work… but your okay?" I added to my statement.

"Fine… Do you mind if I write down a few protection charms at the caves entrance? I have a feeling Mountains are full of those creatures," Chronas asked, amber eyes looking over at me.

"Go ahead…. The more the better, I block the entrance later," I nodded.

He smiled shakily at me, wiping at his mouth as blood trickled from it. Grabbing white chalk from his coat he began to scrawl spiky runes across the caves opening; pausing for a moment before wiping blood from his mouth again and adding it to the runes.

"Hey Nate you okay? You've been pretty quiet recently," I asked the older boy.

"I'm fine, just wondering how one person can attract so much trouble and stay that selfish at the same time," the ghost smirked, threading his fingers together as he exaggerated a 'thinking' pose.

"Dunno… I've just learned to live with it, all my family are practically boys so I have to live with it everyday," I shrugged.

"Hey I'm a man and not a selfish idiot," Nate pointed out.

"If you say so… how old are you anyway?" I asked realising I barely knew anything about him.

"Twenty-four. Now that I think about it when I was alive I had a wife…" he trailed off, a nostalgic look passing his face.

"Omg Nate I'm sorry," I consoled giving him a hug in the process.

He laughed, "It's fine. What year is it anyway? I don't really know so can't tell when I actually did die,"

"It's 2012,"

"What the?" he looked surprised, "Well… I'd be dead anyway by that-this time,"

"If you don't mind me asking… how did you die?" I cautiously asked.

Nate hummed in thought, "I think it had something to do with me being mistaken for someone else, which ended up in me getting hit with some massive wooden thing on the head," he shrugged, "Don't really remember much of it,"

"Oh…" was the only thing I could say.


I was running out of chalk by the time I finished. Each charm I'd drawn linked up with the other to form quite a powerful and intricate protective field, not to mention the power had doubled somewhat due to my added specks of blood. Though towards the end I'd stopped tasting copper in my mouth, which was definitely a relief.

Behind me, Nathan and Hope were chatting away. Something about they way they'd clicked made me want to curl up. I'd never been able to make friends easily; my last school had been a one off. Somehow I'd been accepted into a group of people but... well that ended badly. I don't think I could cope with trying to ever make friends again really.

I stood up quickly, shaking depressing thoughts from my mind. There was a time and a place for that, for some reason I don't think I'd be getting that time or place for a while.

"Its finished," I called to the two behind me.

"Okay Chronas thank!" Hope chirped to me. Wincing slightly as she stood up.

"Sorry for before," I murmured, looking away from her.

"Hey no problem," she replied before giving me a hug.

"Eh?" I exclaimed freezing, not used to being touched much less hugged.

"Hey I'm not going to kill you," she teased.

"I realised," I grumbled sourly, a smile tugging at my lips.

"Oh ha ha Noël," she laughed and walked back into the cave.

I chuckled at her before looking back at Nathan, "And I'm sorry for ordering you about,"

The ghost shrugged, "To be honest I would much rather tag around with Hope than with you, holier than thou! Oh upmost important master!"

My eyes narrowed at him. There was no teasing in his voice, just a chained anger, "Fine, protect her then," I shrugged, "I can just call up something else,"

"Really? I'm sure everything you call up tries to kill you. I'm surprised I didn't," Nathan growled at me before marching in the cave.

Well… Isn't this nice? Aren't we happy campers? Grouchily I followed. It seems everyone likes to vent their stress out on me. Even random Dǣaemons.

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