Chapter Nine


I ran for as far as my weakened body would allow… which wasn't far. A couple of yards before my body nearly completely failed on me. Having darkness possess your body twice in one day and being low on energy takes it out of you. I stopped to catch a bit of my breath back… Chronas was right, I am weak. If I was stronger it wouldn't have nearly succeeded in taken complete control of my body. I glanced at Nate who seemed a little annoyed about stopping yet again.

"Can you see how Chronas is doing?" I asked as my body trembled from energy loss.

"No… It's a one way system, Chronas can sense us but I'm at a loss as to where and how he is," the ghost grumbled, running a hand through his hair, "But if I disappear you should know why!"

"Don't say that! He could be dying because of me right now! I don't want lose both of you right now!" I practically yelled at him.

"I- Sorry," Nate put his hands up as if to defend himself, "I just think he was a bit cocky trying to distract them is all,"

"If you have every had to deal with an angry mob… you would know that as soon as they get within a certain distance to me I'm done for, Chronas on the other hand has an advantage over me," I tried to explain to the ghost.

"I guess… But honestly, what's more frightening Chronas and the angry mob fighting… Or Chronas mouthing off the angry mob?" he joked laughing at the image.

"Dunno… maybe we should wait here for him to catch up," I mused at the thought of him and the angry mob.

"Good idea. How are you feeling?" Nate asked watching me worriedly.

"I feel like I have had all the energy in my body ripped out through my soul… I have never felt this weak before… If I was stronger I wouldn't have been possessed twice today… I would still have lots of energy if it hadn't gotten into my being," I said just above a shaky whisper. I had practically just admitted a loud that Chronas was right.

"Good thing cocky asshole isn't here," Nate mused, smiling softly at me.

"He would have a heart attack if he heard that," I giggled, wincing as my stomach told me it didn't like laughing right now.

"Who would have a heart attack?" a strained voice called from behind us, making both Nate and myself jump violently.

"Chronas!" I cheered with a hint of annoyance for scaring me. I jogged up to him and gave him a shaky hug, "Thank you," I whispered so only he heard.

"Oh er… you're welcome?" he questioned, stiff under my hug, "And you might want to move back before I accidental stab you with my scythe…"

"I've had worse," I solemnly as I moved back beside Nate.

"I gathered," the Necromancer chuckled, shifting his crimson weapon to a safer position. I frowned lightly, although he sounded cheery there was a grim look surrounding the boy.

"What happened?" I asked cautiously, watching his body language.

"Impersonated a witch… Sent all but one hunter into a coma and that single hunter was…" he coughed, a grimace sliding onto his face, "Well he got killed by his daughter in a roundabout way,"

"Are you going to be okay?" I asked… I know stupid question but it had to be asked.

"I will be… Give me a few minutes," he sighed, leaning against his scythe as he rubbed his temples.

"Do you want to rest for a bit?" asking yet another question, behind me Nate grumbled something but I couldn't quite hear.

"What was that Nathan?" Chronas asked sharply, his head jerking up.

"Oh nothing… I just know you summoned another ghost, but you didn't give it a will this time," Nate snarled, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Nathan he had to do what he had to do! You don't know what it's like to be hunted by a mob of angry people with pitchforks and torches baying for your blood!" I growled whilst standing at an equal distance between the two males

"Yes, but you don't use someone's daughter to kill them!" the ghost yelled, throwing an arm out to show his anger.

"He wasn't going to keep our deal either way," Chronas shrugged lightly, "Honestly you hand hunters a Necromancer and things get unpredictable, it's easier if you're a Witch seeing as things are usually done predictably. If I'd left him alive I have no doubt he would have called a small truce and got in contact with Hope's family… Something we don't want," he growled tersely.

"If my family found out we're still here then we're all dead… Do You Want That?" I yelled at him, cringing as a small amount of darkness stabbed me in the stomach. I hissed and glared at the ground… not to self, don't get angry.

Nathan flinched, looking towards the ground. He still wasn't pleased but he seemed to have accepted our reasons.

"Good, once we've rested for a bit we need to figure out how to get to Belfast," Chronas pointed out.

"I don't think I'll be able to transport us anywhere for the next twenty-four hours… note to everyone don't make me angry or the darkness will build up inside of me," I explained tiredly.

"Typical, negative emotions make the darkness grow," Chronas rolled his eyes, a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Not helping Chronas," I mumbled.

