The doors were rusted, practically falling off the hinges. The windows, broken; the lawn, dead; and the sign wasn't lit. The building looked like it could fall to pieces any minute. A place fit to death itself.

Scarlet Cartwright was the newest guest to this establishment. Why you ask? Just like everyone else before her, she wanted to end her pain and suffering. Yes. She wanted to commit suicide, and this was the place she would do it in.

She walked toward the doors, opening them with a small squeak. She walked further in, looking at her surroundings. The place was clean, neat, and kept with the utmost care. The outside was a disguise for the natural beauty within.

Scarlet took a deep breath, walking toward the desk. Two people sat there, both fairly different from the other. But Scarlet couldn't notice a full appearance with them behind the desk.

"Seems like we have a guest," one of them said. The man, having a top hat over his dirty blonde hair, stood to his feet and turned to face Scarlet. A neat, clean, suit covered his long limbs and thin build. He seemed to look like he was from 19th century England, an accent and gold cane to match such an appearance.

"I would ask you what bring you to this establishment," he said, smiling, "but I already know the reason, sadly." The man turned to the young boy next to him. "Davin, why don't you greet our new guest?"

The young boy, looking about twelve in age, turned around. Blue eyes on an adorable face with brown hair to top it off. A blue sweeter and gray cargo shorts is what he wore. The only thing that made Scarlet wonder was why he had rope marks around his neck.

"Hi!" Davin cheered. "Are you looking for a room?"

Scarlet looked back and forth between the new faces. "This is the famous suicide hotel, right?"

The older gentleman nodded. "Yes, it is. But you haven't answered our questions, Miss Scarlet Cartwright, do you want a room?"

Scarlet looked to the ground, mumbling a small word of approval.

Davin smiled. "Then I'll get the keys!" The young boy then ran off towards an unknown room.

Scarlet looked up, finding the gentleman looking back at her, smiling.

"I wonder," he said, checking his pocket watch as he walked out from behind the desk, "what course of action do you plan on taking?"

"What do you mean?" Scarlet said, watching the man as he walked around and towards her.

"Well," he said, stopping in his tracks to look at her, "you did come here to kill yourself, correct? I just wonder how you plan to accomplish such a feat. Hanging? Poison? Blood lose?" The man leaned down toward Scarlet. "Or will you even go through with it in the first place, Miss Scarlet Cartwright?"

Scarlet's eyes widened. "How did you-"

"I got the keys!" Davin shouted, running into the room again.

"Great work, My Boy!" the man said, pulling away from Scarlet and patting Davin on his head.

"How do you know my name?" Scarlet interrupted.

The man turned around, smiling once again. "I know everything and everyone who steps through my doors, Miss Scarlet Cartwright." His smile turned malicious. "The only think I do not know is: Why did you walk through my doors?" His smile changed again to a more gentle one. "Care to explain, Miss Scarlet Cartwright?"

"Why would I explain my problems to a man I don't even know the name of?"

The gentleman sight and threw up the keys, catching them as they fell. He took the answer into careful consideration. No one, especially guests to his hotel, knew his real name, or had even asked. The only person who knew was young Davin, his apprentice.

"Michael," the man answered. "You may call me Michael."

Scarlet crossed her arms. "Alright, Michael, why are you here?" Scarlet flung her arms, motioning to the world around her. "This place is supposed to be abandoned!"

Michael chuckled, tossing up the keys once again. "For a woman who is about to kill herself, you sure do have a lot of questions, Miss Scarlet Cartwright."

Scarlet was actually quite curious at this point, but she wasn't going to press them for questions. What was the point? She would be dead in a few minutes, and then it wouldn't matter if she knew anything.

Michael took a step forward, towards Scarlet, smiling once again. "You seem quite curious, Miss Scarlet Cartwright." Her eyes widened, wondering if he could read minds

Michael reached into his pocket and checked the time on his silver pocket watch again. "Oh dear, we're running a bit off schedule." Michael turned his back to Scarlet as he walked away with Davin, towards the long staircase. "Let's get you to your room, Miss Scarlet Cartwright."

Scarlet didn't take anymore time pondering over her questions and decided to run after Michael.

"How is school, Miss Scarlet Cartwright?" Michael asked when silence began over taking the group as they continued down the long corridor on the fourth floor.

"How did you know I was in school?" she asked.

Michael chuckled again, glancing at Scarlet. "I said it earlier, did I not? I know everything and everyone who steps through my doors." Michael turned his eyes forward. "Since you won't tell me why you came through my doors, I'll ask questions until I figure out the reason."

Scarlet sighed and began thinking about why she was there. Pain that wouldn't go away, until it built and built until there could be no more.

"Bullying," Scarlet said, crossing her arms, "that's why I'm here…" Scarlet's expression pained a bit. "It got out of hand, and on top of other things, I couldn't take it anymore." Scarlet sighed again. "I highly doubt anyone would miss me."

Michael smirked, letting out a small laugh. "You humans are all too much the same."

Scarlet looked up, raising an eyebrow at the top hated gentleman. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly as it sounds, Miss Scarlet Cartwright," Michael answered, still having that mischievous smirk on his lips. "All you humans think that if you were to end your lives, your pain would cease to be. But that is where you are wrong. Someone, somewhere, would be morning your death." Michaels' smirked changed to a kind smile. "Pain, misery, depression, and death are a continuous cycle. It will never end as long as humans continue to exist."

Scarlet tapped her finger against her arm, thinking over Michael's words. "That makes since."

