I promise you guys this story will get better. And sorry its so short, none of the chapters will ever be this short after this. Just bare with me please.

Its been several months since I escaped that cold heated place. I managed to find an old shack and food that would last me a while. My ankle had healed and I no longer looked like a girl from hell all covered in blood. While I healed I had the occasional dream. Sometimes they would be of the life I had before I was stolen from my home. I could remember running through grass and playing with a girl who looked a lot like me but when I tried to take a good look at her I would wake up.

My black hair was always a tangled mess now in days. I was tall and could run nearly two and a half miles without stopping. Being on the run from people trying to kill you really is good exercise. In the last few dreams I had I heard someone calling out my name.

My name is Sarah.