"How 'bout I help by getting us to Belfast instead?" the dark haired boy grumbled.

"Fine, just don't do anything to idiotic," I rolled my eyes at him.

"Sorry… I don't have any chalk which equals being an idiot," he grinned cheekily, blowing white powder out of his hand.

"Any other bright ideas, Sherlock?" I giggled at the thought of him wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat and smocking a pipe.

"Well no, but I can still do what I'm thinking of without chalk it just means I've either got to find a couple of rabbits or take to become an emo times ten," he shrugged, "Personally I vote for bunny killing,"

"Or we could find you some more chalk," I suggested not liking either of the options he provided.

"Where?" he asked.

I just looked at him before crouching with a hand on the ground. Focusing the little energy I had left into the ground summoning components in the earth to bring me some chalk. As I pulled the chalk from the ground blood fell from my nose and dizziness took over my mind. Swaying as I stood I handed the chalk over to Chronas.

"Thanks…" he watched me cautiously.

"No problem…" I wheezed before falling onto my knees whilst whipping the blood from my nose away.

"Oh… and before when I mentioned the blood… I'm still going to have to use some, just a heads up by the way," the Necromancer warned as he moved away.

"Thanks for the heads up… consider the chalk a thank you for dealing with the mob," I choked as I tried to equalize my breathing.

"Ah…" Chronas shifted, looking uncomfortable at the thanks.

"Do you want to sit down Hope?" Nate asked, looking at me worriedly.

"If I do I won't be able to get back up again," I sighed whilst standing back up again clinging onto a near by tree. Nate darted forward and wrapped an arm around my waist keeping me balanced as I failed to stand.

"I don't think you can stand anyway," he pointed out.

"Don't know if I don't try," I joked whilst, with help from Nate, I lowered myself back onto the ground.

"True," he chuckled and sat down beside me, glancing at Chronas who was busy drawing away at the floor.

"He better not waste than chalk… it was a sod to get," I mused.

"I doubt it; Necromancers are apparently paranoid over their chalk. When I was at his for that night," Nate stopped to grimace, "I'd barely touched his supply of chalk before he went all psycho on me,"

I giggled at the thought of Chronas going all psycho.

"So… what was it like when you were alive?" I asked curiously remembering that I hardly knew anything about the guy.

"It was a lot different from now as you could guess, honestly I'm confused about most of the things now… I mean; microwaves? What the hell?" Nathan grumbled.

"If you don't mind me asking… what was your wife like?" I asked extremely cautiously, not knowing how he would react to the question.

Nate's face softened as he thought back, "She was incredibly generous, there used to be a family of cats living out by our house and even though food was hard to come by she's give up a little of her portion to feed them… they ended up being the fattest cats for miles. Then again she was a fiery one, no one could tell her what to do," he chuckled softly, "If it wasn't for that streak we would have never managed to get married, and her father was against me for some reason…"

"I can't see why he would… then again my father would be the same with any guy I even try to talk to… to be honest you and Chronas are my first proper friends I made by choice," I explained how I could relate to his wife's father.

"Well I'm honoured," Nathan smiled at me, "Good things do come from bad situations after all,"

"I guess… you two are all I have now… I don't know what I'd do if I lost you both," I whispered holding back the tears as I realised how alone I really was.

"Hey… Neither of us are going anywhere, Chronas is too stubborn to leave and you're stuck with me," he chuckled nudging his shoulder against mine.

"Thanks," I smiled, "Hey are you done yet?" I called out to Chronas.

"Almost, just need the finishing touch… Can you two stand in the centre of the circle?" Chronas asked, not looking at us as he finished the design.

"Yeah… just give me a minute," I called back, Nate had already stood in preparation to help me up. Shakily standing up I wrapped an arm around his neck to keep me balanced as I walked wobbly over to the circle, "How long should this take?" I asked looking at the amber eyed boy.

"The transport five minutes, the acceptance of what I want to do should be quick as long as nothing interferes. Which it shouldn't due because of all the wards I've put down," Chronas informed us as he stepped into the circle as well, something metallic glinting in his hand.

"How close can you get us to the church?" I asked whilst using my other hand to cling onto Nate's shoulder.

"Directly into Knockbreda's graveyard," the Necromancer said, grinning lightly, "Not far to travel huh?"

"You've just made my day," I smiled.

