Chapter Eight


How could she escape and not be detected? It was impossible for her to use her magic; with the little energy she has left the darkness Mother and Father implanted into her should have stopped her from escaping. Father is angry because he felt her banish it from her body but on search of the area he had sensed the occurrence she was no where to be found. She's not in the house or in the near by area… she had to have had help, but who? Not the necromancer… he is far too weak… and the other boy has no obvious talent so is no threat.

"Any ideas where she is?" Wayne asked with a hint of boredom in his voice.

"If I did would we still be here idiot?" I snarled at him; lightning flashing around me in my irritation "I want my sister found, If we get her onto our side then we won't have to use her as a sacrifice for the daemon… we need to get into her frame of mind," I mused.

There was a pause as we both thought about where my dearest sister is… She knows that we're hunting her for the ritual along with that stupid airheaded necromancer… and she knows that we still need the dagger before we can do anything… Hang on.

"She would be heading for where the dagger is!" I shouted causing the rest of the family to appear into the room.

"Is she now? So where is the dagger then my dear boy?" Father grinned at the thought of bringing Hope home and onto the side she belonged too.

"I don't know Father… We will have to search, maybe if we track down other exorcists then they may have an idea," I grumbled at the monstrous task of searching for the dagger.

"Very well… Each of you will go to a church and start looking for any clues, don't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in your way," Father chuckled before disappearing from sight followed by mother and one by one my cousins.

You better pray I find you before they do sister. Things may not end too well for you if they do. I'll give you another chance to join us… or I will have no other choice but to sacrifice you dear sister.


St Antony's… St Antony's… That name is familiar and I'm not exactly a church goer. Ack this is killing me! Where do I know the name from?

Nathan was watching me with an expectant look, his silver-blue eyes narrowing the longer I took to answer.

Wait… If I recognised the name there's a good chance the church was close to my old home. Which meant it was probably in the city. From here that meant it would be a couple of hours in a car and we have… legs. Yippee for legs.

This was going to take ages.

There was a small scream causing both Nathan and I to jump and look at Hope's form with had lurched into a sitting position holding her stomach. Her pink eyes were wide with terror as though waking from a nightmare and her cyan blue hair stuck to her skin.

"Hope?" Nathan asked quietly, shock in his voice.

"Wha- Where? What the hell…" she stammered with terror as she looked at her surroundings whilst completely ignoring Nathan and I.

"Hey! You're safe, Nathan carried you here. It's a little den… thing," I told her, cocking an eyebrow at her as she stared wildly at the area.

"Nathan… Chronas… You guys are… alive?" she choked as she looked between the both of us with tear filled eyes.

"Er… In a manner of speaking," Nathan added cheekily, winking at her.

"Why wouldn't we?" I asked, rolling my eyes at his antics.

"I saw you… both getting your… throats slit… and I did… nothing to stop it," she spoke with an ashamed tone.

"It was just a dream," the blond haired man told her, "Dreams have a habit of showing us what we fear most, or just random images… Eh, not helping am I…"

You don't say. I snorted at him. Really people who think dreams are as simple as that really are ignorant. Has he never heard of dream scryers? Or psychics? They usually get the future through dreams.

"You wouldn't understand…" Hope murmured whilst curling her legs into her body and into the wall as tears fall from her eyes.

"We should get moving soon…" I broke the sombre silence that had fallen, "We need to get to St Antony's which I know should be in Belfast, I should know where it is,"

"Lets go then," Hope quietly said and stood up using the wall for support as she grasped her stomach.

"Here," Nathan stood up quickly holding his arm out to her, silently asking if she wanted help.

"I'm fine," she grumbled and slowly walked forward still using the wall.

He turned his gaze to the floor, lips turning down. Nathan gets hurt far too easily I mused as I stood.


We trudged through the forest trying to gain some distance from where we had rested. The forest was already filled with an eerie silence which was only magnetised by the silence that had penetrated our little group.

My mind was buzzing in rage about Nathan's comment before. He doesn't know what it's like to be hunted like Chronas and I. He doesn't know what it's like to have your whole family hunting you. He doesn't know what it's like to have your family pour darkness into your very being… or to have that very darkness try to rip your guts out. He doesn't know what it's like knowing that I may have to end up killing Chronas… and in turn Nathan.

"Guys… we can't do this anymore… If we keep fighting they will find us," I finally spoke breaking the tense silence, "I'm sorry about before too,"

Chronas came to a stop, his shoulders stiff. Nate looked warily at him. Grinding his teeth the teenager whirled around to face me, "You're saying just to wait for them to come find us then?" he demanded, eyes flashing angrily.

"No You Idiot! I'm saying if we keep arguing they will find us," I explained.

"Was that really fight? It felt more like a misunderstanding," he growled tersely, not complying with what I was trying to get across.

"Why Won't You Just Listen To Me For Once!" I shouted; rage building up quickly, "You know what? Forget it… I'm out!" I growled and stormed off in another direction.

"Run back to your bloody fake family then, I'm sure they will love that!" he snapped acidly.

