Run. Run is all I can think. I ignored the death filled hallway, and the sickly feeling I get if I dare to look down to my feet. Something snaps as im running and I trip.

As im falling I instantly cover my head. What good would that do? I feel something hard against my skin and open my eyes. Wrong move. I want to scream my head off, shut my eyes and sing the sheep song I always sing when im scared. But I can't not after I lost my voice yelling at the horror I saw which got me running. Running here away from all the madness. But I didn't even get far enough when they saw me. Thats the end of me was all I could remember. But somehow a miracle happened. The only one in weeks I should say. The lights went out and I hightailed out of there like there was a hive of angry bees after me only to come to this.

I realized I was still staring at the upper half of a skeleton underneath me. I shoved myself off it and stood to run again only to fall back to my knees. I felt down my ripped already blood stained pants, her blood this is all her blood. No I didn't do it. How could I have known. I shook my head and caressed my ankle in my hand. No doubt I had to sprain my ankle before I could escape. No matter, crawling I started down the hall again. Only focused on leaving this awful place. A door, I need to find a door, the door the front door. Just as I felt heat rising against my chest I heard them. They're coming for me. Hide! I am reaching around for anything I could use to help me. My fingers prod against what feels like wood. I hold it close to me steadily dragging my poor body closer to the wall.

The foot steps are getting louder. My back touches the wall.


The floor is all soggy and wet like there's been a flood here. But I know that's not water. I hesitantly touch my pocket, slid my hand down to floor and I regret ever doing that. Why the hell does the world feel to curse me now of all times! I think bitterly. I'm not just a sitting duck waiting for the hunter to find me. I'm a sitting dead goose float six feet under in blood.

Good thing I can't scream uh?

I'm completely covered in blood. The hallway being a dripping river of the inside of a carcass. I'm gonna be sick.

The noise of feet has slowly faded. I hadn't noticed. Maybe I won't die today.

And maybe tomorrow I'll be in Disneyland pretending this never happened!

Gosh, how can people be funny when they're about to become mincemeat? That will be the first thing I'll figure out the answer to as soon as I escape. Maybe.

That heated feeling has come back. Now it resides in my shoulder worming its down my left arm, still holding the wooden stake. I think I recognize this feeling yet its one that's not all that familiar to me. I think its called-

Clink-clank. The scurry of footfall has come back. Clink-clank. Clink-clank. It sounded like metal falling or breaking. Whatever was coming it didn't care about staying hidden. That metal sound again. It was only a few feet on the opposite side of the hall from where I just came. I didn't dare move. Then just as fast as my heart speed grew there was nothing. No sound. No noise. My throat tingled, I think my voice was starting to come back. I squinted my eyes trying to see into the darkness when I remembered its name.

A movement right next to me then it grabbed my hair. "Argh!" I half gargled. It came to my left so I aimed the wood upward and tried to stab it. Another plump of pressure on my right shoulder. I tried to smack it off only to hit myself. Then again something grabbed my leg.

Get off get off. No, die. Help! But who was going to help me. For all I knew I could be the only one here with some percentage of sanity left. I had to help my self.

I rolled to the ground and started rolling back and forth getting more blood on me but hey what did it matter. I felt a pinch on my leg, which had me thinking, these creeps were trying to take my blood AND murder me at the same time. You got to give it to them they were really stupid. And I said you give it to them. Not me. The only thing im giving to them is a grenade to each of their puny heads once I get some. I kicked my leg out shaking off the rodent on me while swatting at my head while as not to knock my self out too. My hand connected with the perpetrator and I quickly got the other one off me. I rolled over to my stomach, ready to bit their ankles if I had to but what I wasn't expecting was all of them to squeak at me.

Hold on a minute. Squeak?

I looked at my attackers, my jaw fell open just as quickly I shut my mouth ‛cuz I didn't want any of those things crawling into my mouth. I just fought off a bunch of rats.

Not people with tasers. Or the ones I was trying to get away from, but rats. Huh I bet not everybody can say that.

They squeaked at me again like I was supposed to let them finish me off in the first place.

Not on any off your vermin hairs. I pictured sticking my sticking my tongue out when one of them bit it off and the three of the ran off with their prize taunting me all the while.

‛Ha ha. Can't scream at us rats without a tongue can't cha. We eaten good tonight Greggery.'

‛I got a bite of her leg, pops!'

‛Good job m'boy, now let go get some'em of them dead bones.'

‛Hurray harra!' the two other ones would cheer on.

I shook my head. Then shook it again really hard but got dizzy and stopped. Okay, so maybe im not all that sane anymore and thinking about talking rats is one of those signs that'll get you a ticket straight to the looney bin. If by somehow I make it out of here alive and not envisioning talking vermins I get out of this one. Where I thought I was stuck with I needle, aka rat bit- eww- my swelling had gone up. I used my other leg to flip myself around and sat up. Ripping my pants the rest of the way- now I bet they look like rebellious one short/ one legged pant bottoms- tied my ankle tightly. I rested for a minute just sitting there getting the feel for my new scratches. My hair was dripping with blood. I could feel the drops slowly riding down my back making me all the more sticky. I pictured my hair now stained with red forever being that color until the day I died. Which might be sooner than later.