The amber eyed boy snorted, rolling up the sleeves of his top. At a first glance his arms seemed quite pale and smooth but a second glance showed they were littered with scars of different lengths and straightness, one of the worst ones was a long jagged scar running from his wrist to just after his elbow.

"Yay for being a Necromancer… Born to become an emo," Chronas joked at the looks on our faces.

"I'm glad to be a witch then," I spoke with no emotion in my voice, hiding how weakened I actually was.

He chuckled lightly and lifted the dagger he was holding. Chronas hesitated before slashing down from the crease in his elbow. Blood immediately began pouring from his arm, dripping sickeningly down onto the circle. The heady scent of copper made me sway, Nate tightening his hold on me.

For a moment nothing seemed to be happening, the only sound the quick dripping of crimson before a gentle hum encompassed us. The sound strangely comforting compared to what Chronas had to do to get the circle active.

There was a sharp jolt that nearly sent Nate and me tumbling to the floor, Chronas barely moving from his position. Outside the circle the scenery blurred and warped, as we rushed through some place we really shouldn't be using for travel if the howls and growls of strange creatures were anything to go by. It was vaguely nauseating watching the area outside move by so quickly, my eyes trying futilely to focus on something. Beside me Nathan groaned softly, clenching his jaw tightly.

With another jerk that sent the two of us stumbling, the outside settled down. The dusk light seeming bright after the twisted shadows from before.

"Is it over yet?" I moaned. Looking around in a daze as my insides became normal.

"Yeah," Chronas answered, pulling out some excess cloth from his pockets… has he got everything in there?

"Give me a minute… the worlds still spinning," I groaned before lying on my back with my eyes closed.

"Nathan? Did you just collapse?" Chronas asked in amusement, "I probably should have warned you two about the vertigo, but I guess I forgot too…"

"I swear… When I get my energy back… I'm going to kick you ass," I wheezed once more, "I swear everything hates me right now,"

"Trust me I think Nathan is the most well off out of the two of us," he grumbled, "This arm is gonna be useless for a while which means I can't use my scythe… not to mention Sloth has gone off somewhere,"

"I guess I'm the one in charge of protecting you two again… could you help me up? Nate's kinda out of it," I asked.

"Well… He did just collapse," Chronas chuckled grasping a hold of my hands and pulling me up gently.

"Thanks… god I really hate being low on energy…" I grumbled, "How are we going to move Nate?"

"Easy," the Necromancer jogged over to the slumped form and aimed a kick at the ghost's head.

Nathan leaped up with a start, howling something at the boy.

"Guys… please not now," I mumbled tiredly… at this rate I'm not going to be able to twitch an eyebrow.

"It got him up didn't it?" Chronas grumbled, a smirk trying to escape as Nate fell quiet at my rebuff.

"Can we get this dagger and find a place to rest or I'm going to do the same thing Nate did," I groaned.

The two males shared a look before falling into step on either side of me, "Should we check the inside of the church first?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah… who knows they may let us rest for a bit," I grumbled as a bit more blood fell from my nose.

"Er… That's the second time you've got a nosebleed, is that normal?" Chronas asked rather bluntly.

"Everyone's bodies have a different way of displaying lack of energy… I get nose bleeds, some throw up, others collapse… so yeah it's normal," I explained whilst whipping the blood away.

"Interesting," Chronas rolled his eyes, "So if I ever want Witch blood I just need to get you to run out of energy heh,"

"Jerk," I growled and hit him on the back of the head.

"Hey!" he cried out, shooting a glare at Nate as he burst out laughing.

"Oh let him laugh, it's nice to hear a laugh after everything we've gone through today," I giggled.

Chronas rolled his eyes but a small smile remained on his face as he turned away, "Think we'll find this dagger in good time?"

"I hope so… the more energy we both have the better the chance we have of living after all of this is over," I said sadly, the chance we have of living is still far too slim for my liking.

He nodded, the smile turning grim as we stood before the church's doors. Nathan shifted quietly beside me, looking apprehensive.

"You know… I've got a bad feeling," he mused, tugging a strand of blond hair from his eyes.

"You're not the only one… a member of my family is on the other side of town," I mumbled as I sensed their presence.

"Wonderful… That means some serious shit is gonna go down soon," Chronas grumbled as he moved to open one of the doors, "Best get it out of the way quickly then,"

"After you," I gestured to Nate.

He nodded at me and followed Chronas inside warily, the Necromancer having stridden confidently in.