Nathan let out a sigh and too several large steps back, watching the two of us fight.

"If I go back… then I become that daemon's ally… I will be the one to kill you, Chronas! Why can't you just understand that you're forcing me to go back by being a total asshole!" I yelled and using as much energy I had in me I forced a palm forwards him. Chronas fly back into a tree; roots and branches holding him in place and slowly beginning to strangle him.

"Oh… You fucking do that!" he hissed, sucking in breathes as the roots tightened their hold, "Not like it's anything new,"

He let out a hysterical chuckle, struggling to break free. On his throat the red serpent stirred, opening a single eye to watch what was going on.

"Don't make me… please," I begged as the darkness returned slowly consuming me whole; my eyes quickly returning to their once black colour.

Chronas' eyes widened, but he refused to speak as his anger coiled in his stomach. His eyes were fixed on me, daring me to go through with it. Out of the corner of my eye Nathan had frozen mouth open in shock at the sudden dangerous turn of events.

"When the time comes my dear," I cooed as I took a couple of steps towards him, "Once I have the dagger… you will fall and the daemon will return," I cackled.

"Heh, you're pretty weak willed if you let the darkness win that easily Hope," the Necromancer croaked, ignoring Sloth as the daemon gave him a warning nip.

"Say's the guy who's tied against a tree by a weak witch," I giggled darkly.

"Why do you think a daemon that powerful would use a weak Necromancer to summon his full body," the boy mused, a tiny smirk pulling at his face.

I walked towards him, bringing my mouth to his ear, "You may be a weakling… but all we need is your blood," I whispered before stepping away.

"He's obviously not told you a lot has he?" Chronas laughed, hissing as his bonds tightened, "Seriously why does everyone think I'm weak? Ever heard of the term acting?"

"You know… I'm going to enjoy killing you, as much as I'm going to miss you Nate this ass is going to die and that means you will too," I mused with a laugh.

"Er… thanks?" the ghost answered, the question hanging in the air as he looked between the two of us.

"I doubt you can kill me," Chronas grumbled, twisting to get himself more comfortable.

"Want to bet…" I began sensing a large group of angry mortals heading this way.

"What's the matter Hope? Sense something?" the boy asked, a cruel lilt to his voice.

"Angry… mob," a voice sounding more like my own croaked timidly. I felt the darkness retreat from within me at such a speed it took all of the breath I had in my body away.

"How the hell did you time that?" Nate asked Chronas, the boy in question looking like the cat that got the cream.

"You… this is why I don't make friends with others outside my family… they all betray you eventually," I spoke as every trace of evil left; knowingly soon to return.

"You were the one about to kill me," Chronas tried to shrug, wincing as the roots and branches stopped him, "I just pulled some strings to stop you… Somehow, still rather vague on how I managed that,"

"You just signed my death certificate… last angry mob I met I only just survived… at cost of my twin brother sacrificing himself to save me and Scott," I whimpered in terror as I released him from the tree, "Go… save yourselves," I simply but sadly said.

"Nathan, stay with her," Chronas ordered lightly, rubbing his arms, "Sorry Hope,"

He looked at me, amber eyes strangely dull, "I guess the least I can do is this," with an impish grin the Necromancer darted towards the direction of the mob calling out over his shoulder as he went, "Might wanna run by the way!"

"Idiot," I mumbled gratefully before running in the opposite direction of the mob, Nate in close pursuit.


Damn loss of control and damn the fact I can't control my anger. Similar situations to this had happened a few times but I think this was the first time I'd tried to stop the outcome… maybe my guilt finally caught up to me? Though I'm completely confused as to how I managed to get that mob running this way… My eyes darted down to the snake coiled around my neck: maybe.

Sloth probably had something to do with it. I just wish that he sent for help in the form of something other than an angry mob… I swear out of the small time I've known Hope I have never seen her so scared. What happened to her twin must have scarred her mentally.

What's more scary in Hope's situation; supernatural beings who want your blood and will most likely use more human methods of getting it… or humans who will burn you alive, stone you or drown you in acid?

Seriously having a conscience sucks sometimes…

"Did you really have to send an angry mob?" I grumbled to the snake as I ran in the general direction the mob was coming from.

"You…" the snake yawned, "needed help from the possessed girl," the sleepy familiar sighed.

"I didn't!" I snapped in annoyance, "You know as well as I do,"

The red serpent flicked his tongue out in amusement, "Well you wouldn't have used your powers anyway, not since that time… and it would have notified him where you are," Sloth hissed slyly, narrow eyes closing sleepily.

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with the daemon, he understands well enough why I never use my full abilities. With a grumble I slowed to a jog, my steps getting quieter as the sound of people crept closer. Angry mobs are never quiet, you'd think they would realise their noise would warn their 'prey' thus allowing them to escape… Then again where would the fun be in that?

Falling to a walk, I swore quietly as the group came into view. Maybe the term 'plan ahead' should have been used because I now need to wing it… Hopefully I don't die.