"But," Michael said, raising a knowing finger, "whether someone decides to commit suicide or not, is none of my concern." Michael glanced at Scarlet. "I'm just doing my job to show them the right road to take."

Scarlet looked up to Michael. "And what is the right way?"

"It's different for everyone!" Davin chimed, continuing to skip down the hall ahead of the two adults. "For some people it's death, and for others it's life." Davin looked over his shoulder, swing his arms from side to side with a bright smile on his lips. "But only your final decision will be the right one."

"Final decision?" Scarlet muttered.

"Correct," Michael said, ceasing his walking. "Whether you go through to death or not, that is your decision."

Scarlet turned around, watching Michael open a brown door with gold framing and designs.

"This is your room," Michael said, tipping his hat and bowing to her. "May your stay be what you hope it to be."

Scarlet stepped into the room, having the door shut behind her. She was left alone in a dim room, thinking about the recent words she was given.

"Sir," Davin said, looking to his teacher, "do you really think Miss Scarlet will go through with this?"

Michael shut his pocket watch and placed it into it's corresponding pocket. He smiled, looking at the door her just shut.

"We won't know for certain until time is up," Michael said, walking back down the hall to the front desk. "Come along, Davin, we mustn't press the girl."

Davin looked back to the door, giving himself a last thought before running after Michael.

Scarlet stood on the chair, looking through the noose, thinking over Michael's previous words. They wouldn't get off of her mind, and for some reason they stopped her from putting the rope around her neck. She was beginning to regret ever coming.

"Why am I here…?" Scarlet whispered to the air. She really couldn't remember why she was there. Bullying. But what about it made her consider suicide? All the pain and misery vanished, leaving her no reason to stay in that room.

Scarlet stepped off the chair, turning her back to the noose, and strode towards the door. Why kill herself when there was so much more to look forward to in life? She didn't dare to look back as she stepped out of the room.

She was going back to her life, forgetting the depression that had over come her. There were other times she was happy, and she would focus on those from that point on.

"I believe it's about time we checked on our guest," Michael said, shutting his pocket watch.

"Sir?" Davin said, pointing behind his teacher.

Michael turned around to see Scarlet standing there, her hands neatly in front of her. "You've made your decision, Miss Scarlet Cartwright?"

"Yes," Scarlet said, nodding. "But I have some questions before I leave." Scarlet stepped toward the desk, looking directly at Michael. "Who exactly are you?"

Michael chuckled, finding himself quite amused to hear that. He had never met a woman quite as curious as her, which made him want to find out even more about her. But no matter how much Michael found the question amusing, he didn't answer.

"I know you aren't just some person working in an abandoned hotel helping people commit suicide," Scarlet said, leaning forward against the counter top. "And I know Davin isn't a child, why would someone bring a small child to where suicides happen constantly?"

"You're right about that," Michael said. He gripped his cane and rested it against the ground, leaning against it. "I'm a ghost." Michael placed a white, gloved, hand to his chest. "But not just any ghost. I'm an apprentice, or used to be apprentice, to the God of Death himself." Michael waved a hand to Scarlet. "You humans would consider me a Grim Reaper. But I'm only one of many in this world."

"So…" Scarlet trailed off, not quite understanding.

"So"-Michael sighed-"I'm a ghost of death." Michael smiled. "Which is why I reside here, helping miserable humans-like yourself-to end their lives."

"And I'm his apprentice!" Davin cheered, waving his hands in the air with a smile.

Scarlet smiled. "That would explain a few things…" Scarlet stood straight, still smiling to Michael. "If you're a Grim Reaper, then why didn't you try convincing me to go through with killing myself?"

"Excuse me?" Michael said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well," Scarlet said, "you could have told me no one would miss me and that it was better if I were dead. But you didn't, why?"

Michael grinned. "Why would I tell you a lie, Miss Scarlet Cartwright? I might be a Grim Reaper, but I surely don't tell lies."

Scarlet laughed.

"If that all your questions?" Michael pressed.

Scarlet walked to the door she had one entered through, stopped and looking back over her shoulder. "There was one more thing."

Michael smiled and bowed slightly. "And what is that?"

Scarlet smiled in return. "Will I ever met you again?"

Michael laughed taking off his hat and giving a more full, and proper, bow with his hat over his heart. "Fate has many tangled meetings, Miss Scarlet Cartwright. Whether our meeting is among one of them, I don't know." Michael looked back at Scarlet. "But live your life to the fullest from now on, and I believe we just might meet again."

Scarlet gave one last smile before leaving, never to return to that hotel again.

Michael looked down, gently picking up the gold ring on the front desk counter. He laughed to himself, and gave a wistful smile. "I have a feeling a meeting is in the not-so-distant future, Miss Scarlet Cartwright."

"Sir," Davin said, "please don't get any strange ideas…"

"Sorry, Davin, my boy!" Michael said, walking towards the stairs. "You know one I have an idea, there is no way of stopping me."

"I was afraid of that…" Davin sighed. He jumped from his chair, running after his loving teacher. "But, sir, you can't just drop everything and visit the human world!" Davin continued shouting, but his master didn't hear him.

This is Hotel De Suicide; a hotel between Nightmare and Elm; at the end of the street; owned by a master and apprentice. This hotel has a specialty, a place where people come to end the pain and misery of everyday life. But whether you choose to end your life or not is completely up to you. Hotel De Suicide will help you find your answer, whether it be life or death.

We hope you had a pleasant stay.