"Any sign of a priest or anybody?" I asked looking around behind us to make sure no one was following.

"No… maybe someone is in the back," Nate replied calmly despite the obvious fear in his eyes. Cautiously we walked to the back of the church to find an old man sitting polishing the dagger.

"Excuse me sir," I spoke obviously startling the man.

"Who are you?" the man spoke with a rough voice and protective tone.

"I'm an Exorcist and I require the dagger to stop a powerful daemon returning to our world," I explained quickly in fear we would be found.

"Prove it," the man ordered with anger. I sighed and held out a hand; almost immediately the dagger glowed an eerie pale blue. The man just stared at it before looking at me, "What you say is apparently true… is there anything I can do to help you?" he asked whilst passing me the dagger.

"Could we rest here for a bit before we leave?" I asked warily. The man gave a smile and nodded.

"Stay as long as you need, you will need all the strength you have to defeat what ever wants to bring the creature back," he spoke truthfully and left the room.

I glanced at the dagger as I walked over to a wall and sat down, "So… now we have the dagger," I began not entirely wanting to finish my sentence.

"Doesn't the dagger hold the ability to kill the daemon and kill Exorcists?" Nate asked.

"Yeah… I remember being told about the ritual when I was a kid, the dagger will be used to spill the blood of an Exorcist before a Necromancer is killed…" I simply said whilst staring at the object which could so easily kill me.

"But then if you were to kill this daemon… then wouldn't the ritual have to be performed anyway?" Nathan asked worriedly, eyes shifting to the silent Chronas who was standing by the door.

"Unless I find a way down into their world… which is impossible without Necromancer blood…" I looked at Chronas, "Either way Chronas' blood is needed… but the exorcist's blood, that can come form two sources; me or another Exorcist if they find one," I spoke shakily; I felt my energy levels beginning to rise slowly.

"Either way I get the short end of the stick," Chronas added, "Seeing as my blood is the only blood that can be used to summon this exact daemon. Aren't I lucky?" his tone was bitter and slightly cold.

"Well they aren't getting any of your blood… They'd have to kill me first before I let that happen," I said standing up and walking over till I stood right in front of him.

He looked up at me, eyes narrowed slightly as he tried to hide his fear.

"We're all scared, Chronas… but I'd die before I let anything happen to either of you… you're my only true friends," I said looking him directly in the eye letting him know I meant every word.

"Even if I do hate you sometimes I'm not gonna let you die," Nathan chimed in appearing beside the two of us, "And it's not just because I'd disappear either… You're sort of a friend," the ghost chuckled lightly.

"We're going to stop them… not a drop more of your blood will fall," I smile at him, "Not while I have the dagger," I smirked.

"I- thank you," Chronas blurted out, a tiny smile appearing on his face.

"What are friends for," I said giving him a hug.

"All hail the power of friendship," he muttered sarcastically into my shoulder as he hesitantly returned the hug.

"I feel strangely left out," Nate mused before practically swamping us as he wrapped his arms around the both of us.

"Aww poor Nathan," I giggled.


It was odd being hugged. I'd never really had many hugs since my childhood, after my parents found out what I was. In some ways, that probably didn't help me gain points in the making friends' factor of my life. So for a moment I let myself forgot about what was happening, about what could happen and just enjoy the warmth being given to me.

I think I'm getting soft in my old age.

If anything the moment was over too soon, Nathan pulling back first with a sheepish look on his face and then Hope a little after, looking pleased I'd returned the hug. I knew my face was probably red with embarrassment and I quickly ducked it to try and hide it.

"Aww is Chronas embarrassed?" Hope giggled happily.

"I do believe he is," Nathan grinned teasingly.

"Oh shut up," I moaned at them.

"You love us really," Hope smiled whilst playfully punching me on the shoulder.

"Yes, yes I do," I muttered dryly, rolling my eyes at her antics.

"How come Hope can punch you and I can't?" the ghost whined.

"Because I'm cute," she simply chirped.

"I don't think your cuteness would work on dear old Chronas!" Nathan leered, resting an arm on my shoulder.

If I was red before I think I turned into a tomato now.

"I think I'm right," she sang whilst poking me in the cheek.

"Will you two stop playing around!" I groaned, burrowing my face into my hands. This is why I avoid social situations…

"He's right… we should get going, my energy levels are good again," Hope spoke softly almost as if she was regretting saying what she had said.