"Hey! Angry mob people… things! Yes you!" I called out to the group, making a face at their weapons. We're in the 21st century and they're still using pitchforks for a Witch Hunt? Is this some weird ritual thing that cult members do? Because it sure as hell seems like it… Don't ask how I know what cult members do, not a pretty story.

"Boy! What are you doing in this woods? Don't you know there's a Witch about?" a man stepped out from the crowd, obviously the leader.

I don't believe I'm about to do this…

"Yeah I know… But I wonder if you do?" I grinned lightly as the confusion flickered across the elder's face, "I take that as a no then,"

"What do you mean boy?" he demanded, darks eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"Did you know that you can get male Witches? I suppose you wouldn't seeing as most human males are sexist," there was a certain satisfaction take from insulting the human race, even if I was technically a human… maybe I'm just bitter?

The crowd shifted, a hushed murmur rippling through it. It was the leader who figured it out, his wavering form suddenly straightening and his broad shoulders squaring up defensively. A harsh smile bled onto his face and he settled his gaze on my form.

"Such pretty words for a whelp!" he boomed, shifting his pitchfork in front of him.

"Bite me," I replied flippantly, instinctively tensing up, "Or are we just gonna stand here insulting the other?"

An angry growl rippled through the mob as they surged forward. I winced, slightly annoyed at my own foolishness as they ran towards me. Good thing they were cautious otherwise I wouldn't have enough time to do what I was planning.

"Sloth now would be a good time to wake up," I hissed at the daemon.

"Shush Chronas, I wouldn't want you ending up dead now would I?" the snake hissed at me as he slithered down my arm.

I rolled my eyes at him, already letting the small pulse of power flow to the serpent. A flash followed quickly after, halting the mob in their tracks. I let out a chuckle and crouched slightly, holding the newly formed weapon in both hands. If these Witch Hunters were any good they should have figured out by now that I wasn't a Witch. I mean, how many Witches can turn snakes into scythes?

Unfortunately the mob only paused for a few seconds before rushing in again. I let out an aggravated sigh as I swung the crimson scythe experimentally before reading myself. At least it shouldn't actually kill them, just damage their soul's… a bit… or a lot… Eh who cares?

I ducked quickly as a torch went flying over my head, a scowl appearing on my face. Remind me to watch the torch bearers. Jumping back quickly, I let out another annoyed sigh as the group practically threw themselves at me; wielding their pitchforks with little skill. Obviously the only reason these people managed to overcome the Witchfolk was their numbers, seeing as most Witches are used to having the advantage of distance for them to cast spells and use their elemental skills along with the fact they tend to be in groups themselves. Necromancers on the other hand are far to used to close combat being unfair with the numbers, seeing as pretty much everything wants us dead.

I grinned lightly and swung my scythe, the jagged blade glittering demonically under the torchlight… no pun intended.

The blade quickly sliced through several of the more eager hunters, making them collapse without so much as a scream. I already knew I was surrounded but being naturally quicker it was easy to dodge the swipes and jabs. Not to mention I was skilled with my weapon and was quickly making short work of the hunters, very quickly the numbers were going down.

With a final elegant whirl, the only one left was the leader who had been watching his comrade's fall… Such compassion.

"You're taking the blame for the Witch aren't you?" he finally asked, watching me carefully, "After all, only Necromancer's wield scythes,"

"Heh, someone's a smarty pants!" I chuckled, resting the blade comfortably behind my head as I leaned on the scythe.

"This is the first time I've met one of your cursed lineage," the man talked over me, looking at me like I was a very interesting experiment, "I think the chief will be please if I killed you,"

"Why does everyone want to kill me?" I scowled at the man, "I'm sure it would be easier if you let us live, we've helped you people out several times after all everyone wants to say goodbye to their loved ones…"

He stiffened, dark eyes widening. Say it with me people: hook, line and sinker!

"If people would just ask we would let them see there loved ones," I carried on, suppressing the smirk trying to crawl onto my face, "If you wanted… for a price of course… I could summon someone for you?"

The silence that followed was enough to make me antsy, I'd always hated this manipulating; didn't like the wait in which they could change their mind.

"I…" he swallowed, "If I didn't tell anyone that we met a Necromancer and that somehow the Witch got away would you be willing to bring my daughter back?"

I cocked my head, watching his expression. He seemed sincere enough, making me feel a little sorry for him, "Fine…"

Letting out a tiny sigh I began drawing out the circle, slightly aggravated because my chalk had been crushed during the fight meaning I had to draw the circle by just digging through the dirt. At least it was a rather easy ritual.

The rush of power left my senses tingling as the sudden sigh echoed around the little clearing. Before me the hunter let out a choking sound as he gazed at the young girl standing in the circle, her big eyes looking round in confusion.

"Emily!" he cried as he crouched down.

"Daddy?" the girl asked, already rushing towards him.

I grumbled lightly under my breath, bowing my head as I turned to walk away. Sometimes I hated what I had to do to protect myself, after all no one who hunts us ever keeps a secret.

The man's scream was cut sort as a young girl's giggle floated through the woods.

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