My good leg which happens to be my left, which doesn't exactly help me since im right handed so my right leg is a little strong but at least I still have a leg that works, was rubbing up against something. I absentmindedly didn't care until a thought hit me. Pulling myself forward toward where I my good leg was I felt around my surroundings- when are those lights coming back on? And I felt it in my grasp. The skeleton I fell on earlier. It sprained my leg now its gonna help fix it.

I grabbed the arm and pulled but it wouldn't budge. I lost the wooden stick I had so I had to rely on the rest of my strength. I pulled again and again then took a breather. I wondered why the Anti-Frankenstein-intists haven't come after me- that's the name I manage to give them in my time to repent. That one guy who saw me must have told the others. I thought back to it. The lights were still on.

It was bright in the room they were in. I snuck out of my assigned room and followed them to that hallway until I saw them push the gurney through a door. I waited a few seconds, anyone caught out of their room was met with punishment. I looked through the window, they all had their backs to me. There was a whirring sound. It seemed to go on forever. The gurney, I remember, there was a lump on it. I knew that lump.

Hey where did that come from. I only followed because I wanted to- I wanted to- What did I want?

No. I did know that lump. That lump was the reason I risked getting caught sneaking about. Its not a lump. That thing-

No not a thing either.

Then the only answer I can come up with is...

a person.

I knew that person.

I drowned myself in my thoughts again.

I know this person. And they're the next victim. The whirring sound became dull. My vision was foggy and my head felt like it weighed a ton. I remember dropping my head. Probably for the better. Then there was a scream. The person woke up at the worst of time. I wish I could of willed them back into dreamland where they were away from this nightmare. But the only I could do was scream along with them. Then he looked at me. His eyes were freaky. They looked as though they have never seen the light of day and I knew why.

My head snapped up. I looked around me but there nothing to see. I thought for a horrible moment I couldn't see but no it was just the dark. Soon I would be far away from here with something to stare at in plain light. And I pleaded it would be a flower or a butterfly for a change. The man that looked up. He didn't tell anybody he saw me because he couldn't. He was blind.

It made perfect sense. But I too would be blind if I don't find light soon. With one heave I tugged the bone loose. It almost went flying out of my hand but I held on to it as if my life depended on it, which it might be.

Well wadoya know. A dead skeleton just might save my life. Thats one for the books.

I tied the bone into my injury and got ready to pull another arm off. As soon as it came to I leaned over onto it and started limping over my right side and slowly but progressively headed down the hall. In the positon I made my self in I thought I would looked like a very old person but it doesn't matter so long as I can move and I did just that. I stopped everytime I came to a door listened then continued, I had to since my makeshift walking stick made noise whenever it hit the ground. I thought how I ‛borrowed' this poor creatures bones and vowed as soon as when I find my escape I would find a place to bury both bones when I found a real stick. And I never break my promises. I have nothing left to lose. Almost too easily I saw what looked to be an important door. Wobbling over to it I clutched my hand on the door knob and pulled with whatever energy I had left. Nothing.

I tried again only this time pushing against the door.

Still another nothing. You know, im starting to not like that word. And if I think about it I have a whole list going here of words I don't like.






And im seriously thinking about putting sprained-things and creepy hallways on my two paired word list.

I looked around me and saw the situation built into one microchip built into more metal squared boxes with beeping light on it. A hand sensor? Really! Great this is just fabulous. Someone had to put there finger print on to beeping light in order to open the door. Well, I don't think this was put here folks to make sure nothing- that word again- could get in here. Do you yall think so?

I didn't have time for this. So instead I raised the bone I was leaning on and instantly I clung to the wall. I was going to get out of here one way or another and no tiny machine thing was going to get in my way. I raised the bone as high as I could when I stopped. The beeping light -though I felt like throwing back some beeps at it- wasn't blinking because it needed to read my hand. There were words scrolling across it. I never had any reason to read before let alone anything to read. I thought after a while I would have to be taught how to again but this little machine just gave me my opportunity. It took me a minute to actually sound out the words but I got it eventually.



I almost jumped when I realized what they meant. But wouldn't that mean the door would have to be opened by hand? I held the handle again. Thinking about if I rammed into door would I be able to get back up when my hand brushed against something just a little ways above me. The door of all things had a lock.

I felt my face look at the door crookedly, unhatched the lock, pulled the handle open, and felt a warm breeze rush up to me like the outside was welcoming me.

I made it outside.

No words could describe how I felt.

Then again,

that warm feeling rose to my cheeks and it wasn't the wind this time.

I know what its called now- this warmth im feeling.

I walked faster than I thought I could have ever run and looked up into the moon.

It was beautiful.

And so was hope.

Hope is what I have been feeling this whole time. I never felt it like this before. Sure as hell I was not going to let anything take that from me.

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