"Hey… during our stay here has your family member hasn't gotten closer?" I asked seriously, "Because I forgot to mention earlier but wouldn't they be able to sense you as well?"

"Give me a sec," she spoke before pausing, a panicked look passing over her eyes, "It's Scott… He's about two miles away from here!" she rushed.

"Do we have enough time to get away?" Nathan asked, his voice rising with his panic.

"Not through the circle," I shook my head, biting my lip anxiously.

"He could easily track us if I teleport us," Hope urged us towards the door to run.

"Do you think he's picked up on you?" Nathan murmured.

"Yes!" she simply and bluntly said as she began to run.

"Fuck!" I snapped and followed after her, slapping Nathan on the head as I passed him seeing as he'd just frozen.

Even with us running we'd still have Scott on our trail, he wouldn't have any qualms about teleporting in front of us seeing as Hope wouldn't have enough time to tell us and have us change course all at the same time. In essence: we're screwed.

Looks like I'm dead after all.

"Hello sister," Scott said appearing in front of her in a bolt of lightning.

"Scott," Hope snarled like a wolf.

"Please… come with me, if you don't I'll have to have you sacrificed… Do you think Jason would want that?" he asked her. Hope froze at the mention of the name.

"Don't bring him into this!" she yelled angrily. Scott just sighed.

"Then you leave me with no other choice sister," the boy looked at her with saddened eyes before lightening sparked into a beam aimed directly at me. Hope instinctively jumped in front of me just as the beam was fired.

I swore loudly but even I knew there was little to no time to actually do anything after all how do you stop lightning once it strikes? It was over in less then a second; Hope's body slammed back into mine and sent us both tumbling into the ground. At least I'd cushioned her fall if anything. Gently I laid her unconscious form on the floor, looking up to glare at her brother.

When my eyes reached his form though I recognised the shocked look, not just at what Hope had done but what had fallen from her as she'd been hit. Following his gaze I found the dagger resting innocently half way between us.

Ah shit.

"So my dear little sister has found the dagger… I knew she would," he said whilst walking towards it.

I growled low in my throat, lunging forward. Hell if I let him get that dagger! Hope would kill me!

Behind me Nathan cried out in warning, probably because Scott had already begun to shoot lightning towards me. Hey, just because I'm a Necromancer doesn't mean I can't do quick magic you bloody asshole! I winced lightly as I dug my fingers into the cut on my arm, blood beginning to drip again. With a quick chant a stream of twisting shadows whirled in front of me, the bright lightening crashing into it with a horrendous shriek.

The world seemed to tilt sickeningly for a moment as I struggled with the use of unprotected dark magic, biting harshly down on my lip I forced myself to leap for the dagger. For a moment the cool blade seemed to burn my hand and I nearly dropped the weapon but shaking my head I jerked around and sprinted for it. Thankfully Nate seemed to have stepped in to try and distract Scott if the curses were anything to go by.

A grim smirk wound its way onto my face, even if I could get far away the problem was Hope. We couldn't leave her but at the same time we couldn't let them get the dagger… And to be honest I was already struggling with the effects of blood loss from earlier and now, not to mention the use of dark magic.

Basically, Scott was going to win… But I'll be damned if I made it easy for him!

"Either way you going to have to leave something behind little Necromancer… I'd prefer it was my sister but Mother and Father would want the dagger… so I'll leave the choice up to you and Casper," Scott grinned.

Oh for- I scowled at the Warlock. Things weren't looking good for me. If I left Hope, they had half of what they need; the same if I left the dagger but in all what they need is myself. Which means Scott is just giving me a choice just to humour me. After all, who would leave some ingredients if all of them were sitting in front of them?

"Is that really a choice? It just seems rather unlikely," I replied coldly to him.

"Your right… I'll just take them both," the warlock cackled and appeared beside Hope in a flash; he lifted her hand and summoned the dagger to her.

I let out keen of pain as the blade burned my hand. Screwing up my face I tried desperately to keep a hold on it but the burning steadily increased; whimpering my legs gave out as my hold loosened and the blade disappeared. I slammed into the ground. Why can I never do things right?

Glancing up I spotted Nathan who had pretty much been trapped in a cage of lightening, that explains why he couldn't help. Angrily I turned my gaze back to Hope and Scott, glaring at her brother furiously.

"I'll see you two very soon," he laughed and disappeared.

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